Hammies vs WBS Penguins err I mean Hammies vs Marlies

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey, you know I was thinking the other day what a pity it was that we weren't going to be able to play the Hershey Bears. Unlike in the NHL, the AHL doesn't seem concerned about teams having to play all the other teams at least once a year. Too bad, because I think it'd be a huge measuring stick for the Hammies to play the top team in the league. Anyway, upon checking the schedule it turned out that the Hammies aren't going to play the Baby Pens either... or were they?

Today's Habs/Pens matchup was really a Hammies/WBS Penguins matchup. Yup. The Pens had a pile of call ups too so it was really a battle of AHL call ups.

And guess what? My AHL team is better than the Pens' AHL team. NYAH. My Hammies kicked some serious tail feathers today. I'm so proud of my Hammies (even if I still wished that they could come back to Hammie-town). After a not great game when he was here the last time (coincidentally also against the Pens), it was super great to see David do well today in particular. I'm not necessarily sure that he can maintain a full position in the NHL, but he made me a very happy Hammies/Habs fan today.

Great job Hammies!

Now, I just hope that the Pens and Bruins exhaust themselves trying to get to DC and Montreal respectively. They're having a "snowmaggedon" down in the eastern coast apparently.

ON TO THE (REAL) HAMMIES GAME (it's also Juniors/Voltigeurs, Spits/IceDogs and Petes/Generals tonight as well). 

Pre-game stuffs 

  • Heeheee... Flandersdude: "whatever the H-E-double hockey sticks you want to call it (Toronto)". I should remember that one next time I attempt to do a podcast with All Habs...I think I actually said "hell" in our first recording.... 
  • Hammies may have lost a pile of guys to call ups but the Marlies are definitely worse off tonight. This is good news. It's not like the Marlies are getting their guys back either. The Habs are just injured. The Leafs are all in Calgary/Anaheim. 
  • Weber is back! He'll be playing tonight too. Hope he's not too tired D: 
  • Hark! What's this? Guy is HAPPY that the Hammies won a game? Is the end of the world coming? :D
First period
  • Um......... what is with these bad starts against the Marlies? 1-0 Marlies on a crappy PP... 
  • Well, at least the Hammies are getting chances now.... although, I'd appreciate it if Wyman didn't miss the net like that D: 
  • Hehehehe more subtle Marlies bashing. Flandersdude: Those aren't Joey MacDonald-like numbers are they? Al: he's not playing for a very good team. 
Brief QMJHL break for a second
  • These Juniors guys are ticked off that the Voltigeurs are keeping the puck in the Juniors end for a long time. Uh guys... it's the VOLTIGEURS. They're going to destroy you.... D: Knowing our luck, it'll be a Baby Hab who does the destroying.... 
  • See? Dumont scores. 1-0. I told you so. Thanks for nothing, Dumont. Also, this is too confusing with Jake playing for the Voltigeurs now. 
Back to the Hammies
  • the glass is broken. Fix it already so we can whack the Marlies.....
  • ...... is this glass fixed yet? 
  • *taps watch* 
  • Okay, we're back. 
  • Hammies getting a PP.  We need a goal now. 
  • I like that Pyatt is stepping it up today (and yesterday). We still don't have a goal. 
  • WAIT. Hammies are outshooting the Marlies 11-1 and the score is 1-0 for the MARLIES? What the H-E-double hockey sticks?????
  • Patches is off to the box. I can picture Guy getting upset now. 
  • Okay. No Marlies goal. Time for a PP for the Hammies now (see a theme happening here?)
  • and no goal............ 
  • Al and I agree that the periods in Toronto last forever..... hurry this game up already... 
  • No... not another penalty.........Hammies going to the PP again. 
  • and no goal. Someone's going to get lectured.
  • Let's hope for a second period  
  • Flandersdude's optimistic thought of the moment (paraphrased by me): Guy was talking about the process being important and not the result. So at least the process is more or less going right so far (me: but he's still going to bagskate them for that goal against). 
Second period 

  • Second period is underway. Guess what this teams? More penalties!!!! Hammies getting a PP. 
  • We're not capitalizing on the... 
  • AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! GLUUUUUUUU! 1-1. Blocked Patches shot is regained by Patches which then goes to Russel and then to PK and then to Gluu. Or something like that. Glu gets the goal and we're tied. Guy can like the whole progress of that whole thing and I can like the end result =) 
  • Never mind what I was going to say. Great work on that goal. 
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEE! GLUUUUUUUUUU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-1!!!!!!!!!!! PK with the assist!
Quick Juniors/Voltigeurs break 
  • And Brunelle scores. 2-0. So torn over this game..... I like Brunelle but I don't like that the Juniors aren't scoring. 
  • Berube and Jake are playing well.  Especially Berube. He's been robbing all kinds of goals from the Voltigeurs. And Jake just robbed Aubry.... Okay, Jake, do us a favor and let the Juniors score one. Just one. 
Back to the Hammies
  • That was Gluu's third breakaway. He's 1 for 3 on the breakaways today. Haha. 
  • Erm, Weber, I think the refs notice when you deck someone like that..... 
  • Erm, every time Flandersdude wonders if the opposition is going to get a penalty, they never get one... 
  • Boo.... you can't give Weber a 4 minute penalty. Pfft. 
  • And the puck disappeared. 
  • Congrats. 12 mins into the second period, Deveaux registers the Marlies first shot on goal (in the period). Now go away. 
  • And the puck gets stuck in someone else's equipment. Can the puck stay on the ice? 
  • 4 minute penalty is over. Phewwww....
  • If I actually wrote out every time the ref missed a call, this post would be twice as long. Not even kidding. 
  • Flandersdude: the Marlies usually have a lot of fight in them. Tonight they had it for five minutes and since then they've been kinda dead.
    Me: that sounds awfully like a complaint or worse, sympathy. Shhhhh.... it's only 2-1. 
  • Hahaha... Flandersdude and Al discussing what the Marlies coach could have said/done to get the Marlies to going. Flandersdude thinks that a cattle prod would be a good idea :D 
  • This game has no flooooooooooooow............... *sobs* 
Juniors/Voltigeurs break
  • Oops. So it's 4-0 Voltigeurs now. Palat and Levesque - who I guess didn't die when his own teammate hit him. Also... Philippe helped out on the Levesque's goal. Baby Habs have now ruined the Juniors night again. 
  • Poor Juniors though... just can't can't score at all..... we should have traded Jake for a forward...... 
Back to the Hammies 
  • Flandersdude: I feel bad for the Marlies play by play guy. How do you accurately call this game without getting fired? 
  • Can you tell that this game is not exciting in this least right now?
  • Sanford's save percentage is .833 tonight and he's only allowed one goal. Ouch. 
  • In more exciting news: Parkes scores. Juniors aren't going to get blanked. 
  • WAKE UP HAMMIES. The Marlies are waking up due to those squeaky little kids squeaking "let's go Marlies". WAKE UP. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. 
  • Bwahahahaha Al just completely butchered Guy's name. It was funny. 
  • Thank you St. Denis for breaking up that 2 on 1 rush for the MARLIES. WAKE UP HAMMIES WAKE UP. 
  • There's still 6 mins left? But it felt like 10 mins ago when  you said there was only 8 mins left........ 
  • Gah.... Marlies getting a PP now.... jdkadhakjhdkjashdkjdshkhf............. we're asking for trouble here...... 
  • Longest. Penalty. Kill. Ever. 
  • Gluu is 1 for 4 on breakaways now.
  • Marlies and Hammies are taking turns yelling at the ref for missed calls. 
  • Hammies getting a PP. 
  • Can we score? PWEASE? 
  • Apparently not. 
  • Oh looky, another Marlie to the box. 
  • Okay this ugly game over. 
  • Right? RIGHT? Conboy is yelling at either the Marlies or the refs now. UMMM HELLO?! Why are my Hammies' coaches yelling at the Marlies and the refs now? HELLO? This isn't pretty.....Seriously, you know it's ugly when Guy is yelling a lot too now..... Okay, now would be a great time for everyone to just leave the rink.......... EDIT: apparently JoeyMac of all people slashed Conboy after the play... Seriously? JoeyMac should go slash his own players........
Okay, I'll just leave Flandersdude and Al to give the refs hell.... I'm going to check on the final scores of my other teams.......................................... 

Voltigeurs ran over the Juniors 4-1. I'm not in a great mood today and listening to cranky play by play guys didn't help in the least. I should have switched the radio feed of this game to the Voltigeurs feed because this was annoying. 

Petes rolled over the Generals 6-3. That sounded like an ugly game too. I mean... 56 minutes worth of penalties were given out? Ugly. Mishy gets the win though. 

IceDogs only lose 5-2 to the Spits. This is good. Well, relatively speaking.... 


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