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Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm moving over to Wordpress finally. I've been threatening to do this forever and ever and ever and finally I've done it!

I'm still in the process of turning my new place into the awesome place that this is but yeah... please head over HERE. I guess if you want to enjoy the SILENCE that is me not squealing over epic Olympic hockey stuffs then you can stay put.... but yeah. Squealing to commence shortly over at my new place =)


Thursday, February 25, 2010




WAY TO GO LADIES. YOU ROCK MY SOCKS (which I'm not actually exactly wearing) OFF. WOW.



And I want to hire Hayley Wickenheiser to be the Habs inspirational coach or somethin.... I WANT HAYLEY =(

Thank you USA!. You played a great game, you have a great team and a great bunch of women.

And whoohoo Finland! Great win over Sweden (you totally broke their poor hearts too D: ). I can't wait until Finland and Sweden get better in the near future. Finland wants to win gold in Russia!

Sappy note of the hour: the very first hockey game I watched was the women's final in 2002 in Salt Lake City =)



SLOVAKIA BEAT SWEDEN! THAT MEANS JARO (and I guess Chara....and Gaborik....and Hossa....) WINS! EEEEEEE! JARO. 


I hate you Canada though.... You smack down my second favorite player in a seriously embarrassing fashion and now you're going to try to smack my favorite goalie - my favorite player too - around?!?! BAH. 

I don't approve. I don't approve at all. Not. One. Bit. 

This was supposed to be a Hammies vs Marlies post!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Hammies/Marlies post turned into a total cluster..........uh..... something.......... yeah..... uh it just turned into a real mess. "Enjoy" trying to read it.

Pre-game stuffs for the Hammies

  • Don't know how long I'll be able to focus on this game what with that other annoying game going on TV (someone insisted on putting it on so yeah....)
  • Is this going to be the last game on this Oldies station? Because the music on this station really, really, really stinks. And it's not old. I listen to OLD music. Like 16th century music. That's old. This stuff on this station? It's just yucky. 
  • Replays of Hammies goals from Sunday for the win! Wow. We were pretty loud on Sunday after all.
  • Butbutbutbutbut Teddy you can't break Jaro's shutout record with the Hammies...... I mean you can, and you probably will (and you should!) butbutbutbut it's JARO's record =( 
  • Awwww Guy, you're so mean. You wouldn't let the Hammies go shopping when they arrived in Montreal? Actually, I found that whole phrase hilarious because now I have a mental image of Hammies walking around with fifty huge shopping bags each (while trying not to get run over by cars). Hehe. Oh for crying out loud, he didn't even go see his family before the game? Sheeesh..... o_O 
  • hey... are we missing Al here?
Okay.... First period aka when it all goes down hill.....
  • Wait... Hammies. Yes. Hammies. GO SQUASH THOSE MARLIES. 
  • I"m sorry..I can't focus on this game. I want to. But stupid Getzlaf just scored on Nabby. The DUCKS OWN YOUR SOUL NABBY. 
  • Poop, Reimer can start being awful any time soon.... FAIL REIMER FAIL.  
  • I can't focus on anything. I don't know what's going on in any game right now....
  • OMG BOYLE. You won't be talking to Nabby when you get back to San Jose!!!! 
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhdkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjahdakjdh random Russian guy scores. 3-1. 
  • I can't handle this. Too. Much. Excitement. WAY. TOO. MUCH. 
  • Morrow! I didn't even know you existed! 4-1!
Can. Not. Handle. All. This. Hockey. RAAAAAAAAAAAAR. Let's please all settle down for the second period, okay?! And watch out for OVIE. 

  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Patches scoooooooooooooooores! 1-0!
  • TWERPY PERRY. THE DUCKS OWN YOUR SOUL NABBY. And Markov.. you messed up on that. Boo. 
  • Hammies are on the PP now. I said. Hammies are on the PP now. 
  • OKAY. This Canada/Russia game is a freaking All Star Game. There is zero defense and a thousand goals. And Puffy and Ovie have been useless. This is boring. 
  • Boooo! Marlies tie it up. Hammies need to have Twerpy on their team. He just scored again. It;s like... 7-2 for Canada right now. 
  • Sanford is NOT behaving like Nabby tonight. YAY! 
  • Nooo White is going to the box. Poop. 
  • Quote of the night from Twitter:  If you had heard a Sharks player would absolutely choke tonight, who would have guessed it'd be Nabokov? 
Second period intermission thing
  • and breath out.... 
  • Oh hi Dany Masse! 
  • I think Dany is getting used to talking to Flandersdude instead of playing. I like him though. He's turning into the new Steve Gainey! 
  • Oh yeah, he was a Voltigeur last year (another one who got injured in that final against Shawinigan. Sheesh, did Shawinigan try to literally kill the Voltigeurs to beat them?). Hey, feel like yelling at your ex-team to get them to beat the Rocket already?
Third period... 
  • oh yeah.. stuff has been happening.... um Hammies going to the PP as are Canada because Russia can't count. 
  • Hey, David... that should have been a goal, yes? Poop on you Reimer! 
  • Haaaammmmiiiiiiiies! Come on! We need another goal! 
  • WHAH. WHAH. Benoit just bailed out Sanford BIG TIME. 
  • WHAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................... Hamilton - the player - gets a penalty shot?!! SANFORD YOU BETTER STOP THIS. 
  • Whooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! He stops Hamilton!!!! 
  • Canada wins! And I hate Boyle and Pronger (you jerk, back off Markov!). I want my world to go back to normal so I can cheer on Ovie and the Caps! Ovie and the Caps will win a Stanley Cup sooner rather than later. 
  • And nobody needs to get mad! Not that anybody was going to get mad. It's not Saturday. Guy only gets super mad on Saturdays. 
  • Voltigeurs WIN too! 3-1!!!
Final notes:
  • Russia stunk. That's a fact. I was hoping for a lot more from Russia. Ovie needs to be super mad and come back to the NHL and beat everyone. 
  • Hammies beating the Marlies is always lovely. Marlies not playing all truculent is great too. I like that. 
  • Voltigeurs are on an 8 game winning streak. 
  • I survived tonight!

There. Is. No. Canada/Russia. Quarterfinal.

If you keep saying that over and over and over again then it won't happen.

There is no Canada/Russia quarterfinal. There is no Canada/Russia quarterfinal..... there is no...

BAH. Stupid Olympics. Stupid Hiller for sending the Canada/Switzerland game to a shootout. Stupid Brodeur and Co for eating all the pies and cupcakes in Vancouver before the Canada/USA game. Stupid Jaro for beating the Russians in a shootout.

RAR. There is no Canada/Russia quarterfinal...There will be no picking between Puffy and Ovie. There will be no worries about having to hope that Chris "I'm going to elbow you to death" Pronger will have a better game than Andrei "he's the Habs freaking MVP" Markov. We are not going to cheer for Dany Heatley or Jumbo Joe over Alexander Semin.

RAR. At least I still hate Eggplant. And Nabby's mean to Pickles so maybe Twerpy Perry should just go ahead kick him again.

UGH. Crysob the Puffy Blue Penguin vs Ovie. This wasn't supposed to happen in the quarterfreakingfinals! UGH.



Hammies vs Marlies at 7:30. Should be another bloodbath. Can we borrow Pricey so he can whack JoeyMac upside the head?

Goalie abuse....!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So the Juniors beat the MAINiacs 9-7 tonight..... Not a pretty night for the goalies - to say the least... It was pure goalie abuse. Berube has a history of stinking against Lewiston and he continued to prove that he doesn't like Lewiston by being stinky to the point where he was pulled before we even reached the midway point of the first period. So if Berube gets pulled... who do they put in? Poor Baby Marcoux! The poor BabyBenchWarmer has hardly played all season. He just gets to well, warm the bench..... I guess 4 goals on 26 shots is better than 3 goals on 4 shots (which is what Berube gave up). At least Berube got pulled. Lemay was stuck in nets for 8 goals (one was an empty netter). That was just.... not nice.... Poor guy.


I really couldn't follow the stupid game very easily. I was stuck with the MAINEiacs guys and they kept messing up EVERYONE's names...I was almost thankful that Berube got pulled because they kept calling him "BearoooBEE".  Seriously. Bearoobee. I had no idea who my own players were anymore. That plus the fact that Lewiston does not seem to have a goal horn and the fact that the MAINEiacs guys reacted the same way to all 16 goals made it super hard to tell who scored..... Bearoobee...... seriously......

But in summary it was like:

First period: Lewiston scores just 44 seconds in..... Provost scores! Tied game! Lewiston scores. Lewiston scores again and Bearoobee is pulled for the BabyBenchWarmer....... Thorne scores! The play by play guys forgot to mention this.... that or I totally missed it because every goal sounds the same with these guys.

Second period: Lewiston scores...... Brenton scores!. Lewiston scores. Poopy. David Rose scores!!! Chouinard scores!!!!

Third period: Chouinard scores! We're leading! Lewiston scores....Tied.... Chouinard scores! Hat trick! We're leading again! Chouinard scores again. And again?!!!!!!!! Lewiston scores. Somehow I missed this goal entirely.

Did I get all the goals in there? There were like, only 16 of them in all.... Chouinard had FIVE goals in case you lost count....


Yeah, wasn't really going to write this up but it was just too hilarious to write all the goals..... =p

Mission Accomplished

Okay so I kinda overheard my dad talking about hockey on the phone to someone. This in and of itself is a big deal because my dad is really not a hockey guy. He's only been watching it since I've been dragging him off to games. Anyway, I couldn't help but overhear him talking about the Q and how much he liked it and he even got all his facts about it right.

I'm so happy!

My total non-hockey father has finally voluntarily started talking about hockey to other (non-hockey) people.

All my lecturing has finally paid off! YAY!

Now if he can stop bringing up the WHA every time I mention the WHL, we'd be all set :D

Ovie doesn't need to score goals....

Monday, February 22, 2010

....he just needs to SMASH Jagr....

...and let a2 and Eggplant do the rest of the work. Easy.

Picspam of EPIC win

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My week of hockey is officially over and instead of writing something about suffering through this ridiculous Canada/USA game that I really do not like right now, it's time for a picspam of my week of epic win! (After the jumpbreak thingy because the pics are taking up too much space otherwise).

Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 4: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so maybe all that excitement I was feeling after my Voltigeurs downed the Tigres was really because I knew that today was HAMMIES DAY!! HAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEES! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

Okay.... Um yeah.... Hammies got to play the Yucky Phantoms. I actually passed through Glenn Falls when I went to DC. Forgot to waive to the Phantoms at the time because I didn't even know that they played in Glenn Falls. Anyway....

HAMMIES. I went totally squealy. I admit it. I think I love my Hammies more than I did back in November even. THEY WERE RIGHT THERE. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*calms down*

Okay. The game. It got off to a tentative start. The poor Hammies seem to get spoked when they have more than 2,000 people cheering for them. Poor things. The poor Hammies weren't shooting the puck and they just seemed to get stuck in their own zone throughout most of the first period (St. Denis tried to hide out in the penalty box early on in the first period). The SOG seemed to be perpetually stuck at 2 for the poor Hammies. I tried to see if I could hear Guy yelling at them but it was too noisy to hear. He was pretty animated though ;D If we were fearing a repeat of November's game against the Bingy Sens, we really feared for not. PYATT scored with a couple of mins left in the period. WHOOOO! (Pyatt doesn't want to get yelled at during the first break).

Second period was a kinda ugly. Trotter did score within seconds of the second period opening up which was SUPER great. But then it was a party to the penalty box. Maxwell, PK and Stewie all headed off to the box within a four minute span. It was very frustrating after seeing my Voltigeurs spend a lot of the night in the penalty box last night to see the Hammies hiding away in the penalty box too. Poop. Thankfully Teddy was super focused and the PK (THE PK not PK) was either on fire or the Phantoms' PP stunk big time because there were no goals from the Baby Yucky Flyers. The Phantoms made it nice though at the end of the second period though when they coughed up the puck to Trotter who really had no choice but to score (well, okay, so really, Mr. Flyer Goalie Guy should probably have stopped that one, but whatever. We take all the goals that we can get). There were a few posts in there. Really, the Bell Centre posts are fat. We like fat posts when it's the opposing team hitting them, but not so much when it's the Hammies ringing them off the iron.

Moving right along.... Apparently Gluuu went to the penalty box so Pyatt and Stevenson could look SUPER awesome on a short handed breakaway. Yup. Yup. Yup. I like short handed goals. well, when MY teams are scoring them. Not when the stupid Tigres are scoring them (AHEM). But yeah. It was a very pretty goal. Bwahaha... And really... when was the last time Stevenson scored? Oh... in their last game? Okay, but before that? And with five mins left, the Hammies got a PP and..... THEY SCOOOOOOOOOORE! Pyatt again! WHOOHOOOO! That's 5-0 in case you're wondering.

Ole ole ole! Ole! Ole! Hammies say "suck it losing streak at the Bell Centre!!! We win!!!!!"

Hugpile of EPIC win!

EP is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that her Hockey Week got to end in total WIN. Actually, it was all WIN (except for the stupid 67s but meh on them). Picspam of epic win coming up soon!


  • Okay so I actually had to walk around the stupid huge scoreboard thingy to see where the media guys were sitting and after squinting a whole lot, I did see where Flandersdude was :D 
  • I never realized how funny it was to watch the opposing team's coaches walking across the ice trying not to slip and die. Don't worry... nobody died.... 
  • I could watch Guy yell at the Hammies all day :D He's almost as entertaining to watch as the Hammies.
  • Pics are here.  

Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 3: Yeah, I just went to Drummondville to cheer on the Voltigeurs

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Eeeeeeee! VOLTIGEURS.

Can not say that I've been this hyped after a game since.... well, a while.


Back in April, EP was headed off to Quebec City for something totally unrelated to hockey. On the way there, she passed by Drummondville. She could not help but notice the huge sign that had been placed near the highway that said "Go Voltigeurs Go". Upon  reading it, she then launched into a rant about the horrendous team that was the Drummondville Voltigeurs. The Voltigeurs were like the evil empire to EP. They were just so damn good it was so maddening. When the Evil Empire crushed Mooski and the Juniors and some other hapless teams in the playoffs, EP hated them even more. Guy Boucher was officially the evil Sith lord and the rest of the Voltigeurs were like those weird white clone doodad things.

Anyway, moving on from the whole weird Star Wars analogy.... As we all know, Guy got hired by the Hammies, the Habs drafted Dumont and Philippe was so great at the training camp that he got a signing contract from the Habs..... And somehow the Voltigeurs became EP's second team in the Q.

The whole point of this stupid story/analogy? If you had asked me back in April if I was going to trek out to the middle of nowhere in Quebec to see - and cheer for - the Drummondville Voltigeurs, I would have called you a bigger nutcase than me.

But of course I seem to continually prove to be a huge nutcase myself and tonight I went to Drummondville to cheer on MY Voltigeurs. Yup. Yup. Yup. Dont' ask how I ended up loving this team. I have no clue. It pretty much happened over night. It's weird. It's like somehow a combination of me really liking Guy as the coach of the Hammies plus the Voltigeurs having two Baby Habs made me like them. Weird. I know. Oh and DiDomenico is a baby Leaf.... =/

It's a pretty awesome building. It's super old - like Verdun Auditorium old - and the seats are super uncomfortable, but the atmosphere is pretty awesome. Oh and my view of the whole rink was pretty awesome too...

Yup that's ice level. Man, the whole boards really shake when someone gets flattened along the boards 

Even though I love the look of the K-Rock Center, I would take the atmosphere of the Centre Marcel Dionne over the K-Rock Center. Atmosphere wins out over arena pretty-ness. And I'm used to enthusiastic, demanding and loud fans who swear in French. Not these super friendly and super polite Ontario people (no offense Ontario people. I love you all too. But you scare me with your friendly-ness).

So it was Victoriaville vs Drummondville tonight. If you recall, the Chris DiDomenico pretty much singlehandedly demolished the Tigres on Wednesday. In Victoriaville. Obviously the Tigres weren't happy with just demolishing the Juniors and they were looking to demolish the Voltigeurs too. Couple that with a big blowout win last night for the Voltigeurs and I wasn't expecting great things from the Voltigeurs in the first period. Good thing my expectations were nill because they came out flat as a pancake. All you need to know is that the SOG were 20-13 for Victoriaville but felt more like 100-2. Jake was fighting the puck the entire period, giving up ugly and untimely rebounds. Really, the first period was summed up with a shorty by Victoriaville. Bleh.

I think the coaches must have yelled at them or something because in-between hiding away in the penalty box for a lot of the second period, the Voltigeurs did manage to score 4 goals. Yes. 4. I was more surprised taht they actually came out with more energy than I was about the fact that they actually scored goals. This team scores goals. DiDomenico continues to prove to me that he's not a defenseman like I kept thinking he was and he scored the first goal just under 2 mins into the game. Lots of other tense moments on the PK followed and then Comtois scored (and yes, Chris had the first assist on it). And then! Desnoyers tried to make up for all of his dumb penalties and scored not once but twice! Because Jake was at my end of the rink when all of this happened, I got to see the Voltigeurs coming over to celebrate their goals with him (and he was kind enough to stand on my side of the rink too. Bwahaha). Jake was really solid in the second period, coming up with some great saves (the posts were also his friend tonight, but in general he had a great second period). 4-2 is a lovely score by the way.

Third period turned a potential repeat of the first period. The Tigres looked like they were on the PP for a huge portions of it even though they weren't. Former Rocket, Doyle scored for the Tigres making the score 4-3 now. 4-3 is not a pretty score. At this point, I was just staring at the clock, hoping it would hurry up and run out of time before the Voltigeurs imploded and allowed another goal. Thankfully though, Comtois scored and it was 5-3 and we could all breath a little easier. Kinda. The Tigres did get around to pulling Poulin and there was more nail biting. But the Voltigeurs hung on - err more like Jake hung on really - and so.... Nyah! Tigres loose. Voltigeurs win! We can all go home happy now. Well, not the Tigres fans who were sitting on the other side of the rink. They get to go home really unhappy.

We win! We win! HUGPILE OF WIN!

OLE OLE OLE! (Yes, they sang that).

A few random notes:

  • Funniest thing ever: the crowd was getting seriously annoyed with the refs for calling all kinds of penalties on the Voltigeurs (which they deserved most of, but the Tigres got away with a lot of crap). At one point a guy comes down to ice level and sticks a ten dollar bill in-between the glass. Presumably this was a sarcastic attempt to get the refs to call a penalty on Victoriaville. At least...we hope it was sarcastic and not a real attempt to bribe the refs. 
  • Okay so they have huge pictures up from when they won the President's Trophy. For some reason I burst out laughing at the picture of Guy. There's something oddly hilarious about him looking so damn happy. Okay, so maybe at that point sleep deprivation had set in for me (I"m literally closing my eyes while typing this at this point....)  so that's why I just started laughing for no reason, but yeah.... Loved the pic of all the guys (plus Chris in a wheelchair) with the cup thing. Too bad I hated their guts when they won it :D 
  • Um was not loving the banner with Itty Bitty's name on it hanging from the super old rafters. Nor the big picture of The French Marshmallow hanging on some random wall. YUCKY. YUCKY. YUCKY.
  • I'm probably forgetting to mention something important... like how the baby Habs did or something (they were great by the way. Dumont was everywhere and hitting everyone and talking crap to everyone and Philippe was actually doing a LOT. Poor guy doesn't get any pretty goals to go with all his hard work though).  
  • If Canada doesn't make it to the gold medal game on the 28th or if the Voltigeurs get around to changing the time of their game, I'll be back in Drummondville for a Voltigeurs/Juniors game! I bought the tickets forgetting that the stupid gold medal game is the same day.... =/ 
  • Pics will be up tomorrow because I'm falling asleep here.............

Hammies vs Griffins: A win! A win! YAY!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pre-game stuffs

  • To sum it up:  1) That game on Tuesday stunk. Let's forget about it and move on. 2) PK probably hasn't been too corrupted by Martin's "System" 3) we're not going to underestimate the Griffins and we're hoping we've recovered from being ZombieHammies. 4) we're not thinking about the game in Habsland on Sunday (well, I am thinking about that game!). 
Period Numero Uno 
  • ..... hello why isn't this game starting? Is it starting? I hear Flandersdude talking, but I'm eating dinner and the computer is on the other side of the room and I can't hear.... Hello? Anyone? What's going on here? Anybody home? Oh, I hear national anthems! Okay. Game on! I still can't hear what's going -
  • WHOOOOOO I HEARD THAT! David!!! 1-0!! Okay, so maybe - just maybe - David is not a ZombieHammie anymore!
  • Okay guys... it's too early for Sanford to have to imitate Hiller in the Canada/Switzerland game...
  • Lesson of the night: headphones are necessary to listen to a Hammies game if you're sitting in the living room with your entire family babbling on about other random stuff (for example we are now having a heated discussion on whether these things are called headphones or earphones). 
  • Nooooo stupid Griffins are playing one of my favorite songs (The Pretender by the Foo Fighters). Boohoo.. Now they're following it up by some crap version of "Ole"..... Ick. 
  • Yay! Hammies now have as many SOG in this period as they did  in That Fail Game. 
  • Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2-1. Why do we have some random guy yelling "Whoo! Whoo!"? And why is this PA guy in Grand Rapids so annoying? =/
  • Um no, you can't score if you shoot the puck off of Trotter's head.......I mean, you could in theory, I guess... but not in this case :D 
Second period 
  • Is it just me or is Flandersdude losing his voice a bit here.....? 
  • Um yeah, you can't just whack Gluuu like that.... Off to the box with you, Mr. Random Grand Rapids Guy. PP time. Let's see if this one is any more successful than the last one (apparently they're 0 for their last 9 PPs).
  • Flandersdude just said he's kinda sick - hence the lack of a voice.... Told you it wasn't just my imagination here. 
  • Yeah.... that was a futile PP..... and now it's off to the PK...... 
  • Futile PP for the Griffs too. Yay! 
  • ...........hey, what is this "too many Hammies on the ice" penalty? Don't tell me the ZombieHammies are coming back.....
  • more futile Griffs PPs. I accept this. 
  • I wonder if those Ricola throat lozenge things would help Flandersdude? Quick. Someone go get him some. He's going to die before the end of the third period D:
Third period
  • YAAAAAAAY! STEVENSON!!!!!!!! 4-1! And Flandersdude's voice is completely gone now....
  • Umm............ Hammies? What the hell was that? They just totally scored on themselves there. Specifically: Henry just scored on Sanford. Ick. 4-2
  • ............4-3. Do not tell me that we're not about see a come back from the Griffins...........do not.......
  • Can we either 1) score another goal or 2) score another goal? Because I don't trust you guys to hang on for 6 more mins. 
  • What is this? "Let's see how many times we can hit PK from behind" night? Jeez....
  • Empty net now. COME ON HAMMIES. 
  • Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......... Hammies WIN 4-3!!!! *falls over*
  • Flandersdude needs to not talk for the next day so he can have a voice for Sunday (not that I'll hear him, but yeah.... someone will hear him!). 
  • See ya'll at the Bell Centre!!!! Eeeeee!!!! (really, really excited to see my Hammies again. Like, I just realized that Sunday is the day after tomorrow. HAMMIES. HAMMIES. HAMMIES.). 
Waiting on the scores from my other games but so far it's....
  • Dumont has a hat trick and the Voltigeurs are up 5-1 over Roy's Icky Remparts. Mwahahahahahaha!
  • Tigres are predictably beating up the Juniors.. it's 3-0. Oh no, wait... Asselin scored. It's 3-1. Yay! 
  • And Sudbury is up 2-0 over the IceDogs with 20 mins left... Poop. 
  • And Turtle-Pleky and Co are beating up Latvia 4-2. 

Jaro the chocolate milk drinking goalie

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Umm yeah..... Couldn't help it..... Yes, those are milk cartons sitting around.....

Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 2: Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

You didn't think a 2 hour train ride + getting home 12 last night + getting up and running around all day would keep me from going to see my Juniors, did you?


Something has happened to my team. They've gone from failing every single time I go to see them, to actually winning games when I go see them. It's a strange feeling.

The game kicked off with a.... fight..... yeah. A fight. Chouinard got into a fight right off the opening faceoff with Roussel. It turned out to be the only fight of the game but there was soooo much yapping during the game.  Anywhoo, Poudrier kicked off the game for real when he scored just two mins in. Cue cheering! The people behind me with lots of noise maker things were so happy! At least someone was. I was happy too but my ears were not pleased in the least. OUCH.  Parkes made it 2-0 near the end of the period. Any thoughts of a shutout went out the door 20 seconds later when the Juniors forgot that you need to clear the puck passed the blue line for it to be considered offside for the other team... a couple of nice passes later and it was 2-1. Oops.

Second period kicked off where the first one stopped ie. Cucumbers controlled the play. It's really annoying when the play is all down on the opposite side of the rink from you because you can't see very well and it's even more annoying when the Juniors photo guy comes over to my end of the rink and stands there and obstructs my ability to take pics. Oh well.... Nobody scored for what felt like forever (16:39 to be exact) until Parkes scored again! YAY!!! 3-1 is a nice score! And you know what's better than that score? 4-1! With the clock ticking down until everyone would jump up and head for the bathrooms or the snack places, Brenton got a breakaway of sorts and put the Juniors up 4-1! Berube got the first assist too! Hehe.

Berube likes getting assists on goals. Yes, he does. 

Third period saw zero in the way of scoring until the end. With 4 mins to go, I figured I was safe from a third period melt down by the Juniors. Of course that was when the Cucumbers scored. Four mins left and they were now down only by two goals.

Someone must have told the Juniors that blowing this game would make some people very, very angry. They responded immediately with a goal of their own from Poudrier (yes, him again). Annnnnnnnd before the PA guy could finish announcing the goal, Brenton scored! Yes him again!


And that was that. Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!


Couple of random things:

  • The BabyBenchWarmer has a new mask. Like, it's all painted and everything too!
  • The Cucumbers goalie is French. Like, France French. 
  • Maybe it's just because we have guys like Eli and Brenton, but the Juniors looked like shrimps next to the Cucumbers. That's okay. They're super fast shrimps. 
  • The itty bitty smaller-than-Marcoux goalie during the first intermission was hilarious. When his team scored he was sooo happy. When they were finished their thing, he left the ice waving his hands up and down because his team "won". 
  • Some other tiny kids did this shootout thingy. It was funny because a couple of them were showboating after their scored and they both ended up falling flat on their faces :D
Oh and.... Welcome back Chris DiDomenico! He's been out for the Voltigeurs all season because he broke his leg in the playoffs last year... Well, he's back now and he just scored a goal and had three assists as the Voltigeurs sunk the Tigres (IN Victoriaville) 4-2. 

I'd write more, but I'm super tired and I see JARO and Turtle-Pleky on my TV (yes, it's past 12). GO JARO. GO TURTLE-PLEKY. No to Chara. And no to Jagr!

Hammies vs Stars: My Hammies have turned into ZombieHabs

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Okay so I missed most of it because I was on my way back from Kingston... but yeah.... I just walked in and checked the score and.......

WOW. Hammies got blown out 5-0. I don't really know what to say here other than.... that's awful.

The explanation is simple though.

The Hammies turned into zombies.

No really.

Look, Jacques Martin is secretly a zombie come to turn all of Habsland into ZombieHabsLand. Seriously. It's a plot by the Sens to destroy Habsland because they're just jealous that nobody wants to sing a "stupid soccer song" when their team wins (the Sens tested their zombie on the Panthers first before getting the Habs to hire Martin).  Seriously. The Cave is actually a secrete lab in which the Sens create Super Zombies. They put their arena in the middle of nowhere so people wouldn't  go wandering by it randomly and notice all kinds of weird smoke spewing out of it.


As we've seen all year, Martin has slowly turned out Habs team into ZombieHabs. The Hammies have been safe in Hammietown but the Sens needed to find a way to infiltrate Hammietown too. So they knocked out a pile of ZombieHabs (and you thought I was wrong to hate Volchenkov!) so the Hammies would be forced to send their poor brave men off to fill the depleted ranks of the Habs.

When PK, David and Pyatt went up they got turned into ZombieHabs too. And now since they came back... Sundayish, they've had several days to spread their ZombieHabs Germs around. Now everyone has come down with it!!!!

Fear not though! The Hammietown is well equipped to deal with such zombies. That's why Guy was really hired. He's here to combat the ZombieHabs! Apparently that's what people learn at McGill... they learn how to combat Zombies! Or something. I've heard a good smack upside the head can help reverse the effects and restore the zombies back to their original state (provided they're not too far along in the whole turn-into-a-zombie-process).

Oh and apparently there's a strain of Toskala-itis in there too which Teddy and Sanford have come down with. It's a terribly contagious decease which affects only goalies. It is treatable though and goalies have been known to recover from it. Some can recover quite quickly.


If you really want to know the semi-good news in all of this.....

Let's flashback to the Voltigeurs season last year because I feel like it, plus one can still equate them with Guy. You know the season.... Voltigeurs pounded the crap out of everyone in the regular season and then proceeded to pound them some more in the playoffs. Blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc. ANYWAY. The team did have a (small) stretch of crap games. After squeaking by Montreal 5-4, they then lost to them 4-0 a few days later (oh yes, the one and only time I can remember my Juniors beating the Voltigeurs. I think it was a fluke to be honest), they followed that loss up with a horrendous 10-2 loss to Gatineau (yes, 10-2) which then was followed by a 5-4 shootout loss to Shawinigan. Finally Mooski came around and stunk and the Voltigeurs sorta kinda got back to winning again.

The point is?

5-0 is a horrendous score to lose by. I don't approve of it at all and I hope the Hammies get their act together before their next game. BUT it's one game in the grand scheme of a whole season. So we'll let this one slide (providing of course the Hammies get back to winning immediately or at least stop the spread of the ZombieHabs). WAKE UP HAMMIES! *SMACKS*

Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 1: Kingston here I come!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The aim is to hit 4 games in 7 days in 3 cities. Yes, that sounds like a lot of hockey. It is a lot of hockey. I fully expect this to be almost the end of my live hockey games for this hockey season so you're just going to have to bear with me for this week. The plan - which might change - is: Frontenacs/67s on Monday, Juniors/Cucumbers on Wednesday, Voltigeurs/Tigres on Saturday and HAMMIES (HAMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Phantomthings on Sunday afternoon.

Okay, now you know what  to prepare yourselves for........

Kingston Frontenacs vs Ottawa Blehs 67s

Boy, this was a funny game in so many ways. First of all, I went to the game by myself. I've never actually been to a hockey game by myself because... it's not exactly all that fun to go to a game by yourself. But I went. After navigating Kingston, I found the arena and I found my seat.... which happened to be behind the 67s bench.....


Before we go any further, let me explain something: The 67s and the Fronts are in the same division as my Petes. I do not like the 67s and the Fronts just beat my IceDogs in a shootout last week. I came into this game not knowing who to cheer for. While I don't like the 67s, they're much further ahead of my Petes so it would have been beneficial for them to beat the Fronts. That being said, I didn't really want to cheer against the home team..... It just feels weird plus I didn't know if this crowd got hostile towards visiting team's fans or not.... and I mean, while it might be beneficial for the 67s to win, I still don't like 'em. 

Moving on... so when I found out that I was behind the 67s bench - having forgotten where my seat was when I bought the ticket - I was a little dismayed to see that I was going to be with 67s fans. And not just 67s fans either. SENS fans 67s fans (and no, these ones weren't even from Ottawa. They were somewhere outside of Kingston). The shame and horror of it all, I tell you...... 

67s fan: Are you cheering for the 67s or the Frontenacs?
Me: uh neither. I'm a Petes fan! (thinking afterwards: D'OH. Great way to get hated by EVERYONE in the building, idiot.......).
67s fan: Oh that's nice....

The Fronts came out for the warmup in their jammies practice jerseys. I thought this was strange but then I realized what was happening. They were trying to make everyone forget that they're real jerseys look like this: 


YES BOOINS COLOURS. BOOOOOOO! Suddenly I realized that I was supposed to be a Habs fan and that it was necessary to hate everything that looked even remotely like a Booin. Okay, it didn't go down that way, but I did I remember that I was supposed to be a Petes fan so I decided to cheer for the 67s. Sort of like how you cheer for the Booins to beat the Leafs, you know?

The game itself was kind of myeh at first.  The 67s dominated the first period which kept the crowd really quiet. I mean, I could hear the 67s coach yelling (okay, fine, so I was right behind him. Still. It was quiet). The  end of the first saw the 67s up 2-1. The second period seemed to pick up right up from where the first stopped. ie. the 67s were dominating the play. The Fronts goalie, Beskorowany is around 6'5 which doesn't make him Misshy-sized, but he's still really tall... which makes it funny that the first 67s goal went over his head and into the back of the net. Oops. There was a reason why I was bring up his height but now I forgot what it was.... darn...

Moving right along in that case......... things were looking relatively good. The 67s would keep the Fronts down, the annoying people behind me who would not shut up (more on them later) were annoyed and kids beside me were enthusiastic but in a good toned down sort of way. All this meant of course that the 67s would implode, right? RIGHT.

The 67s completely imploded. The Fronts would score 3 unanswered goals on the Penguin (Peruguni) the Penguin having a so-so game against the Petes was okay. It was not okay to have a so-so game - and a crap second period - was not good against the Fronts. It was like...

After the Fronts second goal: hmmm okay, this isn't too bad. 67s are still up 3-2.
After the third one which was scored pretty soon after: ........... okay, tied game.... 67s can still win this....
After the fourth goal: I hate the 67s....... what a stupid second period this is..... stupid Ottawa........

Sigh. The one and only time I needed the 67s to win a game, they lose. Typical.... Stupid Ottawa. Boohoo..

ANYWAY. A few random notes because your life needs random notes:

  • The K-Rock Centre is a lovely rink. If I've remembered right, it's also a very new rink. Only a couple of years at this point. I  heard that there was a lot of controversy about it when they built it. Apparently nobody could agree on where or how to build it. Anyway, the naysayers stink and the building is gorgeous. If they don't want it, I'll take it for my Juniors :D 
  • Playing "chipmunk" music (ie making voices super squeaky to sound like those chipmunks) does not impress me. It's annoying after a while..... It's also just plain weird
  • Sean Avery apparently played for Kingston. UGH. 
  • The Fronts have one of the most annoying looking mascots.... it's like some colonial looking guy and some graphic of it appears sporadically on the screen and starts trying to get the crowd to yell. 
  • the people behind me were really annoying. They kept talking and the woman in particular was annoying. "What are they doing?", "No, go that way. Why can't they go that way?", "we need a goal like, now!" (even though the Fronts are stuck in their own zone and there is no way in hell that they're going to score). "OMG SKATE". "OMG why can't they skate?!" "Why are they stopping? Is that penalty?" (no, it was offside.....). And I swear she said "jeepers" at one point too. 
  • You know where the rest of the pics are *points right*
Question of the day: Which backup goalie has the better hat? :D 

Spencer Emery or Petr Mrazek? 


6 things

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1) Thank you Habs for giving me back my Hammies! Now pwease let's get back to crushing the opposition.

2) Sven Kramer (the Dutch speed skater guy in the 5000 m) does NOT look like Puffy. Not. At. All.

3) Congrats to Jen Heil for winning silver. Hell with everyone who's complaining she didn't win gold. She gave what looked to this total non-expert a great performance. Unfortunately for her, Hannah Kearney gave the performance of her life last night (and we can be nice to Kearney because she has family in Vancouver). Seriously, the next person to grab and complain should grab a pair of skis and go down the hill themselves.

4) Ski jumping is the freakiest thing I've ever seen. Other than that luge/skeleton/bobsledding stuff. 

5) I really want chocolate milk right now..... and I don't even really like it. Huh. Thanks Jaro... =/ 

6) I'm actually in the process of seeing how many hockey games I can go to this week :D I've got two for sure scheduled and I'm trying to schedule at least one more (hoping for two though). Hockey Week In EPland for the win!

Hammies vs Heat: we need video replay in the AHL already

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hammies pre-game stuffs because you know I'm going to listen to it:
  • Um Hammies? Where are you? Why am I stuck listening to this singing? Oh... you directed me to the wrong radio station.... =/ 
  • AHAH. There's Flandersdude! 
  • Guy doesn't like missing defensemen.... (Re: you better be having the best time of your life, Weber and PK because the Hammies are suffering without you right now). 
  • Ummm the Hammies bus broke yesterday? See what I miss when I'm out drinking awesome cider instead of listening to my Hammies? My poor Hammies D: 
  • You can see that I'm missing my Hammies by the fact that I'm saying the word "Hammies" over and over and over again. HAMMIES. 
  • So how many Hammies do we have left? Stevenson is sick and Patches is injured now..... 
  • Yes, we're all pleased that PK did well.... now please, Habs, send him back tomorrow. We need him =(
First period 
  • HI AL! *waves* 
  • Hi Gui's brother....! Where have you been all this time? You used to be a Hammie. A perpetually injured Hammie that is..... 
  • SHAWN BELLE. 1-0!!!!!!!!
  • While explaining why Ryan O'Byrne is fighting Ian Laperriere, the Hammies get a delay of game penalty and the Heat score. I thought the Hammies were supposed to take advantage of the Heat being undisciplined? 1-1
  • Ah, there we go. Hammies getting a PP. 
  • ....are we still on the PP? Oh 8 seconds left.... 
  • Hmm that was uneventful save for a couple of attempted shots.... 
  • N'awww, I see PK's parents at the BC on the Habs TV. We wuvs PK!
  • There's a Sutter on the Heat? Is he related to the pack of Sutters?!
Second period
  • I really do not like the Heat. GET LOST. 
  • Apparently the Heat think it's okay to send Trotter into the bench. 
  • Of course the Hammies get the first penalty of the period when the Heat should have been called on two or three penalties already.... 
  • Oh, Hammies on the PP now. Thank you, Heat. Now score Hammies!
  • or not.... 
  • more penalties.... and no goals... 
  • Trotter tries to score. No goal though. Sounded like a pretty attempt. 
  • I'm getting seriously distracted by the two other games on TV.... 
Second period intermission aka break to figure out the scores for all the other teams
  • Habs getting beaten up by Flyers 4-1 now............... 
  • Voltigeurs are tied 1-1 with the Huskies
  • Petes are losing to the Erie Whatsits 4-1
  • Niagara is up 4-2 over Belleville
  • and Slovakia's women's team is getting demolished by Canada. Oof. Jaro should offer chocolate milk to the Slovak goalies.... 
Third period 
  • "It seemed like forever since Shawn Bell scored". Flandersdude speaks the truth. 
  • agsjkssdhkasjdhkasdhkasdhaksdhakshd DAMN YOU HEAT. Soft goal... soft goal.... soft goal.......2-1.
  • Al is saying something about the icing rules... I admit to not getting a word of what he said.... 
  • C'mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaammies...........!
  • Not dont' go to the penalty box, you twerps!
  • Al: "There's one of those Sutters...." So he IS related to that pack of Sutters..... Sigh........ 
  • Bad Trotter... you missed the net! Oh, you got tripped so we're getting a PP. Okay. 
  • .... this PP misses PK. And David. 
  • ...................
  • HEY. You don't run my Hammies like that. 
  • The Heat just gave you a gift of a PP. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do something. 
  • Hammies are arguing that they didn't hit the post. Of course there's no video replay in this damn league so we dont' know if it was a goal. 
  • Hammies still arguing. 
  • I think Saturday is "Guy Boucher gets super angry" night. Second week in a row he's gotten super upset about something..... He's angry that the ref wouldn't go over to the goal judge to check to see if it was a goal. Why can't we have video replay in the AHL? =/ 

In other news: 
  • Habs lose by some yucky score to the Flyers.............................................................. send my Hammies back now, please?
  • Petes lose 7-1 to the Erie Whatsits. 
  • Niagara WINS. Yes, Niagara WINS. 4-3 over PK's old team. 
  • And the Voltigeurs needed 5 rounds of shootouts to beat the Huskies. Thanks Brunelle. 

Quick note about last night

I've blocked it out of my mind. All I know is that Itty Bitty looks worse closeup on a big HD TV. UGH.

At least the cider I had was awesome... Like, SUPER awesome.

Also.. who told the Hammies that if they won last night and tonight they would tie a franchise record? EH? WHO TOLD THEM? Because they LOST last night in a shootout to the Monsters. Meh. Oh well. Can the Habs please send my Hammies back after tonight? Hammies don't get a break and I'd like to see my poor team actually have enough players to play the bloody game. Thanks in advance.

Oh and Dumont and Philippe KILLED the Drakkar last night. Dumont had two goals and Philippe had 2 and the Voltigeurs demolished the Drakkar 8-1. Bad Jake, not getting a shutout :D Apparently the Drakkar have allowed 21 goals in their last two games o.O

EP's guide for who to cheer for at the Olympics

Friday, February 12, 2010

What the title said!

Group A

Reason to cheer for: Uh, it's Canada. Even if they have next to no likable players on their team, if you're Canadian, you're probably going to have to cheer for them.
Reason not to cheer for: It's Canada. This is the country that brought you Crysob. And Heatley. And Twerpy Perry. And Richards. And Chubby Marty. And, and and..... I could go on here..... I guess if you're not Canadian, you're probably pretty sick of us getting a little obnoxious about our hockey....

Reason to cheer for: ................. I guess if you're a Leafs fan there's always Kessel.................?
Reason not to cheer for: Burke made this team. Ron Wilson's coaching it. A lot of Americans don't even like their team.

Reason to cheer for: How can you not like the Swiss? And they have Weber too!
Reason not to cheer for: Just dont' root for them when they play Canada :D

Reason to cheer for: nobody knows anyone on the team and it feels good to cheer for teams that nobody knows about.
Reason not to cheer for: Who cheers for Norway anyway?

Group B

Reason to cheer for: OVIE. And Markov!!!
Reason not cheer for: Um it's Russia. They already have two world championship titles in the last two, they don't need a gold medal too, do they? Nope.

Czech Republic
Reason to cheer for: TURTLE-PLEKY!
Reason not to cheer for: The jerks left Hammer and Spacek off the team :D Also, you just KNOW they're going to ruin Pleky's name.... nobody ever gets it right....

Reason to cheer for: Jaro "I love chocolate milk" Halak.
Reason not to cheer for: It's tempting to say Chara is a good reason not to, but we love Jaro so much around here that we'll forgive Chara for being a Booin for the Olympics.

Reason to cheer for: They're in a group with Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. That is a good reason to cheer for them.
Reason not to cheer for: Because you'll get a headache listening to the play by play guys botching up their names.

Group C

Reason to cheer for: Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie.
Reason not to cheer for: Those Creepy Twins. Enough said.

Reason to cheer for: Koivu! And Younger Koivu!
Reason not to cheer for: Let's see... Pitkanen, the Ruutus, still don't like Hagman, Jokinen is freaky, Timonen is a Flyer, Niittymaki and Kukkonen are ex-Flyers....

Reason to cheer for: Um they'll have Sergei?
Reason not to cheer for: Grabovsky isn't healthy enough to play, is he?

Reason to cheer for: Because they have more NHLers on their team than I thought so someone somewhere has to know some of them.
Reason not to cheer for: Wait.... Marco Sturm the Booin is German?!

The Random World of Squeaky Kids

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tonight the IceDogs decided to bring in a squeaky kid to help out with the play by play. I'm sure someone thought this was a good idea at some point. And in theory it is a great idea. You know, you bring in a squeaky kid, you get the Squeaky Kid to talk a bit, everyone thinks it's cute and we're all happy, right? Well....... no.

My goodness! Squeaky Kid was so SQUEAKY and so chatty. I couldn't hear the actual play by play half the time because Squeaky Kid kept talking. It was kinda cute in some really strange way, but I think they should have stopped feeding him cupcakes in the first intermission (or they should have spiked the cupcakes so he would fall asleep). All that sugar probably made him more hyper.

In the spirit of the randomness that was Squeaky Kid tonight, the rest of this post will probably be totally random as well.

Squeaky Kid: and the puck is in the Oshawa zone................... now the puck is in the IceDogs zone. And and and and..........

Imagine what happened when the IceDogs scored.... !

Play by play guy who's name I forgot: and they score!
Squeaky Kid: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! THEY SCORE *yells in the mic*

I think I suffered some serious hearing loss.  Oh and now the kid just wished me "happy Valentine's Day". Um thanks. I think :D

Play by play guy: Andrew's has the puck...
Squeaky Kid: Andrew's has the puck and........... uhh........... now the puck is in the Oshawa zone........ And someone got hit into the boards and that looked that hurt, folks. And uhhhhhh... take it away!
Play by play guy: thanks!

And now the truth comes out!!! Squeaky Kid says that his parents tell him to not talk so much. Hahahahahahaha....... Poor kid. He sounds adorable in a very chatty kinda way. HAHAHAHAHA. They just cut to a commercial with the kid still chatting away. Oh dear me....


Play by play guy: do you know what it means when the ref puts his hand up like that?
Squeaky Kid: ummmm nope...... it means a faceoff!
Play by play guy: Yup. The Generals had an icing call called against them.

Squeaky Kid: and the puck is in the Oshawa zone......... and the puck is in the IceDogs zone...........

Apparently Agazzino's nickname is "Aggy".

Squeaky Kid isn't coming back for the third period D:

Play by play guy: He did a really good job. He was really on top of things.
Other guy: I don't even remember being awake at 9 when I was six.
Play by play guy: could have been all the cupcakes we gave him. Not sure his mom will be happy with us....

ALL the cupcakes? ALL? How many did you guys give him?????

Oh yeah, it's 2-0 IceDogs after 2.

And now there's something wrong with the power..... game is on hold...... and now we have no idea what will happen....... hmmm okay.......... This is what happens when you take away the Squeaky Kid. He was bringing good mojo to the team and now he and all the cupcakes are gone and the power goes out. It's a SIGN.

[wow, that whole post made no sense. too bad... I'm tired]

Now something we can all agree on.....

.... Flyers hate!

I know the Habs don't play the Flyers until tomorrow, but I want to move on from last night's game and the best way to do that is to move onto something else and the best way to do that is to beat up on the Flyers! Bwahahahaha......

(apologies if there are any Flyers fans reading this. It's nothing against YOU personally. Just your team).

No comment

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We have no comments about the game tonight.

Well, okay, we do.

1) Hope Gorges is okay.


3) that "offside" goal wasn't offside because the Caps put it into their own zone. Not offside.

4) that should have been a goal for Ovie. Period. The puck went off of Gill. It was a goal. This crap rule where you can call players for interference, waive off the goal and then not give them a penalty, is crap. Not to mention the refs NEVER explained why the hell they waived the goal off after calling it a goal originally.

5) What happened to Neuvy? And while we're on the topic of goalies.... I dont' want to hear a word any ANY of the goalies. Not, about Neuvy unless you're going to tell me what happened to him, not about Price, not about Jose, Jaro or Simmy the Twitching Goalie. Dont' want to hear whining and complaining about the goalies.

6) REF YOU SUCK BIG TIME. All around, the reffing was BRUTAL. No many no-calls and sh!t calls... horrible....

7) hey, I'm watching the Oilers/Ducks game and I keep calling Bobby Ryan "Blobby". Anyone know why I'm calling him this? Because I have NO idea why and yet every time I hear his name I call him "Blobby Ryan". Bizarre. Also, the Ducks goal horn sounds like a dying animal....

Hammies fail at sledge hockey

I just found the vid of their attempt to play sledge hockey this morning.

Yes, I kinda laughed at Anderson skating around in circles :D

We need to get more countries to participate so Canada's women's team can go to the Olympics *nods*

Hey guess what?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm not going to bring up The Language Debate here.

I wanted to. I've started at least 5 posts about it. Today. But after thinking about while eating the most awesome recipe for cooked spinach with this killer sauce/dressing, I decided that I don't want to talk about it. Got it everyone? Good.

So it's going to be like one of those white elephant things. You know, one of those topics that everyone knows about, but nobody wants to talk about. Sorta like the topic of whether Mr. New GM Pierre Gauthier can sign Pleky, Pricey and Jaro for next year.

Vesa, I blame you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

No, not for Gainey resigning today (although I guess we might as well blame Vesa for that too because we blame Vesa for everything around here), but apparently Saku Koivu had a manpurse when he was at the Ducks fashion show thingy. Seriously.

Look, I don't have a problem with manpurses (well, okay, I have a problem with Vesa's but that could just be because I have a problem with Vesa' sense of fashion to begin with), but really.....Vesa gets sent to Anaheim and the next thing we hear is their players are walking around with manpurses. Coincidence? I think not.

I just hope Koivu's looked a lot better than Vesa's...........

Apparently there was a football game on....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look. We don't do football around here. I really dislike the game with a passion. However, every year on Superbowl day my dad becomes an avid football fan (which is followed by forgetting that the sport ever existed). It's quite hilarious actually. Apparently he thought it was just as hilarious that I was completely ignorant of the game.

Instead of annoying you all with a post that would go something like "OMG OVIE. OMG CAPS. OMG YES"... here's an abridged and slightly edited version of our conversation throughout some of the game.

Dad: Was that a field goal attempt?
Me: You're asking me?? Dad, there's no fields in hockey...


Dad: isn't that a great play?
Me: what's great about watching a guy suffer potentially long lasting brain damage as he's being tackled to the fake grass?
Dad: *sighs*

Dad: So that's great, right? (referring to some conversion thingy or other).
Me: uh, yeah sure, a guy falling is great. Hey, did you see any of Ovie's goals?
Dad: *babbling about football* what?
Me: Ovie. Goals.
Dad: oh, were they nice?
Me: YES. Well, two of them were. The other was just exciting because it tied the game.
Dad: Nice *goes back to babbling about football*


Dad: C'MON. You're supposed to stay with the guy *swears in French*
Me: um dad?
Dad: *swearing away in French* yes?
Me: How about I show you Ovie's goals, yeah?
Dad: Sure. C'MON DAMNIT. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez.
Me: *sighs*


Dad: So if it's an incomplete play the clock stops?
Me: um if Milan Lucic clocks Komisarek over the head, the clock stops. But if Blake Wheeler falls over on his own in a "fight" with O'Byrne the clock should definitely keep going because it's a huge waste of time.....
Dad: what?
Me: never mind...


Dad: this game is over.
Me: but there's 44 seconds left?
Dad: It's over. Do the math.
Me: uh what am I adding?
Dad: Touch downs. The Colts needed two touch downs to tie the game.
Me: Uhuh.... okay...... now, how about you watch Ovie's game tying goal? Or I could find Eberle's game tying goal with 9 seconds left to tie it up with Russia two years ago.
Dad: *off babbling about football again*
Dad: *still babbling about football*


Me: *goes about checking Hammies stuff. Pauses. Looks up TV* oh wait, New Orleans won?! Oh that's good for them!!!

And that's how I spent my Superbowl Sunday. Fun, eh?


Hammies vs WBS Penguins err I mean Hammies vs Marlies

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey, you know I was thinking the other day what a pity it was that we weren't going to be able to play the Hershey Bears. Unlike in the NHL, the AHL doesn't seem concerned about teams having to play all the other teams at least once a year. Too bad, because I think it'd be a huge measuring stick for the Hammies to play the top team in the league. Anyway, upon checking the schedule it turned out that the Hammies aren't going to play the Baby Pens either... or were they?

Today's Habs/Pens matchup was really a Hammies/WBS Penguins matchup. Yup. The Pens had a pile of call ups too so it was really a battle of AHL call ups.

And guess what? My AHL team is better than the Pens' AHL team. NYAH. My Hammies kicked some serious tail feathers today. I'm so proud of my Hammies (even if I still wished that they could come back to Hammie-town). After a not great game when he was here the last time (coincidentally also against the Pens), it was super great to see David do well today in particular. I'm not necessarily sure that he can maintain a full position in the NHL, but he made me a very happy Hammies/Habs fan today.

Great job Hammies!

Now, I just hope that the Pens and Bruins exhaust themselves trying to get to DC and Montreal respectively. They're having a "snowmaggedon" down in the eastern coast apparently.

ON TO THE (REAL) HAMMIES GAME (it's also Juniors/Voltigeurs, Spits/IceDogs and Petes/Generals tonight as well). 

Pre-game stuffs 

  • Heeheee... Flandersdude: "whatever the H-E-double hockey sticks you want to call it (Toronto)". I should remember that one next time I attempt to do a podcast with All Habs...I think I actually said "hell" in our first recording.... 
  • Hammies may have lost a pile of guys to call ups but the Marlies are definitely worse off tonight. This is good news. It's not like the Marlies are getting their guys back either. The Habs are just injured. The Leafs are all in Calgary/Anaheim. 
  • Weber is back! He'll be playing tonight too. Hope he's not too tired D: 
  • Hark! What's this? Guy is HAPPY that the Hammies won a game? Is the end of the world coming? :D
First period
  • Um......... what is with these bad starts against the Marlies? 1-0 Marlies on a crappy PP... 
  • Well, at least the Hammies are getting chances now.... although, I'd appreciate it if Wyman didn't miss the net like that D: 
  • Hehehehe more subtle Marlies bashing. Flandersdude: Those aren't Joey MacDonald-like numbers are they? Al: he's not playing for a very good team. 
Brief QMJHL break for a second
  • These Juniors guys are ticked off that the Voltigeurs are keeping the puck in the Juniors end for a long time. Uh guys... it's the VOLTIGEURS. They're going to destroy you.... D: Knowing our luck, it'll be a Baby Hab who does the destroying.... 
  • See? Dumont scores. 1-0. I told you so. Thanks for nothing, Dumont. Also, this is too confusing with Jake playing for the Voltigeurs now. 
Back to the Hammies
  • the glass is broken. Fix it already so we can whack the Marlies.....
  • ...... is this glass fixed yet? 
  • *taps watch* 
  • Okay, we're back. 
  • Hammies getting a PP.  We need a goal now. 
  • I like that Pyatt is stepping it up today (and yesterday). We still don't have a goal. 
  • WAIT. Hammies are outshooting the Marlies 11-1 and the score is 1-0 for the MARLIES? What the H-E-double hockey sticks?????
  • Patches is off to the box. I can picture Guy getting upset now. 
  • Okay. No Marlies goal. Time for a PP for the Hammies now (see a theme happening here?)
  • and no goal............ 
  • Al and I agree that the periods in Toronto last forever..... hurry this game up already... 
  • No... not another penalty.........Hammies going to the PP again. 
  • and no goal. Someone's going to get lectured.
  • Let's hope for a second period  
  • Flandersdude's optimistic thought of the moment (paraphrased by me): Guy was talking about the process being important and not the result. So at least the process is more or less going right so far (me: but he's still going to bagskate them for that goal against). 
Second period 

  • Second period is underway. Guess what this teams? More penalties!!!! Hammies getting a PP. 
  • We're not capitalizing on the... 
  • AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! GLUUUUUUUU! 1-1. Blocked Patches shot is regained by Patches which then goes to Russel and then to PK and then to Gluu. Or something like that. Glu gets the goal and we're tied. Guy can like the whole progress of that whole thing and I can like the end result =) 
  • Never mind what I was going to say. Great work on that goal. 
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEE! GLUUUUUUUUUU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-1!!!!!!!!!!! PK with the assist!
Quick Juniors/Voltigeurs break 
  • And Brunelle scores. 2-0. So torn over this game..... I like Brunelle but I don't like that the Juniors aren't scoring. 
  • Berube and Jake are playing well.  Especially Berube. He's been robbing all kinds of goals from the Voltigeurs. And Jake just robbed Aubry.... Okay, Jake, do us a favor and let the Juniors score one. Just one. 
Back to the Hammies
  • That was Gluu's third breakaway. He's 1 for 3 on the breakaways today. Haha. 
  • Erm, Weber, I think the refs notice when you deck someone like that..... 
  • Erm, every time Flandersdude wonders if the opposition is going to get a penalty, they never get one... 
  • Boo.... you can't give Weber a 4 minute penalty. Pfft. 
  • And the puck disappeared. 
  • Congrats. 12 mins into the second period, Deveaux registers the Marlies first shot on goal (in the period). Now go away. 
  • And the puck gets stuck in someone else's equipment. Can the puck stay on the ice? 
  • 4 minute penalty is over. Phewwww....
  • If I actually wrote out every time the ref missed a call, this post would be twice as long. Not even kidding. 
  • Flandersdude: the Marlies usually have a lot of fight in them. Tonight they had it for five minutes and since then they've been kinda dead.
    Me: that sounds awfully like a complaint or worse, sympathy. Shhhhh.... it's only 2-1. 
  • Hahaha... Flandersdude and Al discussing what the Marlies coach could have said/done to get the Marlies to going. Flandersdude thinks that a cattle prod would be a good idea :D 
  • This game has no flooooooooooooow............... *sobs* 
Juniors/Voltigeurs break
  • Oops. So it's 4-0 Voltigeurs now. Palat and Levesque - who I guess didn't die when his own teammate hit him. Also... Philippe helped out on the Levesque's goal. Baby Habs have now ruined the Juniors night again. 
  • Poor Juniors though... just can't can't score at all..... we should have traded Jake for a forward...... 
Back to the Hammies 
  • Flandersdude: I feel bad for the Marlies play by play guy. How do you accurately call this game without getting fired? 
  • Can you tell that this game is not exciting in this least right now?
  • Sanford's save percentage is .833 tonight and he's only allowed one goal. Ouch. 
  • In more exciting news: Parkes scores. Juniors aren't going to get blanked. 
  • WAKE UP HAMMIES. The Marlies are waking up due to those squeaky little kids squeaking "let's go Marlies". WAKE UP. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. 
  • Bwahahahaha Al just completely butchered Guy's name. It was funny. 
  • Thank you St. Denis for breaking up that 2 on 1 rush for the MARLIES. WAKE UP HAMMIES WAKE UP. 
  • There's still 6 mins left? But it felt like 10 mins ago when  you said there was only 8 mins left........ 
  • Gah.... Marlies getting a PP now.... jdkadhakjhdkjashdkjdshkhf............. we're asking for trouble here...... 
  • Longest. Penalty. Kill. Ever. 
  • Gluu is 1 for 4 on breakaways now.
  • Marlies and Hammies are taking turns yelling at the ref for missed calls. 
  • Hammies getting a PP. 
  • Can we score? PWEASE? 
  • Apparently not. 
  • Oh looky, another Marlie to the box. 
  • Okay this ugly game over. 
  • Right? RIGHT? Conboy is yelling at either the Marlies or the refs now. UMMM HELLO?! Why are my Hammies' coaches yelling at the Marlies and the refs now? HELLO? This isn't pretty.....Seriously, you know it's ugly when Guy is yelling a lot too now..... Okay, now would be a great time for everyone to just leave the rink.......... EDIT: apparently JoeyMac of all people slashed Conboy after the play... Seriously? JoeyMac should go slash his own players........
Okay, I'll just leave Flandersdude and Al to give the refs hell.... I'm going to check on the final scores of my other teams.......................................... 

Voltigeurs ran over the Juniors 4-1. I'm not in a great mood today and listening to cranky play by play guys didn't help in the least. I should have switched the radio feed of this game to the Voltigeurs feed because this was annoying. 

Petes rolled over the Generals 6-3. That sounded like an ugly game too. I mean... 56 minutes worth of penalties were given out? Ugly. Mishy gets the win though. 

IceDogs only lose 5-2 to the Spits. This is good. Well, relatively speaking.... 

Special thoughts going out to Brian Burke and his family

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Leafs released a statement about an hour ago that Burke's son, Brendan, along with another passenger died in a car accident in Indiana today. I really don't know what to say other than I'm incredibly shocked and saddened to hear this news. I remember reading about Brendan's story a couple of months ago and I was quite moved by how supportive Burke was of his son coming out. It was a very moving story. Brendan sounded like a great guy. This is incredibly tragic to hear. It really puts a lot of things in perspective for many different reasons.

Special thoughts going out to Brian Burke and his family. My entire hockey community on Twitter is supporting Burke right now too. It's pretty special. I've never seen anything like this before. 

Hammies vs Amerks: Shhh don't wake the sleeping Amerks

19 wonderfully awesome Hammies - 3 awesome Hammies + 1 Cyc and 1 Hammie enforcer =  someone better spike the Amerk's water bottles or else we could be in trouble.

Pre-game stuffs 
  • ummm I missed it all actually..... I KNOW. I KNOW. I forgot which time the game was on.....I know, I know................
  • I did hear Guy saying that they were a little off in their 4-0 win over the Rampage..... can't we please just enjoy the win? Even if the Rampage sounded like they were dead as a doornail? PWEASE....?

First Period. Let's not get demolished, okay?
  • We missed the national anthems! YES! YES! YES!
  • Okay, let's not die against the Amerks, okay? At least we can be happy with the fact that Salak isn't in nets..... right? RIGHT? RIGHT?
  • Hey, we're not dying yet! 
  • Hey... no Al? Is he still sick? D: Wasn't he supposed to be here?
  • I see that attempt at a goal, Lacroix. It's nice to see you back here actually. 
  • Patches down! He's apparently bleeding too..... Lengthy 5 on 3 PP coming up. Make it count! 
  • Yikes..... Amerks with a short handed attempt. Note the word "attempt". No goal. 
  • I don't like Jeff Taffe. Just saying. 
  • I'm trying to find a stupid excuse not to like Benoit Groulx too.... hmmm.... let's see... he used to coach the Gatineau Olympiques. I'm sure the Olympiques have beat my Juniors and/or my Voltigeurs. Do the Voltigeurs count though? 'cause technically I hated them last year.... Anyway, I'm sure my Juniors at least have lost to the Olympiques so I'm going to use this as a bad excuse to not like him. Bwahahaha...
  • Eeeeeeeeeeee! WYMAN! 2-0!!!!! That's two PPG tonight. 
  • Booohooo... Stevenson off to the box now..
  • Okay, Teddy says "no" and the clock says "this period is over". 
Period Numero Dos: Let's not give up the lead, okay?
  • Aside from one Hammies chance at a goal, all I've been hearing is "(insert Amerk's name here) gets a shot away on Teddy". Can we remedy this please, Hammies?
  • No, Benoit, going to the box isn't what I meant..... 
  • Another Hammie to the box? Why am I picturing Guy getting mad right now? Why? Maybe because he is getting mad? Don't tell me he's happy with this.............
  • Yes, I know Taffe is a Hammie killer. Somehow the Hammies don't notice him standing in front of their goalies. 
  • WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Pyatt again!!!!!! 3-0!!!!!!!!!!
  • WOW. 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO IS THIS TEAM?!!!!! Oh right. It's Guy "I'll bagskate you guys for not playing  amazingly awesomely in your 4-0 win over the Rampage" Boucher's team. Hehehe. 
  • Flandersdude said it was Gluu's goal (if so, Gluu is further proving that he's not BFFs with David anymore) and annoying PA guy in Rochester says it's Henry's goal. We accept either scoring. 
  • Booo! Bagskate those horrid slackers for not scoring on a 3 on 1 rush! BAGSKATE. I mean... nice chance there, Patches. We still love you. 
  • Shhhhhhhhh Flandersdude, we didn't want Salak in nets tonight. We're pleased that it's the backup dude in nets. We're happy that Salak is warming the bench right now. Also, shhhh don't say that the Amerks are sleeping. That is a sure fire way to wake them up. SHHHHHH.... don't wake them up. 
In-between period random bit which was supposed to feature an interview with David or Trots
  • HEY. Flandersude... you can't just say "I have a great stat for you but just to be dramatic, I'm going to make you wait." That's not fair. 
  • ..........waiting............
  • ....................waiting......................
  • ...............................waiting.......................
  • Oh snap. I completely missed what Flandersdude was saying. Hahaha... something about five games in a row.... Also....... Hammies are trying to win more than 5 games in a row for the first time since that season in which they went to Calder Cup finals against the Aeros. Forgot what year that was and I'm not in the mood to go look it up. I think it was 03?
THIRD PERIOD. Let's go for the wiiiiiiiiiiin pwease
  • ................ dhakjhdskjayrioqahfskjsncakjls................ Why were the Hammies in the penalty box and why did the Amerks score?! BAGSKATE. 4-1. 
  • Guhhhhhhhhhhh...... I'd like the Hammies to spend less time in their own zone, please!
  • Numbers I like: 21 point turnaround from the Hammies who were 10 points behind the Amerks back in December. They're now 11 points ahead of them. Bwahahahahahaha. Hope this doesn't mean that the Amerks are due to win some games soon though..... =/ 
  • Why is there a kid screaming very close to the mic? Ick. 
  • GUHHHHHHH............... 4-2.  WE ARE NOT AMUSED. NOT AMUSED. You have 5 mins to not get scored on again. 5 mins. 
  • 2:09 left. Amerks get called offside. Why am I so relieved by this? Why am I afraid that the Hammies will pull a Leafs and allow three goals in the final three mins? (yes, the Leafs just did that and they lost in regulation time to the Devils). 
  • Plante off to the bench. Empty netter, pwease?
  • No. You have to put it IN the net. Now it's icing........ 
  • Longest winning streak for the Hammies since 02-03 when they won 9 in a row (this is what Flandersdude was trying to say before!!! Got it!). 

Halak it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I don't care if that's been over-used to death. I don't care if you think I'm biased towards Halak (I'm not for the records). But Jaro just beat the Booins. JARO DID IT. And Gio helped with his shootout winner.

And the best part of this win?

Booins lose.



Now someone make those stupid Sens lose. PLEASE.

no writeup because I'm tired and my Petes got a third of my attention tonight as well (Caps got the other third. Hey, they won 6-5 over the Rags. Bwahahahahaha). My poor Petes lost 5-4 after being down 4-0 after the first period. Just couldn't get the equalizer. 

Hockey in Afghanistan!

I was going to rant about Scandella and how he and Cormier are seriously wrecking up the Q's reputation with their ridiculously stupid headshots, but then I saw this article about hockey in Afghanistan. Seriously. It seems it's popular among the soldiers over there (mostly the Canadian ones, yes).

Article is from here.

Thoughts going out to O'Byrne and his family

I unfortunately missed this yesterday while I was gone for the majority of the day, but this morning I learned that O'Byrne's mom, Lorelei, passed away last week. We knew he had gone back home with be with an ill parent, but I didn't know that his mom was that ill...  My thoughts and condolences go out to Ryan and his family in this difficult time.

Hammies vs Baby Yotes: Ho hum... another shutout.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pre-game stuffs 

  • Flandersdude says on paper the Baby Yotes shouldn't be able to compete with the Hammies, but apparently games are played on ice and not on paper. Why can't games be played on paper? At least the games in which my Hammies are supposed to be better than the opposition....... 
  • Sheeesh.......the Rampage are on a 14 game road trip. The Habs have to leave in March because Disney on Ice comes to down (damn you Disney on Ice!!!) and the Baby Yotes have to leave because of some rodeo thing (damn you rodeo stuffs!). 
  • Okay, why are we still talking about the Baby Yotes.....? Can we please talk about something else -
  • ....WAIT POGGE IS WITH THE RAMPAGE RIGHT NOW?! (damn you, suspended Iowa Chops which have led to Ducks prospects being strewn across the continent!!). EDIT: OKAY NEVER MIND. HE WAS RE-CALLED WHEN VESA WENT TO THE DUCKS. YOU CAN ALL RELAX NOW. 
  • Awww no Al tonight... He's sick D: (damn you crappy whether that makes people sick).
  • So if you have two goalies who play well in Hamilton, it's not a goalie controversy, but if you have two goalies who play well in Montreal, it's a flipping controversy. Gotcha................. (damn you Montreal media). 
  • Oh squeaky kids in Hammie-town, you are so delightfully out of tune and adorably squeaky. I wuvs you. 
  • Wait... did Flandersdude say "Hollweg". UGH. Go away Earwig..... Yes, it's been a while since the Hammies played the baby Yotes so I'm forgetting everything I didn't really know about them.... 
  • Hammies are trading PP chances with the Baby Yotes...... =/ 
  • Apparently this period is brought to me by some vacuum place......? My brain feels like it's being vacuumed out of my head.... I'm so tired...........
  • eh..... they're giving away chocolate at this Pink in the Rink thing? Did I hear that right? Man, if I ate chocolate, I'd be on the next buss to Hammie-town.  While we're talking about pink......When you go to the Hammies site and this page thingy comes up and advertises for this Pink in the Rink thing, the page isn't pink. It's purple. EDIT: now the page is gone. Oh well.....
  • Why is David on a 11 game point streak? And why is Flandersdude making me wait until after this annoying commercial break to tell me......? What the heck was that commercial about anyway? All I heard was "blah blah blah David... blah blah blah gladiators... blah blah blah Upper James Street"... Makes me sense to me either....
  • Okay, Benoit didn't get an assist on PK's goal when he scored against the Admirals in their first game.... they gave it to David. Whoopy!
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrotttttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr! 1-0!!!!!!! 
  • Gluu is off to the box.....I thought Guy said he wanted the Hammies to stay out of the box? Speaking of Gluu... Gluu Junior isn't named David..... I find this sad..... mind you, Gluu Junior still has a nice name but it's not David........... 

  • What did I miss? What did I miss? What did I miss? I was trying to put anti-flea stuff on one of my animals (one of those preventative things.... no, I don't have fleas in my house). Apparently I didn't miss anything. 
  • Oops.. the ice is all dead again in Hammie-town..... Cue a break which will contain commercials that I have no idea what they're advertising for!
  • So here's  how this game is working tonight: Rampage take a penalty, Hammies take a penalty, Rampage take a penalty, Rampage take another penalty, Hammies take a penalty, Rampage take a penalty.... 
  • HEY. What is with that shorty attempt by the Rampage? =/
  • WHOOOHOOO! Someone scores somehow! 3-0!!! Apparently it bounced off the crossbar, didn't go in despite the goal light going off, "bounced around like an Indian rubber ball" and THEN it went it... which apparently makes it Pyatt's or PK's goal and not David's (who hit the goal post)...... EDIT: it's PK's goal. 
  • SMACK EARWIG. SMACK HIM LIKE A BUG. Seriously........ you don't whack a Hammie like that.... SMACK HIM. 
  • Did you notice that I've had a recent love-affair with typing in caps (haha wrote "Caps" there) lately???
THIRD PERIOD (More caps!!!!) 
  • Earwig is in the box for five mins. White is also in there for something for some amount of time I've forgotten....
  • Man...... I'm falling asleep here.......... you know what I'd like right about now? A nice goalie fight in the Sens/Slugs game I've got on the TV...
  • EEEEEEEEEEE! DAVID! 4-0!!! Never mind. This is a lot better!!! YAY! And Trotter now has four points on the night. "Another so-so night for Brock Trotter". 
  • Okay, this game can end any time now! I'm pleased with this score right now. I mean, the Hammies can always score more goals, but I don't need the Baby Yotes scoring. 
  • Hmm is that "Put Your Hands Up In the Air" I hear playing in Hammie-town?
  • hdkjahdkjhdkshjas stupid Earwig......... 
  • Scrum! Scrum! Scrum! Scrum! Twerpy ex-Amerks guy is all ticked off because St. Denis hit him. 
  • WHEEEEEEE! Hammies wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
Brock Trotter is on a real hot streak right now. Actually, apparently he is "as hot as a firecracker. Maybe hotter depending on the type of firecracker." 

Seriously. My Hammies are awesome. Unless you're a Bears fan, you can't say your team is as awesome as mine.

Speaking of the Bears... I really wish I could be a Bears fan but somehow I'm feeling some animosity towards them. Totally bizarre considering my Caps-love, I know, but it's the truth. Still, it's probably a good sign that I don't like them right now because I've disliked just about every team that I'm currently following :D


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've come to the conclusion that watching the Habs is the same thing as watching Lost. Just when you think you've figured out what's going on, they go ahead and change it all up on you.


Last week, it was like the plane crashed (I mean that in the figurative sense with regards to the Habs) and this week it's all like "well, maybe we just messed around with reality so maybe the plane crash never happened" (I mean that figuratively in a "that down and out Habs team you saw last week? They never existed).

I'm losing it completely right now... I'm sooooo tired.......

Also... Whoooooooo! Caps just set a franchise record for most consecutive wins (and they beat the Booins to do it too!).

Big revelation of the day

Monday, February 1, 2010

Did you know that there are two teams called the Admirals in the AHL?? Norfolk Admirals and Milwaukee Admirals? YOU DID KNOW THIS? Well, aren't you smart..............

I really had no idea until I saw something at InGoal Mag about Jaroslav Janus (who I somehow didn't realize was also playing in the AHL this year?). I mean.. somehow I knew there was a Norfolk Admirals and a Milwaukee Admirals but somehow it's this super big revelation that there are TWO teams in the SAME LEAGUE with the SAME NAME.

Go figure.

IN OTHER NEWS. Have you seen Jake's (and a little while ago) Berube's new masks?

Jake's is here and Berube's is here.

I really like both of them (especially Jake's but it's nice that Berube finally got a painted one too. There seems to be something with the poor backups being stuck with blank masks).

Oh. Em. Gee. The Leafs did WHAT?

Forget Phaneuf. Forget the fact that they got Giggy.

THE LEAFS GOT RID OF VESA. Our Vesa. Our favorite failtender in conference (aside from Biron). DAMN YOU LEAFS. How could you?! HOW COULD YOU?

I'm actually going to miss Vesa. I won't miss that man purse though. That was creepy. But I'm going to miss Vesa and his faily-ness. I'm going to miss The Society of Habs Fans Who Feel Bad For Vesa. I'm going to miss watching him and simultaneously laughing at him and feeling bad for him when he flubs a perfectly stoppable shot. I'm going to miss my team facing Vesa and knowing that we instantly had the advantage over the Leafs (although, wasn't Vesa in nets for that 3-0 loss to the Leafs? Okay, scratch that last sentence).

Have fun back in California, Vesa. It was great to have you here in all your faily glory. You're still my favorite failtender. Even if you're off failing on the other side of the continent. Sorry Anaheim  Koivu and Chipper, but your team just got a lot failier by default.

Byebye Vesa!!

Hammies vs Admirals: Puffy Blue jersey smackdown!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

But first....

How can a team who has a cool logo like this:

Put said logo on a jersey like this:

SERIOUSLY MILWAUKEE? What is with PUFFY BLUE colour? So ugly..... I mean, yeah, I'm biased against Puffy Blue jerseys... but ewwwwies.... So ugly...... You ruined a great logo by putting it on super ugly colour like this... We're not friends anymore, Milwaukee. Not that we were ever friends (even if the Hammies share an ECHL team with you) but seriously....

Pre-games stuffs 

  • Andy Murray should be listening to Guy's little bit about the mental aspect of playing. It was SO applicable to his "plight".  
  • Heehee... they had to persuade Guy to use PK and Belle in a shootout. 
First period
  • Fight! Already??? o.O 
  • PATCHES! 1-0!
  • Lucky Ads goalie... that was nearly another goal!
  • Ooo Ben Guite off to the box.... Hmmmmmm!
  • Yikes.. someone tries to kill Patches. 5 on 3 now. 
  • Ping!
  • Hmmmph. Some nice shots, but no goal. 
  • PK now...........
  • Another PK (not a bad idea to trip a guy in front of the net when he's about  to score).
  • .......or not..... Ads in the box.....
  • "Rabbit gets a shot away" just sounds weird.... Rabbits shouldn't be shooting anything. 
PK Interview!
  • LOL. Apparently PK's shootout goal thingy at the ASG had to be done twice. The first time he did it they were still on a commercial break, so they told him that he had to do it again. Hahaha.. 
Second period
  • more penalties.....? Is it just me or are there a  lot of penalties being dolled out these days???
  • and they skate up the ice... and down the ice... and up the ice... and down the ice... and now the Hammies outshooot the Ads.... and.......... 
  • I love how the audio on this video feed keep screwing up....Everything randomly goes wonky and sounds weird.... hard to explain but yeah....
Third period 
  • Boohooo..... David gets robbed of a goal *kicks the goalie*
  • Erm........................ so..................... it's 2-1 now..................... DO NOT GO TO EXTRA TIME PLEASE. 
  • Is where we wish that the Hammeis had scored on one of their PPs before........????
  • Why are the Ads sounding like they're shooting a pile of pucks into the Hamnmies end of the rink? Do. Not. Like. 
  • That sounded awfully like Flandersdude was about to say "Hammies".........Do. Like.
  • PP! Can we make a good effort to put this game away now? Pwease?!
  • YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Brrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrotter again! 3-1!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TWO MINUTES WAS ALL YOU NEEDED. 3-2. As a spectator, I can complain about such things. hdakjdhakjsdhakjsdhaskjdh...................... 
  • It's like dodging bullets... Kinda like in the Matrix :D  
  • HAMMIES WIN. THANK YOU. *collapses* 
And I think this deserves a crappy limmerick! 

There once was a team called the Hammies
Who played team wearing their jammies 
They walked into the rink 
And won with a wink 
Oh how we love that team called the Hammies