Hammies vs Heat: we need video replay in the AHL already

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hammies pre-game stuffs because you know I'm going to listen to it:
  • Um Hammies? Where are you? Why am I stuck listening to this singing? Oh... you directed me to the wrong radio station.... =/ 
  • AHAH. There's Flandersdude! 
  • Guy doesn't like missing defensemen.... (Re: you better be having the best time of your life, Weber and PK because the Hammies are suffering without you right now). 
  • Ummm the Hammies bus broke yesterday? See what I miss when I'm out drinking awesome cider instead of listening to my Hammies? My poor Hammies D: 
  • You can see that I'm missing my Hammies by the fact that I'm saying the word "Hammies" over and over and over again. HAMMIES. 
  • So how many Hammies do we have left? Stevenson is sick and Patches is injured now..... 
  • Yes, we're all pleased that PK did well.... now please, Habs, send him back tomorrow. We need him =(
First period 
  • HI AL! *waves* 
  • Hi Gui's brother....! Where have you been all this time? You used to be a Hammie. A perpetually injured Hammie that is..... 
  • SHAWN BELLE. 1-0!!!!!!!!
  • While explaining why Ryan O'Byrne is fighting Ian Laperriere, the Hammies get a delay of game penalty and the Heat score. I thought the Hammies were supposed to take advantage of the Heat being undisciplined? 1-1
  • Ah, there we go. Hammies getting a PP. 
  • ....are we still on the PP? Oh 8 seconds left.... 
  • Hmm that was uneventful save for a couple of attempted shots.... 
  • N'awww, I see PK's parents at the BC on the Habs TV. We wuvs PK!
  • There's a Sutter on the Heat? Is he related to the pack of Sutters?!
Second period
  • I really do not like the Heat. GET LOST. 
  • Apparently the Heat think it's okay to send Trotter into the bench. 
  • Of course the Hammies get the first penalty of the period when the Heat should have been called on two or three penalties already.... 
  • Oh, Hammies on the PP now. Thank you, Heat. Now score Hammies!
  • or not.... 
  • more penalties.... and no goals... 
  • Trotter tries to score. No goal though. Sounded like a pretty attempt. 
  • I'm getting seriously distracted by the two other games on TV.... 
Second period intermission aka break to figure out the scores for all the other teams
  • Habs getting beaten up by Flyers 4-1 now............... 
  • Voltigeurs are tied 1-1 with the Huskies
  • Petes are losing to the Erie Whatsits 4-1
  • Niagara is up 4-2 over Belleville
  • and Slovakia's women's team is getting demolished by Canada. Oof. Jaro should offer chocolate milk to the Slovak goalies.... 
Third period 
  • "It seemed like forever since Shawn Bell scored". Flandersdude speaks the truth. 
  • agsjkssdhkasjdhkasdhkasdhaksdhakshd DAMN YOU HEAT. Soft goal... soft goal.... soft goal.......2-1.
  • Al is saying something about the icing rules... I admit to not getting a word of what he said.... 
  • C'mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaammies...........!
  • Not dont' go to the penalty box, you twerps!
  • Al: "There's one of those Sutters...." So he IS related to that pack of Sutters..... Sigh........ 
  • Bad Trotter... you missed the net! Oh, you got tripped so we're getting a PP. Okay. 
  • .... this PP misses PK. And David. 
  • ...................
  • HEY. You don't run my Hammies like that. 
  • The Heat just gave you a gift of a PP. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do something. 
  • Hammies are arguing that they didn't hit the post. Of course there's no video replay in this damn league so we dont' know if it was a goal. 
  • Hammies still arguing. 
  • I think Saturday is "Guy Boucher gets super angry" night. Second week in a row he's gotten super upset about something..... He's angry that the ref wouldn't go over to the goal judge to check to see if it was a goal. Why can't we have video replay in the AHL? =/ 

In other news: 
  • Habs lose by some yucky score to the Flyers.............................................................. send my Hammies back now, please?
  • Petes lose 7-1 to the Erie Whatsits. 
  • Niagara WINS. Yes, Niagara WINS. 4-3 over PK's old team. 
  • And the Voltigeurs needed 5 rounds of shootouts to beat the Huskies. Thanks Brunelle. 


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In other news: speed skating is fun to watch in the middle of the night. :)

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Yes, it is :D

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