The Random World of Squeaky Kids

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tonight the IceDogs decided to bring in a squeaky kid to help out with the play by play. I'm sure someone thought this was a good idea at some point. And in theory it is a great idea. You know, you bring in a squeaky kid, you get the Squeaky Kid to talk a bit, everyone thinks it's cute and we're all happy, right? Well....... no.

My goodness! Squeaky Kid was so SQUEAKY and so chatty. I couldn't hear the actual play by play half the time because Squeaky Kid kept talking. It was kinda cute in some really strange way, but I think they should have stopped feeding him cupcakes in the first intermission (or they should have spiked the cupcakes so he would fall asleep). All that sugar probably made him more hyper.

In the spirit of the randomness that was Squeaky Kid tonight, the rest of this post will probably be totally random as well.

Squeaky Kid: and the puck is in the Oshawa zone................... now the puck is in the IceDogs zone. And and and and..........

Imagine what happened when the IceDogs scored.... !

Play by play guy who's name I forgot: and they score!
Squeaky Kid: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! THEY SCORE *yells in the mic*

I think I suffered some serious hearing loss.  Oh and now the kid just wished me "happy Valentine's Day". Um thanks. I think :D

Play by play guy: Andrew's has the puck...
Squeaky Kid: Andrew's has the puck and........... uhh........... now the puck is in the Oshawa zone........ And someone got hit into the boards and that looked that hurt, folks. And uhhhhhh... take it away!
Play by play guy: thanks!

And now the truth comes out!!! Squeaky Kid says that his parents tell him to not talk so much. Hahahahahahaha....... Poor kid. He sounds adorable in a very chatty kinda way. HAHAHAHAHA. They just cut to a commercial with the kid still chatting away. Oh dear me....


Play by play guy: do you know what it means when the ref puts his hand up like that?
Squeaky Kid: ummmm nope...... it means a faceoff!
Play by play guy: Yup. The Generals had an icing call called against them.

Squeaky Kid: and the puck is in the Oshawa zone......... and the puck is in the IceDogs zone...........

Apparently Agazzino's nickname is "Aggy".

Squeaky Kid isn't coming back for the third period D:

Play by play guy: He did a really good job. He was really on top of things.
Other guy: I don't even remember being awake at 9 when I was six.
Play by play guy: could have been all the cupcakes we gave him. Not sure his mom will be happy with us....

ALL the cupcakes? ALL? How many did you guys give him?????

Oh yeah, it's 2-0 IceDogs after 2.

And now there's something wrong with the power..... game is on hold...... and now we have no idea what will happen....... hmmm okay.......... This is what happens when you take away the Squeaky Kid. He was bringing good mojo to the team and now he and all the cupcakes are gone and the power goes out. It's a SIGN.

[wow, that whole post made no sense. too bad... I'm tired]


Grrrreg said...

Ahaha that was funny, I hope the Hammies will do that one day. I'd love to hear Flandersdude dealing with this!

Eternal Pessimist said...

"Dealing with this" is exactly how it sounded too. I don't think the play by play guys had any idea what they were getting themselves into :D Of course plying the kid with cupcakes didn't help in the least....... xP

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