Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 1: Kingston here I come!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The aim is to hit 4 games in 7 days in 3 cities. Yes, that sounds like a lot of hockey. It is a lot of hockey. I fully expect this to be almost the end of my live hockey games for this hockey season so you're just going to have to bear with me for this week. The plan - which might change - is: Frontenacs/67s on Monday, Juniors/Cucumbers on Wednesday, Voltigeurs/Tigres on Saturday and HAMMIES (HAMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Phantomthings on Sunday afternoon.

Okay, now you know what  to prepare yourselves for........

Kingston Frontenacs vs Ottawa Blehs 67s

Boy, this was a funny game in so many ways. First of all, I went to the game by myself. I've never actually been to a hockey game by myself because... it's not exactly all that fun to go to a game by yourself. But I went. After navigating Kingston, I found the arena and I found my seat.... which happened to be behind the 67s bench.....


Before we go any further, let me explain something: The 67s and the Fronts are in the same division as my Petes. I do not like the 67s and the Fronts just beat my IceDogs in a shootout last week. I came into this game not knowing who to cheer for. While I don't like the 67s, they're much further ahead of my Petes so it would have been beneficial for them to beat the Fronts. That being said, I didn't really want to cheer against the home team..... It just feels weird plus I didn't know if this crowd got hostile towards visiting team's fans or not.... and I mean, while it might be beneficial for the 67s to win, I still don't like 'em. 

Moving on... so when I found out that I was behind the 67s bench - having forgotten where my seat was when I bought the ticket - I was a little dismayed to see that I was going to be with 67s fans. And not just 67s fans either. SENS fans 67s fans (and no, these ones weren't even from Ottawa. They were somewhere outside of Kingston). The shame and horror of it all, I tell you...... 

67s fan: Are you cheering for the 67s or the Frontenacs?
Me: uh neither. I'm a Petes fan! (thinking afterwards: D'OH. Great way to get hated by EVERYONE in the building, idiot.......).
67s fan: Oh that's nice....

The Fronts came out for the warmup in their jammies practice jerseys. I thought this was strange but then I realized what was happening. They were trying to make everyone forget that they're real jerseys look like this: 


YES BOOINS COLOURS. BOOOOOOO! Suddenly I realized that I was supposed to be a Habs fan and that it was necessary to hate everything that looked even remotely like a Booin. Okay, it didn't go down that way, but I did I remember that I was supposed to be a Petes fan so I decided to cheer for the 67s. Sort of like how you cheer for the Booins to beat the Leafs, you know?

The game itself was kind of myeh at first.  The 67s dominated the first period which kept the crowd really quiet. I mean, I could hear the 67s coach yelling (okay, fine, so I was right behind him. Still. It was quiet). The  end of the first saw the 67s up 2-1. The second period seemed to pick up right up from where the first stopped. ie. the 67s were dominating the play. The Fronts goalie, Beskorowany is around 6'5 which doesn't make him Misshy-sized, but he's still really tall... which makes it funny that the first 67s goal went over his head and into the back of the net. Oops. There was a reason why I was bring up his height but now I forgot what it was.... darn...

Moving right along in that case......... things were looking relatively good. The 67s would keep the Fronts down, the annoying people behind me who would not shut up (more on them later) were annoyed and kids beside me were enthusiastic but in a good toned down sort of way. All this meant of course that the 67s would implode, right? RIGHT.

The 67s completely imploded. The Fronts would score 3 unanswered goals on the Penguin (Peruguni) the Penguin having a so-so game against the Petes was okay. It was not okay to have a so-so game - and a crap second period - was not good against the Fronts. It was like...

After the Fronts second goal: hmmm okay, this isn't too bad. 67s are still up 3-2.
After the third one which was scored pretty soon after: ........... okay, tied game.... 67s can still win this....
After the fourth goal: I hate the 67s....... what a stupid second period this is..... stupid Ottawa........

Sigh. The one and only time I needed the 67s to win a game, they lose. Typical.... Stupid Ottawa. Boohoo..

ANYWAY. A few random notes because your life needs random notes:

  • The K-Rock Centre is a lovely rink. If I've remembered right, it's also a very new rink. Only a couple of years at this point. I  heard that there was a lot of controversy about it when they built it. Apparently nobody could agree on where or how to build it. Anyway, the naysayers stink and the building is gorgeous. If they don't want it, I'll take it for my Juniors :D 
  • Playing "chipmunk" music (ie making voices super squeaky to sound like those chipmunks) does not impress me. It's annoying after a while..... It's also just plain weird
  • Sean Avery apparently played for Kingston. UGH. 
  • The Fronts have one of the most annoying looking mascots.... it's like some colonial looking guy and some graphic of it appears sporadically on the screen and starts trying to get the crowd to yell. 
  • the people behind me were really annoying. They kept talking and the woman in particular was annoying. "What are they doing?", "No, go that way. Why can't they go that way?", "we need a goal like, now!" (even though the Fronts are stuck in their own zone and there is no way in hell that they're going to score). "OMG SKATE". "OMG why can't they skate?!" "Why are they stopping? Is that penalty?" (no, it was offside.....). And I swear she said "jeepers" at one point too. 
  • You know where the rest of the pics are *points right*
Question of the day: Which backup goalie has the better hat? :D 

Spencer Emery or Petr Mrazek? 



Number31 said...

Better hat: Emery. POMPOM FOR THE WIN! Even if it's Bruins' coloured...

What. You should go see the Kingston Voyageurs! They stole our uniforms!!!

Shan said...

Agreed with Number31. Tuque-sur-masque even if he looks like Tuukka Rask.

"Jeepers!" haha

Grrrreg said...

That's 3-0 for the pompom tuque, it looks better than the usual cap.

I fully expect this to be almost the end of my live hockey games for this hockey season

At first I read that as "I fully expect this to be almost the end of my life". I was worried... :P Congrats on your crazy week!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Hahahahaha, okay, I knew everyone would pick the pom-pom hat! It is cool. Even if it's in the wrong colours =/ The Fronts have their own store filled with Booins coloured/Fronts logo-ed stuff. It was scary....!

I wanna see the Vees but they're schedule stinks and they wont' play until Thursday D: Poopy.

Grrreg - LOL.... yeah, that did kinda come out weird. I was so exhausted last night.... I fell asleep writing the post xP

Shan said...

Is this whole marathon a spring break/reading week thing or is that just a coincidence?

Eternal Pessimist said...

Coincidence :D To make a long story short: I had tickets to my Hammies game since like... the pre-sale happened. This whole Kingston thing is a long story, but Family Day in Ontario made it happen (thank you random Ontario holidays that don't exist in Quebec). The Voltigeurs thing is an even longer story but this week was one of the only dates that was going to work and I figured I'd throw in a Juniors game too because.... I'm stubborn and I've been to at least one game every month this year and I needed to fit in my February game :D

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