Hammies vs Admirals: Puffy Blue jersey smackdown!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

But first....

How can a team who has a cool logo like this:

Put said logo on a jersey like this:

SERIOUSLY MILWAUKEE? What is with PUFFY BLUE colour? So ugly..... I mean, yeah, I'm biased against Puffy Blue jerseys... but ewwwwies.... So ugly...... You ruined a great logo by putting it on super ugly colour like this... We're not friends anymore, Milwaukee. Not that we were ever friends (even if the Hammies share an ECHL team with you) but seriously....

Pre-games stuffs 

  • Andy Murray should be listening to Guy's little bit about the mental aspect of playing. It was SO applicable to his "plight".  
  • Heehee... they had to persuade Guy to use PK and Belle in a shootout. 
First period
  • Fight! Already??? o.O 
  • PATCHES! 1-0!
  • Lucky Ads goalie... that was nearly another goal!
  • Ooo Ben Guite off to the box.... Hmmmmmm!
  • Yikes.. someone tries to kill Patches. 5 on 3 now. 
  • Ping!
  • Hmmmph. Some nice shots, but no goal. 
  • PK now...........
  • Another PK (not a bad idea to trip a guy in front of the net when he's about  to score).
  • .......or not..... Ads in the box.....
  • "Rabbit gets a shot away" just sounds weird.... Rabbits shouldn't be shooting anything. 
PK Interview!
  • LOL. Apparently PK's shootout goal thingy at the ASG had to be done twice. The first time he did it they were still on a commercial break, so they told him that he had to do it again. Hahaha.. 
Second period
  • more penalties.....? Is it just me or are there a  lot of penalties being dolled out these days???
  • and they skate up the ice... and down the ice... and up the ice... and down the ice... and now the Hammies outshooot the Ads.... and.......... 
  • I love how the audio on this video feed keep screwing up....Everything randomly goes wonky and sounds weird.... hard to explain but yeah....
Third period 
  • Boohooo..... David gets robbed of a goal *kicks the goalie*
  • Erm........................ so..................... it's 2-1 now..................... DO NOT GO TO EXTRA TIME PLEASE. 
  • Is where we wish that the Hammeis had scored on one of their PPs before........????
  • Why are the Ads sounding like they're shooting a pile of pucks into the Hamnmies end of the rink? Do. Not. Like. 
  • That sounded awfully like Flandersdude was about to say "Hammies".........Do. Like.
  • PP! Can we make a good effort to put this game away now? Pwease?!
  • YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Brrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrotter again! 3-1!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TWO MINUTES WAS ALL YOU NEEDED. 3-2. As a spectator, I can complain about such things. hdakjdhakjsdhakjsdhaskjdh...................... 
  • It's like dodging bullets... Kinda like in the Matrix :D  
  • HAMMIES WIN. THANK YOU. *collapses* 
And I think this deserves a crappy limmerick! 

There once was a team called the Hammies
Who played team wearing their jammies 
They walked into the rink 
And won with a wink 
Oh how we love that team called the Hammies 



It's 6:30 in the morning, this sun is not up yet so I'm going to see if I can go back to sleep. 


Will return for hockey in.... 6 or so hours. WHOO!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, I'm actually  not all that entertained by this Hockey Day in Canada thing... Why? Well, because it's pretty much always Hockey Day in EPland around here. Last night I was following the IceDogs (they lost in a shootout), the Juniors (they lost in OT to those pesky Huskies AGAIN even though Berube was being awesome AGAIN) and the Petes (they lost 3-0 to the Bulls. Boohoo. Someone please send Richard Panik back to Windsor). I spared you all a lengthy post about it so be happy :D

However, I'm using today as an excuse to write up one huge post about hockey, hockey, hockey and Roger. Yeah. We're roughly 14 hours away from Frazzle O'Clock.

(and hey looky, they have these "Read more" jump breaky thingies in blogger! I had no idea until I looked it up!!)

Meanwhile in the tennis world.........

Friday, January 29, 2010

Roger is going to the Australian Open finals! (and the sun comes up every day, yeah, yeah, I know, I know).

Sadly he will get to play Murray. You know... this guy:

Picture is from  here. 

Sorry, I saw this picture and I had to find a way to use it. Although, I think I'm going to have some serious nightmares over this now. I mean really, how can you cheer for a guy who looks like that? I mean... not that we're all about looks around here and not that Mandy looks like that normally.... but the point is... It's Andy Murray. We're not a fan of Andy Murray around here. Like, really not a fan. It doesn't help that Mandy took out Rafa (by way of default because Rafa retired) and Cilic (hey, I like Cilic) either. It also doesn't help that Mandy has looked super good in this Australian Open..... frazzle... frazzle... frazzle....

After last year's mess, I'm not sure I'm ready to watch another Aussie Open......of course now that I've said that it just means that I have no choice but to get up and watch Roger. I've only missed one Grand Slam final with Roger in it..... frazzle... frazzle... frazzle... frazzle....


Hammies vs Admirals: Whooohoooo!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

pre-game stuffs aka EP runs around checking the scores of her other teams

  • Voltigeurs score two early goals, including a nice shorty from Levesque (ooooo and Philippe just scored!!!)
  • Poop...Juniors are down 1-0 to the Huskies. BOO HUSKIES. 
  • Bah. Petes and IceDogs are down 1-0  and 2-1 to Belleville and Erie as well. Meh. 
  • Um no, Guy didn't say anything interesting tonight. What is he going to say after last night's game anyway? "Oh yeah, we totally just bagskated the team for those awful two on nothings"?  Bagskate! 
Hammies tiiiiiiime! 

First period:
  • Ouch... I think that woman in Rochester just got outdid in "how badly can we sing the national anthems?" category by this woman in Milwaukee. Yes, I feel the need to chronicle these awful singing jobs in the AHL. 
  • Sanford just bailed himself out after he misplayed the puck behind his net. Oh boy.... 
  • It's "blow the whistle for no reason" night, apparently. 
  • Hey, how come Sanford is doing all the work tonight?! This ain't a Habs game, guys.... 
  • Dagger wants a goal (that will count). Hammies are forechecking everywhere. No goal though. 
  • Flandersdude keeps trying to say something but the Hammies and Admirals keep trying to score while he's talking. Hehe. 
  • Boohooo Conboy hits the goal post... D: 
  • Dagger bear hugs Guite after the latter decks Trotter. Yay for Dagger standing up for his teammates! No yay for Trotter though........
  • And Guite gets 5 mins and a 10 min misconduct for decking Trotter (they're calling it a headshot). PP time!
  • Hammies still on the PP. 
  • WHOOOOHOOOO! Benoit! 2-0!
  • Poooo.... Dagger misses the half empty net (well, it went off someone's stick). 
  • That was a good PP. Thanks for sacrificing your head, Trots! ;D 
1st period intermission aka EP goes back to running around like an idiot!
  • Voltigeurs still up 3-1 but Piche's shutout just got ruined. Oh I'm sorry. It's 4-1. Sean just scored (everyone's favorite shit disturber in the Q got one of the assists, yes). 
  • Parkes ties it up for the Juniors on the PP against the Huskies! 1-1! 
  • .... Belleville is now up 2-1 on the Petes. Petes, seriously... I want a win after that crapfest in London! D: 
  • And the IceDogs are tied 3-3! one of the Hamiltons scored. I think it was Freddie, but it could have been Dougie... (sorry, I really have a lot of fun saying their names for some reason). 
Oh Flandersdude interviewed Patches earlier today: 

  • Ooo Patches just totally said "it's nice to be down here with a team that's winning".  
  • He doesn't seem to be too cut up about being sent down..... I think he realizes that it's the best thing for him right now. 
  • Hahaha... Flandersdude did his interview with Patches while the other guys were playing soccer behind them and Patches got decked at the end of the interview. 
Second period 
  • Oh c'mon... Flandersdude is actually trying to look at that penalty objectively?! If it was a hit to the head, then they should have dumped Guite from the game (which is what they did). 
  • dhakdhakjdhkasdh it's very windy outside my window. This matters because it's distracting me from listening to the Hammies game. Go away wind D: 
  • GUHHH 2-1 now........ 
  • Yikes! Now the Ads just rang it off the post! Ayeyeye....
  • This game has gone back to being a fast paced one... sloooooooooooow doooooooooooown. 
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! St. Denis!!!!!!! 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • "D'Agostini took a high stick from Rabbit, who will be hopping into the penalty box". Sorry but... HAHAHAHA. 
  • Wait.. I only realized now that there's two Santorellis in this game.. what's with all the brothers tonight?!
  • Oh Flandersdude, don't say that the Hammies have lost their last 5 games here in Milwaukee. That is just asking to tempt fate. 
  • Pffffffft Hammies get a penalty for... playing hockey. Think of it as a gift, Ads. 
Second period intermission aka... yeah, you guessed it! EP runs around checking the scores of her teams
  • Poop. Petes lose 3-1 to the Bulls. Boohoo. 
  • Philippe has remembered how to score again! Voltigeurs are up 5-2 now over the Cucumbers. 
  • Did I mention how much it saddens me that Levasseur plays for Chicoutimi? 
  • IceHogs are actually AHEAD 5-3. Freddie Hamilton has a hat trick!!! EDIT: erm that would be the IceDOGS....
annnnnd we get a Dagger interview too!
  • Dagger doesn't sound depressed either. 
  • Dagger also likes the guys on this team. He really seemed to be hinting that it's a lot more fun in Hammie-town. 
  • Apparently the Hammies can't afford to give their guys a knife and fork and instead give them two forks with their meal. At least that's what happened last night. Hahaha... 
Third period 
  • Oops... we're 8 mins in and I haven't had to say anything so far......
  • Here's something: All of the Hammies goals have been scored by defensemen. Also, Trots and David don't have any points yet. David needs a point because he's got an 8 game point streak going on right now. Or something. 
  • Sanford's been really solid tonight. I like this version of Sanford. As opposed to the injured and faily version. 
  • Flandersdude just insulted the Ad's mascot. He says it looks like a cross between Clifford, Youppi and an aardvark. Apparently it's super ugly. EDIT: okay, I found a pic of it. It is ugly. 
  • Hahaha.... there's still a over a minute left in the game, but the guys in Milwaukee have already given Flandersdude the 3 star for the game.
  • WHOOOOHOOO HAMMIES WIN. First win in Milwaukee in 5 years!
Post-game stuffs aka.... you know what........
  • PHILIPPE GOT A HAT TRICK. Voltigeurs win 7-2!!! EDIT: apparently this is his first hat trick?! WUT? Well, congrats, dude!
  • Juniors lost in OT =( Berube stopped 40 of 42 shots... 
  • IceDogs wiiiiiiiiiiiin 5-3!

And then they hugged and everyone was happy

(photo credit: Pierre Obendrauf, Gazette)

Awww see? Pricey hugged Markov in practice. Then laughed at the media guys. Everyone's happy. For now.

All Habs has a great article on this big non-event.

Hammies vs IceHogs (what's an IceHog anyway?): Flandersdude is back!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hammies first!

Pre-game stuffs
  • FLANDERSDUDE IS BACK. Not that he was really gone, but yeah... You can't have him you horrible Sabres!!!!! 
  • Guy says the Hammies have never been blown out this year. I think he forgot that 5-1 loss to the Amerks earlier this year........ I mean, it's not a 7-1 blowout like the Habs experienced, but still.... 
  • Dagger and Patches are back tonight. Hope it goes well!!!
  • They call the arena where the IceHogs play "the pigpen"? Okay then...... 
Period Numero Uno 
  • Flandersdude is talking on and on in what I assume is a bid to stall for time while we wait on and on and on for the puck to drop. 
  • Why do they insist on having squeaky kids who can't sing sing the national anthems? Brutal. Next time I want the band with the over zealous cymbals player doing my national anthem instead of the squeaky kids. 
  • Awww, I forgot that Gluu's a daddy! Congrats to Gluuu and his wife.. I think her name is Melissa! (I'm going to know the names of everyone's wife's if they keep having kids). 
  • Hammies sound like they're awake tonight. More than I can say for the Habs right now (more on them later). 
  • Erm.... Rockford guys gave the goal to Stewie......? Flandersdude before the commercial: "Despite what they announced, the Bulldogs are up 1-0 by a goal from Matt D'Agostini, unless I've completely lost it". Heehee... 
  • What is a Klinkhammer......? And a Bickell....? 
  • Dagger sounds like he's having a good night. At the very least, he's shooting the damn puck!
  • Flandersdude is insisting that Dagger had the goal. 
  • Is it possible that the Hammies are actually catching a break on penalties that should be called against them but aren't, tonight?
  • I have a super craving for this super awesome Indian food wrap thingy I had in DC in DECEMBER. OMG it was so bloody awesome.......... D: 
Second period intermission:
  • Flandersdude is STILL insisting that Dagger scored. Apparently everyone agrees that it was Dagger. Everyone but the ref. Poop. 
  • Heeehee there was something super funny about the way that Flandersdude just said "Acadie" (he's talking to Danny Masse about the teams he played for in the Q). 
  • Masse grew up a Habs fan. Whoohoo! That's what you get for moving from some place near QC to some place near Montreal. HAHAH. 
Second period
  • Hey, Hammies, please don't go to sleep. 
  • HOLY CRAP. Rockford on a 2 on 0 (YES ZERO) and they miss the net........... WAKE UP HAMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • There's a rugby match going on behind the Hammies net apparently. 
  • Boo.. penalty coming up. 
  • We're lucky that the IceHogs keep missing the net. 
  • And the IceHogs miss the net again. 
  • ...........And again.........
  • ........and again.......
  • Weber's turn to miss the net now. 
  • Boy oh boy, a goal by the Hammies would be nice right about now....
  • STEVENSON SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES! 2-0!  WHOOHOO! That would be a month long scoring drought he just snapped. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Wow, Subban just got mauled and yet he still kept hold of the puck.
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrotter 3-0!!!!!!!!!! (Flandersdude says the goal was godawful for Crawford, but we'll take it anyway). 
  • Flandersdude is recounting the three gazillion time zones he had to cross through to get from Hammie-town to Vancouver and then from Vancouver to Rockford. Sounds confusing!
  • And he still thinks that Dagger should have had that goal. 
  • Ayeyeye! That sounded like waaaaaaaaaaay too many IceHogs getting shots away on Sanford.... 
  • Nice to know that Sanford is on top of his game so far! Sheeshhhh!
Intermission number 2
  • I do believe Flandersdude is talking to Ryan Flinn right now. Hi Ryan!
  • I'd like to know how many teeth he's missing because he sounds like he's missing a few of them (that or he's been punched in the face). 
  • Flandersdude: You should go into broadcasting when you're done playing hockey.
    Flinn: there's not too many opportunities for that in Phoenix (I guess he moved to Phoenix?).
    Flandersdude: Do they still have a team there? I know they're not in Hamilton!
    Flinn: *mentions something about the current guys in Phoneix doing the broadcasting*
    Flandersdude: maybe you should be like Tanya Harding while the other guy can be Nancy Kerrigan? (nice....)
Third period 
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrotttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Missed a few things whilst discussing Serena Williams and how I think that while she's an amazing athlete, I can't stand her personality. 
  • IceHogs have missed the net once and rang the puck off the goal post in this PP. 
  • Flandersdude is still dwelling on Dagger's goal which turned into Stewie's goal.  HAHAHAHA. I find this funny... for no reason.
  • Skille got SUBBANed. SMOOSH. 
    Didn't I say that the Hammies would score 5 goals for Flandersdude when he came back from Vancouver? DIDN'T I?!!!!!!!!!!!! Flashback to Monday night during the Sabres/Canucks game: "...........hmmm maybe the Sabres can have one more goal? Just one more? For Flandersdude? *smacks self* nononono Hammies will show their appreciation for Flandersdude by scoring at least five goals in Rockford on Wednesday and he can yell "and they scoooooooooooore" all night. Yes. Yes. Yes." SEEEEE?!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AYEYEYE. Rockford with their second two on ZERO rush............... Sanford stops them. BAD defensive lapses, Hammies. BAD. BAD. BAD. 
  • GAME OVER. Shutout!!!!! WHOOHOOO! Sanford's first shutout since....... October? His second shutout over the Rockford IceHogs!
Post game stuffs
  • I bet you can guess what Flandersdude is saying regarding that first goal. Yup. Still insisting that Dagger got it. Really, I want to see the replay of this now. 
  • Righto, so the Hammies had no PPs but Flandersdude still has to do his whole sponsorship add thingy. Hahahahaha. 
  • Whooo! Hammies just set a franchise record for most shutout wins away! 
Righto.. do I have to talk about the other shutout tonight? Like the one in which the Habs got SHUTOUT by the BOLTS......? Yeah, I don't like that shutout. I like the Hammies one better. GO HAMMIES GO!

54 rinks in 54 hours

No not me!!! Although, I might be hitting up four rinks in seven days in February.... I'm talking about this super great cause going on in New Jersey this weekend.

If you're like me, you're probably wondering what the hell you were doing last night sitting in front of the TV watching the Habs snooze away another key game. I headed off to puckdaddy to see if there was anything there worth reading. Turned out there was a lot of crap that wasn't making me feel any less pessimistic about hockey but then I saw this. If you're too lazy to click the link, it's about... well, here, I'll just copy the important bit from puckdaddy:

On Friday, Jan. 29, as part of Hockey Weekend in America, EveryBODY Skates New Jersey will begin an ambitious journey through the Garden State: Visiting all 54 New Jersey ice rinks in 54 hours. The goal is to help convince those rink owners and operators that allocating just one hour of ice time per week to disabled hockey can make an enormous difference for this fledgling program and thousands of potential players across the state.

Obviously I don't play hockey at all, but I really believe it's super important for the people that do play hockey to be allowed to play. ESNJ is asking for the rinks to allow them the opportunity to pay for their rink them. It's easy to get down on pro-hockey sometimes (don't say you haven't gotten fed up with sometimes but you know you have), but hockey is still a great sport that can do a lot of great things for people.

I think this is a super great cause and I wish them the best of luck!

Well, that sucked....................

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The only thing worse than a snoozer of a game is a snoozer of a game that the Habs lose. Oh and of course having a bloody Amerk score on you. Twice. adhskjshdkjashdoiashdfakjshdkjashdkj..............

At least the Caps demolished the Islanders.

Canucks vs Sabres: we're only following this because of Flandersdude

What? I don't have any pics of him!
  • Okay so some random Sabres guy just called the Canucks the "Can-ooks". Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. It has a nice ring to it. Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. Canooks. Ca... you get the idea.... 
  • And............ the guy who does the anthems in Vancouver drives me nuts. 
  • I do not like Sabres/Canucks games. 
  • Oh... there's Moosies playing for the Canucks tonight. If Flanderdude doesn't get confused, I will for sure! 
  • Seriously, the Canucks better win this game but damnit, I will personally scream at all of the Sabres if they don't score. For Flandersdude's sake, you know? 
  • I'm still confuzzled. Gaustad is definitely not a Hammie...!! And Baumgartner is not a Moosie tonight....? Confuzzlement.... D: D: D:  
  • I think I'm way too excited for this game. Seriously.....
  • I liked Flandersdude saying that the Hammies goalies were awesome better. I don't care if Miller is awesome. Guh....   
  • "He missed by centimeters errr inches". Measuring system fail... Reason No. 327918732891 why Flandersdude should stay in Canada: so he doesn't need to learn the funny American measuring system. 
  • You know Flandersdude is awesome when (part 23516781):  EP is actually interested in this random Sabres/Canucks game and is actually considering cheering for the Sabres. Yikes.... 
  • These Sabres adds are kind of funny... especially when I was just memorizing the Hammies ones.... 
  • Oh for crying out loud, Luongo, just let in a damn goal. Just one! 
  • Adding to the confusion (part 34567): commercial for some event on Niagara on the lake in ONTARIO. iayudiadyuoiaqduoaidhkasdhklahd!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Miller is coming up with some big stops. Whoohoo! I mean.... Boohoo......!!! BAD MILLER.
What a confusing period.... o.<  on to the second (gotta stay up until the Sabres score, right?).
  • I really hope the Sabres score quickly because it's getting late here and I'm tired....... 
  • How many times is this other guy going to say that we've got two of the best goalies in the world playing tonight? This is like the 216873192 time he's said it already......... 
  • Let's go Sabres, let's go! *clap clap clap* 
  • I really wish Flandersdude could take over from Moffat. I feel so dirty cheering for the Sabres. 
  • .....................................I mean... freaking hell.. C'MON CANOOKS. TIE IT UP. TIE IT UP. NOW. NOW. NOW. Stupid freaking Sabres. Damnit. hfakjgdgdasdfrgtplkm............
  • Wait, why does TSN say that the game is tied?! My radio feed is behind?! HUH?! *waits* 
  • .... waiting.....
  • .....waiting...............
  • ...........hmmm maybe the Sabres can have one more goal? Just one more? For Flandersdude? *smacks self* nononono Hammies will show their appreciation for Flandersdude by scoring at least five goals in Rockford on Wednesday and he can yell "and they scoooooooooooore" all night. Yes. Yes. Yes. 
  • Feel free to win the game now, Canooks. 
  • Creepy Sedin Twin for the wiiiiiiiiiiiiin! 2-1!!!!! YEAH BABY. I mean... Flandersdude isn't overly pleased with this. Poor guy. Blame Miller. It's all Miller's fault. BAD MILLER. 
  • Luuu is robbing the Sabres. Whoohoo!
  • Sabres take a penalty and Flandersdude isn't happy. Stop being a homer. 
  • Oh the bright side, the Canooks get a 5 on 3 power play out of it because the Sabres supposedly crosschecked a Canook.  Go Canooks go!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO!
  • End of the second... 
intermission notes: Wyshynski of puckdaddy tweets: "I just want to point out that based on the comedic tweets from the fan bases tonight, I want a #sabres vs. #canucks SCF more than ice cream." To which I immediately thought "but Taylor Hall doesn't eat ice cream. He just scores goals." Oh thank you, Pierre McGuire for coming up with completely random crap that I just can't forget.
  • Flandersdude is sounding good. I think Canada needs to apply pressure on the Americans to not allow him to get his papers to work in the USA. We need to keep him here!!!!
  • WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE for real!!!!!! Mr. ColoUr Commentator Guy interrupts Flandersdude before he can finish his whole "so and so does whatever to put the puck past whichever goalie it is" thing which follows the whole "and they scoooooooooooore" bit. Not cool.....
  • Also not cool, is the fact that the Sabres are pressing now. C'MON CANOOKS. 
  • Someone scores for the Canoooooooooooooooks! 3-2! GO CANOOKS GO!
  • I have a major headache right now.... Boohooo.... no headache no! 
  • Uhuh... Flandersdude, we don't want to know that the Pirates will be playing those Bloody Amerks at HSwhateverletterscomenext arena. Although... I'm SURE we can all agree on this: BOOOOOOOO AMERKS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bwahahahahahah *runs away*
  • I do believe Flandersdude is enjoying himself right now. It's quite the exciting game going on right now. Lots of action in this game. 
  • blah blah blah Miller with a save. Blah blah blah blah Luongo with a save. Blah blah blah.... 
  • Flandersdude did a heck of a lot of research for this.... he's spewing random stuff about draft picks from a gazillion years ago now. 
  • YES CANOOKS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deal with it Sabres! 
  • Good job everyone. Exciting game. Great job Flandersdude! Now get the next flight out of there and head off to Rockford! 
Did I just write up a whole damn post on a Canucks/Sabres game? WOW...............................! 

Good luck Flandersdude!

Monday, January 25, 2010

He's going to be calling the Sabres/Canucks game tonight. I hope it goes super well! Just.... don't enjoy it too much because we don't want you leaving Hammie-town yet (especially not if he's going to the Sabres. GUH).

And read the thing The Spec had about this too. Especially the last line. Flandersdude's grandmother said she wanted to live long enough to hear him call an NHL game. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Getting all teary-eyed now...!!!

Do I even need to say how I feel about Patches being sent down?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I know most people see this as a "demotion".  I'm sure Patches isn't thrilled about being sent to Hamilton instead of going to enjoy the warm weather in Florida this week. But let's face it. He's been regressing since he got here. He had a great camp but it hasn't helped him a whole lot here. He's been looking more and more lost by the game.

Going to Hamilton (or actually, I think the Hammies will be in Rockford, Norfolk and Chicago this week) is the best thing for him. How anyone thought that he was ready to be an NHLer when he only had a handful of AHL games after coming out of college is beyond me. He should have started off the season in Hamilton. But I digress. This is the best thing for him in the long term. He's going to get his confidence back and hopefully he's not going to get whacked around as much. And he's going to help my Hammies win games again (once he gets used to The Real System (which is better than The System). Yup. Yup. Yup.).

Welcome back to Hammie-town, Patches. Please don't sulk.

EDIT: Oh look. We swapped Dagger for Maxwell. Boohoo. Good luck to Maxwell! Dagger's on a conditioning stint for now, so he would still need to clear waivers eventually if he's going to stay (I believe anyway).

I'm counting down the days until Patches and Dagger can get The Real System.

OMG JUNIORS! OMG HABS!!!! (and omg Hammies... but for a different reason)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Baby Juniors: 6
Number One Team in CANADA: 4.

YES. My Juniors beat the Sea Dogs today! YES! YES! YES! I love being wrong in this case. When I was debating which game to go to (last night's match or today's) I said that I'd prefer to watch the Foreurs because the Juniors were going to get demolished by the Sea Dogs.

I would do a whole write up but 1) I missed most of it because I was following the faily Voltigeurs play (and looooose) and 2) Flandersdude is talking now :D so here's the scoring summary of the third period which is the part I followed:

HOLY COW. What an end!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...............!


Pre-game thoughts:

  • Flandersdude wonders why people would come out to see the Marlies when the Leafs are on TV as well tonight. My guess would it be because the Marlies will be slightly more interesting to watch lose than the Leafs. 
  • Guy said a pile of stuff that I missed because I'm STILL squeaking about the Juniors winning. 
  • Dany Masse played his first game last night!! Good because we lost Jojo. He's been reassigned to a team in Sweden who's name escapes me. Farjestad? 
  • Gluu's wife is going to have a baby so Gluu isn't here. Apparently Gluu's baby is taking its sweet time to be born too D: 
First period 
  • Flandersdude says we're probably going to be in for a war tonight. Because it's ALWAYS war between the Hammeis and Marlies. 
  • oh DAMN Marlies score. 1-0. Here we go again with the Marlies making my life hell. Bloody Marlies. 
  • David might be injured now. Damn you, Andre Deveaux. White and Subban are trying to beat him up now. Guy is apparently going insane. 
  • Deveaux just got kicked out for a while. 
  • David isn't leaving so he should be okay for now. 
  • hdakjhsakjdhakdhakjs Hammie going to the box. this is a freaking mess and it's only 5 mins into the game!!!!!! 
  • dhakdshkdhkahdeiuqjdrfklqhfkjshfkahsdfkjahfskjashkashdl DAMN YOU MARLIES. 2-0. 
  • Flandersdude: if I was Guy Boucher I might consider calling a time out.
    Me: If I was Guy Boucher I would start whacking my players upside the head. .....................................or I could pull the goalie. Teddy is getting pulled for Sanford.
  • Flandersdude and Al are discussing why Guy would pull Teddy now. I still think Guy should start whacking his players to get their brains to work again. 
  • Stewart is going to get into big trouble if he doesn't stop playing like an idiot. 
  • Weber down and Henry and Simon go at it. I'm getting very sick of these truculent Marlies. And note that truculent means playing like bunch of $%^&ing morons. 
  • Marlies PP. PK gets angry and sounds like Guy is ready to strangle his team right now. 
  • What a freaking ugly period. 
Second period 
  • The Hammies respond to a shitty first period by........ taking a penalty. 
  • 3-0. 
  • Can we just quit this game?
  • Stewie would prefer to get beat up by Stokes instead.I'm sure Guy will prefer that Stewie sits in the box for a while anyway. 
  • BEN MAXWELL scores. 3-1
  • PK gets decked and there's no call? WTF?
  • Stevenson gets decked and no call? 
  • 4-1. 
  • And PK gets decked again. No call. 
  • I know I'm alone in this, but I'd prefer to swap scores with the Habs right now. Habs are up 4-0 and Hank is smashing stuff as he gets pulled for some guy called Zaba. 
  • I want to enjoy this Habs 5-0 smackdown of the Rags but I'm still mad at the Hammies right now. hkajshdakjhdkajshdkjasdsjdhkj.................... 
  • Hammies... you suck tonight. I'm sorry. But you do and you're not helping yourselves at all. 
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • DAVID! Hammies are only losing 4-2 now. 
  • 5 on 3 PP for the Hammies for once. 
  • Ooooo another Marlie going to the box. Can we score? PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE?????
  • Damn, second period over. 
Third period 
  • SOMEONE SCOOOOOOOOOORED! I don't know who! 4-3!
  • Hammies are alive again! 
  • Go Hammies! GO HAMMIES!
  • Okay... Hammies are dead.... Benoit off to the box....
  • C'mooooooooooooon HAMMIES! 
  • haksjdhakjdhakjsdh Trotter... that was a super stupid penalty.........
  • WHAT? Trotter got a DOUBLE minor? shakjdshaskjdhkajsdhkdquiruqwifhyfakjfsAHKauwioqwued!!!! 
  • dhakjdhqiorydqiwuyfiwshfsfhiewufhiquewfry Marlies win 4-3. BAAAAAH. 
  • Not a smart game for the Hammies. Bad Hammies. Fix your brains before you get back on the ice. 

Instead of collapsing in a heap of sobs and whatnot.. let's just move on to the Habs.... 

HABS WIN 6-0. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It was great. Habs demolished the Rags, Jaro got a shutout, Torts went Torts. WHOOHOOO! I think I might have to start liking BennyPoo soon. He's a RFA too at the end of the year, eh? =(  but anyway, WOW HABS. Nice win! 



HUGPILE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I headed off to Verdun tonight in the hopes that my Juniors would finally win a game while I was there. I wanted to hope that they would beat Val-d'Or considering how stinky Val-d'Or is supposed to be (while not forgetting what happened the last time I went to Verdun which also was a Juniors/Foreurs game).


The losing streak is OVER baby! WHOOOOOOO! Juniors stomped on the Foreurs by a beautiful score of 5-1. Oh yes. Sadly, my expensive camera with the decent lens decided not to work so I was forced to rely on the backup camera. Which is like relying on your backup goalie. It's nice and it does the job, but it's not as pretty as your starting camera. Did I just compare my cameras to goalies? Yeah, the meds are kicking in now (I'm still sick. Boohoo). But really... it's kinda true....

Butbutbutbutbutbutbut MY JUNIORS WON. It was horrendously loud at the Verdun Auditorium even for me who's ears were unbelievably blocked. They had guys whacking drums all night. never seen those guys there before and hoping I never will again. GUH.

Anyway!!!! There were all kinds of guys who I didn't know or hadn't seen before. Baby Marcoux got to be a Baby BenchWarmer tonight as Berube got to start (I miss Jaaaaake). David Rose was newish. Dillon Donnelly was new too (he was part of the Wall trade). Lapostelle was new to me too. I didn't even know this guy existed before tonight. Xavi was back with the team finally! Oh and I found out the mystery of the Hugo Roux/Desharnais. Hugo has two last names and they only put on on his jersey. His name is Hugo Roux-Desharnais. MYSTERY SOLVED. ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was my first time seeing the Juniors in that red/maroon colour. The Q followed the OHL when they switched their home colours to the darker colours. This matters because red/maroon looks a lot better than white.

Moving on........... Scandella who I'm now back to hating now that he's not playing for Team Canada, got into a fight with Gouchie. I thought the Juniors ended up with a PP in there and then they scored immediately or maybe they didn't get a PP. Bottom line is that they got a faceoff near the goalie with the Turco goalie pads and Chouinard scored. Some not as interesting stuff happened and then David Rose added one late in the period. WHOOOHOO!

The Foreurs imploded in the second period. They got into loads of penalty issues mainly because the Juniors were pressing. They spent most of the first half of the period in the box. Brenton scored. He's linemates with GOOOcheee and Genest. At least at that point he was :D And AUUUUUUUBRRRRRRRRRRY back from the CHL Top Prospects thingy scored on the PP. YAY AUBRY. After Aubry scored the Turco looking goalie smashed his stick while his coach was yelling (couldn't hear him through all the noise) and slamming the door to the bench and all that. Bwahahahah.

The third period was a huge mess. The Foreurs changed goalies and put in another guy with a hyphenated last name. Not that it did any good. GOOOOOOcheeee scored which was followed by a pretty quick goal by the Foreurs. Don't know who scored, don't care. Got a good view of the goal. It was only a matter of time before the Foreurs scored. They were pressing pretty hard at that point. And yeah... the rest of the game was marked by everyone getting upset. I'm sure the Juniors were upset that they ruined JF's shutout and were now going to the box for all kinds of dumb things. On the other side, I'm sure the Foreurs were upset that their goalie turned into a sieve and they were playing like crap (I guess the drums disoriented them too).

Observe all the evil penalties:

Lots and lots of fighting. Made for a rather anti-climatic win in the end but it was a good win.

Good for me because my boys finally won a game for me. Good for my boys because it shows that they 1) they weren't dwelling on the massacre that Victoriaville inflicted on them on Sunday 2) they can indeed defeat a division rival.. Even if that rival is a lot crappier than they are (which is saying something).

Speaking of GOOD WINS............HAMMIES BEAT AMERKS 6-1!!!!!!!! And they chased Salak out too. HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! Hammies knew that Guy would kill them if they didn't at least try tonight. Beating those Amerks in their own building is great. Chasing out Salak in the process is even better (still holding a grudge against him, yes). This was a big win and I can only imagine what Flandersdude was doing. He probably lost his voice at the end of the game :D Goals came from Trotter, Pyatt and Wyman in the first period... Trotter and White in the second... and Taffe (who somehow is always alone in front of Teddy or Sandford and scores) and WYMAN. Whoooooooo! Hammies even scored on the PP while not giving the Amerks anything on theirs. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Habs won 3-1 over the Devils. I'm told that Darche may have gotten a goal. WHOOOOOOOO!

Aaaaannnnnnnnnnd IceDogs win 4-1. Visentin is back from the CHL thingy too. WHOOOOOOOOOO!


And tired... stupid cold medication..............

Pictures are HERE.

Here we go again...Hammies are losing players left, right and center

Friday, January 22, 2010

No more Darche obviously.

No more Carle for the rest of the season. He will need surgery on his shoulder.

No more Jojo either for... well, Guy wouldn't say. Jojo went back to Sweden to do with family issues and apparently Guy wouldn't say when or even if he would come back.

Quick, someone spike the water in Salak's waterbottle!!

3 things

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1. From what I've heard, Laraque isn't a bad person. I kinda liked Laraque the human being. Laraque the hockey player infuriated me to no end. I am not sorry to see him go. Not. At. All. When the goalie gets into more spontaneous fights than the supposed enforcer, you've got a problem. I know he's been injured for a good portion of the time (another issue entirely) but even when he was in the lineup he wasn't doing anything useful.

2. My boys did well at the CHL Top Prospects thing. Visentin (baby IceDog) didn't allow a goal in the first half of the game (Domingue got to be the faily other goalie). Spoooooner (the Pete who won the shootout last Friday) and Aubry (Juniors guy) both had goals and apparently Watson (former Spit turned Pete) had a really solid PK when Team Orr was on a 5 on 3 PP. WHOO =)

3. Ovie vs Puffy tonight. That is all.

Habs vs Blues - we've got a new enforcer of sorts

So I took my mom to her first live game since.... whenever the last time she was in the old Forum was.... which was years ago..... After the first five minutes, I'm sure the whole Habs team and I were all going "FML".  I was certainly hoping I wasn't about to witness a massacre... Thankfully that didn't end up happening and I still think my mom had a good time so it was all good.

We did have a great view of our new little enforcer though:

You tell him, Carey!! SMASHY SMASHY SMASHY! What? I was denied my imaginary goalie fight on Sunday! I wanted a goalie fight! SMASHY!

Personally, I think if the goalie goes out like that (and Carey had no choice because the D was nowhere to be seen) then he should be considered relatively fair game (ie I don't think Janssen should have ran him over like that but I think he should have been allowed to bump into him). That being said, I think if someone is going to ram the goalie in any capacity (including bowling him over), they should be punched out by the goalie's teammates (and the goalie himself). In other words, my only problem with what happened last night was that Carey wasn't allowed to punch out someone (not that I think Carey should have been allowed to fight Janssen. Conklin would have been a suitable punching bag, no?)... oh and the fact that the whole thing could have been averted if the defense wasn't on another planet

And Pierre McGuire is like "Why isn't Laraque in the lineup?!" Well, I'll tell you why he's not in the lineup, Pierre. He's not in the lineup because he does NOTHING when he's on the ice. NOTHING. Our goalie is willing to get into more fights than him. EDIT: apparently he's also not in the lineup because the Habs will buy him out.

Apart from Carey sticking up for himself (or trying to anyway) the other good thing was.... damn, I can't believe I'm saying this... BennyPoo. Yes, BennyPoo had a good night. At least I only remember the good parts about his night so if he did give the puck away during one of those blecky Blues goals, I don't remember it. Yeah. Sorry I ever said mean things about you, BennyPoo....

Also... I think I was the only one who cheered super loud when they showed Darche. Poor Darche.... D:

Anyway, no more Habs games for me this year. My lovely stash of hockey tickets is slowly diminishing..... Boohoo D:

I think I used the words "anyway" and "also" way too much in this post. 

Major setback

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I saw the saddest comment yesterday when the news that Darche was called up by the Habs.

I don't even know this Darche

It's comments like these that make me realize that my plans to have the Hammies take over the hockey world are still a long way from coming to fruition..... *sighs*

On the bright side... PK and Teddy helped win the shootout for Team Canada over Planet USA. YAY!

And I should throw a book at the Habs

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Darche has been called up.

Darche needs to clear waivers to come back to Hammie-town.

Next time, tank on your own, Habs. No need drag the Hammies into your crapfest.

I'm  getting mad at the Habs again. Well, I'm mad at them anyway right now. But still. RAR.

*tosses non-metaphorical books at the Habs*

Cormier should have the book thrown at him

For the last couple of days I've been trying to think of something to say about Patrice Cormier's senseless hit to Mikhael Tam that left the latter convulsing on the ice. I think everyone knows by now that I do not like any type of hit that leaves a player concussed. Sometimes cases can be made that it was an accident. Players do turn at the last split second which puts them in a vulnerable position. That happens.

However, there are still far too many cheap and dangerous hits going around.

There are no excuses for hits like the ones that Kassian laid out in the Windsor/Barrie game last week or on the Cormier hit in the Rouyn-Noranda/Quebec game. Both were open ice hits on players. In Kassian's case, the other player did not have the puck and Kassian left his feet. Cormier's was a lot uglier. It looked an awfully lot like he targeted Tam when he came off the bench and he got his elbow up his face. If you're going to at least try to make a clean hit, you don't lead with your elbow. Cormier's hit was cheap, it was dirty and it was entirely unnecessary and pointless. Not only will Tam be the one who has to deal with the serious and long term affects of this hit, but Cormier's apparent reaction is almost as inexcusable. If we believe the Remparts, Cormier was smiling about the hit, argued with the refs and did not stick around to see if Tam was alright. I realize that perhaps a suspension should be based solely on the action (something that doesn't really happen though), but if Cormier really did react to the hit in this way, to me it indicates a player who doesn't see that he did anything wrong. If a player feels that way, then it's probably safe to assume that he wouldn't necessary be above doing it again.

I know people's main argument for not suspending Cormier is that they fear that it will take hitting out of the game because a player might think twice about delivering a hit.  You know what? If a guy has to think twice before delivering a hit to someone's head, then so be it. I would much rather players think twice before hitting than to see another video of concussed players convulsing while being taken off on a stretcher. I have no intention of arguing that hitting has no place in hockey. Hitting has a place in hockey. But there are numerous ways in which a player can deliver a solid, clean hit. It's entirely possible to take a guy out of the play without taking him out of the game for weeks, months or possibly the rest of his life. Sometimes you can argue that it was an accident. Cormier's hit on Tam was no accident. He left the bench and targeted Tam. He lead with his elbow. There was no pretext of even trying to deliver a clean hit.

Like I said, Cormier's hit was cheap, it was dirty and it was entirely unnecessary and pointless. Tam is going to have to live with the affects of it. The least the Q can do is throw the book at Cormier.

Roger's baaaaack

And apparently this is tennis' version of the barberpole jersey too.. (I personally thought it sort of resembled the Ottawa 67s jerseys a little bit. You know.. ugly and stripey?).

Picture comes from here.

Tennis has actually be underway for about a month now, but I just came to the conclusion this morning that the Habs have decided to suck right now so I can pay more attention to Roger and the Australian  Open! Such considerate Habs! Anyway, I don't intend on blogging too much about Roger this year, but it's a slow hockey day so just enjoy making fun of  Roger in his barberpole shirt :D

I think this sums up how I felt about the game

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yup. All those fights in the second period were actually pretty entertaining. I wanted a goalie fight! Jaro could have totally channeled his inner-Emery and beat the crap out of Lundqvist.

Everything else sucked though.

Positive thought of the night

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Petes just won back-to-back-to-back games. Three games, three days, two different cities. Misshy was in nets for all three. Good job guys!

Also, Philippe had three assists tonight (and the Voltigeurs blew a three goal lead in the third period before eventually winning in a shootout).

Yeah... let's just deal with the positives, okay? 'cause we could be here all night if we wanted to be negative...

I do believe I love the OHL

Alrighty, it was my first - and mostly last - OHL game of the year tonight. The purpose of said trip to Ottawa was to see Misshy. Yes, I trekked all the way to Ottawa to see a baby Hab.

But before we get to Misshy, you get to hear all about the game and all that lovely stuff!

First, no pics because I stupidly left my camera at home by accident. Yes, I had a fit when I realized it while I was half way to Ottawa.....

Second, I want to say that I LOVE this arena. I love it. It's a really nice arena. It's kinda weird because there's a short side and a not short side. Basically half of the building slopes away so on one half you only have a few rows of seating, while on the other half you have a ton of seating. Apparently they nicknamed the lower half "the asylum" because it can get a little crazy down there (I got to witness some of this when the Petes took a time out in OT and the fans behind the bench started whacking drums. I dont' get the point of this  but it was amusing). I stayed on the not short side where the views are better.

Also, I have to hand it to Ottawa. At least for tonight, the 67s had a really solid number of fans. Was very impressed to see the turnout for the game. My Hammies and Juniors envy you (my Juniors also want to trade buildings with you). I guess it's easier just to go to a 67s game than to trek out to KANATA where The Cave is (yes, I just dissed the Sens). The atmosphere was great (was very entertained by the group of people behind me. I could tell how much they had been drinking by the number of swear words they kept adding to their conversation. Not to mention the conversation made no sense by the end of the game).

If all OHL teams have this kind of support - and I know a lot of them do - then wow... the OHL is awesome. It's up to you, Voltigeurs to restore my love for the Q in February. Right now, I'm loving the OHL. Anyone feel like funding a trip to Kingston to see the Frontenacs/Petes next week? Hmmmmm?

A few complaints though (because I'm me and I need to complain sometimes): 1) I hate their cheer. "Let's go Siiixiiiity-Seeveeens let's go!" (I can't even describe properly how annoying it was) is the most annoying and catchiest cheer around. GUH. 2) get those cheerleaders out of there. Even they looked embarrassed to be there. 3) They need do something better about their entertainment in-between periods. Having random kids "sing" for a reason that I couldn't understand because the MC guy was having trouble speaking was just annoying. As was the group of well....they weren't exactly "scantily clad" dancers, but they were on the ice in freaking heels and they were waving pom poms and they looked stupid. They kept falling on the ice too. For a team that makes their zamboni drivers wear helmets (not lying) letting these girls out there in heels is just stupid. Get them out of there.



It was pretty funny looking at the goalies. Misshy is huge while the 67s goalie is... well.. not. Misshy could kneel down and still be at the same height as Perugini (and yes, I just now looked up Perugini's height. He's generously listed at 5'10). I figured if Misshy dropped the gloves with Perugini, he could just step on him and squash him.

Anyway, the game got off to a good start. It was evident that the Petes had played last night (they won 5-1 against Belleville at home). Their passes were a little off and they just seemed a little tired. Still, shots were even after the first period with the Petes enjoying a 1-0 lead. Heelis scored while Perugini was being obstructed by his own player. Hey, I can't help it if the guy's teammates want to help out the Petes.

It was really only a matter of time before the 67s scored though. And they did about 5 mins into the second period. Someone's head was in my way so I didn't get a great view, it but looked like Misshy wasn't hugging the post enough. That or he misplayed his angles and the puck went into the far corner. Like I said, someone's head was in my way and I missed the replay (oh yes, we get nice replays at the Urbandale Centre). I was also distracted by the incredibly ugly goal horn. I've never heard anything so ugly in all my brief time as a hockey fan. Hands down, the ugliest goal horn ever. ANYWAY.... A minute later, Breen got what looked like a kinda weak goal on Peruguni (I gotta be honest, I kept reading "Penguin" when I looked at the back of his jersey). The Petes were sort of controlling the play and one just shot the puck at the net. It must have deflected in or else Peruguni was totally not ready for that shot. Anyway, weak goal made it 2-1 for the Petes. Apparently holding leads is not the Petes thing however. Just a minute after that, the 67s score again. I really blocked this one from memory so I don't know what happened here. Pretty sure it went glove side on a pretty much half open net. I can tell you I was worried about the Petes at this point because they were looking drained. Officially, the 67s had outshot the Petes 18-9. Despite the two goals he let in, Misshy was making some big stops too. Essentially, he was the reason why his team was not losing.

In fact! his team started winning again in the third period. Larson had a gorgeous goal when Perugini imitated a penguin and flopped all around his crease and Larson skated around him and popped the puck into the back of the net. Whoo! Fast forward until the end of the game. There's just over two mins left. The Petes get a PP. Great chance to put the game away, right? Right. Well, it was PP fail night as neither team had scored on the PP and the Petes failed. No big deal. They still controlled the play and time was winding down.... Okay so the 67s got to pull their goalie. No biggie. Someone just needs to shoot the puck down the ice, hit the empty net and.... miss the net and get the icing call? Not what I had in mind, boys. So the 67s get an offensive zone faceoff with just 7 seconds left in the game. The Petes just had to hang on for 7 seconds. How hard would that be? Riiight, well, you see, the Petes weren't holding any leads tonight. It was amazing that they had held this lead for as long as they did. Well, the 67s won the faceoff, controlled the play,everyone crowded Misshy and he couldn't control the puck and............ blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! went that damn goal horn and it was a tied game. There went my hopes of leaving Ottawa early.

OT was stressful as the 67s enjoyed a PP. Thankfully some more PP fail and some nice defensive and Misshy kept the puck out of the net. Shootout time.

I didn't think that Misshy would do well. I'll explain more why after, but he's not great at this whole movement thing. Anyway, as it turned out, Misshy stopped two of the 67s players while another one shot the puck wide. On the other end Spooner scored and Perugini sorta stopped Daley. As Flandersdude would say: do the math and the Petes won the game.

YAAAAAAAAAAY! Ole ole ole! Ole ole ole!

My totally NON-expert opinion of Misshy

Obviously Misshy isn't a puny guy. He's a bloody giant out there. As such, it's not a surprise that movement is one area that needs work. He doesn't move as well as some the other guys out there. There were a couple of instances where he had to make a diving sprawl to get from one post to the other. Looked great, but it shouldn't have been needed. Yes, goalies get caught out of position, but Misshy was getting caught more often that I would have liked (hey, at least he gets support from his defense).

I wasn't happy with his puck control tonight. I'm not talking rebounds. I'm talking actual control. There were about half a dozen times when he had the puck, seemed in control, and lost the puck. This wouldn't be too bad if the puck wasn't somehow landing about a foot away from him. Picture that big mistake by Jake at the Worlds. Misshy has control issues like that. They didn't really cost him too much (well, I think if he had controlled the puck better at the end of the game, I wouldn't have had to stress out over OT and a shootout but that goal was not just his fault) but that's something to think about.

Also, I've never noticed a goalie where the pucks seemed to bounce off him and straight up into the air before. It's hard to explain but it seemed quite a few pucks bounced off him and went straight up, leaving everyone to scramble for it. I noticed on one occasion he tried to deflect the puck off his arm and instead of bouncing away, it went straight up and he was forced to catch it with his glove (rather reminiscent of baseball players catching the ball). I don't know if this always happens with him and I don't know how this can be fixed. If it happened once or even twice, I wouldn't be concerned. But it happened at least three maybe four times. It left everyone scrambling for the puck right in front of his net and on at least one of the times it nearly plopped into the back of the net.

While I think the second 67s goal actually went in glove side, Misshy does have a glove hand (unlike Vesa on most nights) and it did work. He had a few really nice glove saves.

Despite some of the technical issues, he kept the Petes in the game. Particularly in the second period where the 67s completely dominated the game.

YAY no Colts for me!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks to Grrrreg for alerting me to this article. The important bit:

Barrie also added goaltender Mavric Parks from the Kitchener Rangers shortly before Monday's deadline. Parks will battle with Peter Di Salvo for the starting job, but will watch from the bench Thursday as Di Salvo gets the nod against Windsor.

Finnish goaltender Petteri Simila, who was acquired as part of the Pietrangelo trade with Niagara, will head home. Dalton McGrath, who had been Di Salvo's backup, will join a Colts affiliate team.

So that eliminates one team for me. Also.. who calls their kid Mavric?

Hammies vs Monsters - We're sick and tired of this team already

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pre-game stuffs

  • Guy sounds like he's been shouting a lot. Oh wait. He has. 
  • I think I could've written this up before listening to this... Guy wasn't happy at all with the team, etc, etc, etc, etc.... 
  • Sad to say, but the Habs could use more of Guy's thinking that Martin's "oh yeah, everything is fine and dandy and if it isn't then I'm going to bagskate them all...." mentality. 
  • Flandersdude speaks for all when he says he's sick and tired of the Monsters. 
First period
  • Oh nooooooooo it's KOHARSKI reffing. We're already screwed. 
  • Sanford and Carle are back tonight. 
  • White already hits the post. This better not be the night of hitting the posts. On the bright side, at least they tried to score. 
  • Observation of the night: If you add a "t" at the end of Stoa's name you get Stoat. You know... stoats are related to weasels...or ferrets... I always thought ferrets were kinda cute. Unlike Stoa. 
  • Michael Busto was sent to the Elmira Jackals? Not the Cycs....? Oh and this is the first time I've heard anyone mention Busto's name all season....... 
  •  Uhoh... Guy is going to kill them...... Hammies standing around while some Monsters thingy rips it past Sanford.....*hides* 0-1... 
  • YAY! Maxwell doesn't want to die tonight. He scores on the PP! (Flandersdude was too busy talking about something else to yell..... )  1-1
Second period
  • Stupid observation of the night: Koharski sucks 
  • hdjkhasdjkashjkashjkdashdkjh 2-1
  • Guy is going to kill the Hammies...
  • Weber is trying to die. He takes a ridiculously stupid penalty. 
  • Hammies nearly score short handed. One of them gets clobbered. Koharski looks to call a penalty and then doesn't. 
  • Maybe Guy will kill Koharski with his death glare?
  • Guy is going to kill the Hammies. 3-1 MONSTERS.
  • I know the Hammies are stinking it up right now, but damnit, all these no-calls by Koharski are killing the game for the Hammies. 
  • Sad to say too... the Hammies have outshot the twerps too...
  • Ref you suck! Ref you suck! 
  • Guy is still going to kill the Hammies... 
  • Ref you suck! Ref you suck! Ref you suck!  
  • This period sucked. Guy is going to kill them. If I don't kill them first. These sucky second periods are very annoying. 
Third period
  • Apparently Koharski can count. Monsters get a penalty for too many men on the ice. 
  • Hoping the Hammies score so the parents can hear Flandersdude go crazy. 
  • (Bleeping) Weiman robs Darche... 
  • Ref you suck! 
  • Every time Flandersdude says Stoa's name say "FIE ON STOA". 
  • Some wallpaper thing is sponsoring the third periods? That could explain a lot........... 
  • Flandersdudeism of the night: Darche skates past that bouncing biscuit (really, "bouncing biscuit"?) 
  • Carle injured???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Okay. PP. Make it count, Hammies. 
  • ... okay don't. 
  • Damn, you know, this team needs Jordan Eberle if they have a hope in hell of tying this game up. WE NEED EBERLE. 
  • Hammies are outshooting the Monsters 40-19. Yup. Guy is going to kill them. 
  • Sure, give Trotter the penalty when you've missed like half a dozen infractions against the Hammies. Ref you suck. 
  • guh............ Look, I know Sanford needed to play a game sooner or later... but he's let in two bad goals tonight..... 4-2 Monsters. 
  • HOLY CRAP WHITE! 4-3! 
  • Sanford is out of the net. 
  • Guh. Empty netter. 5-3 Hammies say the Monsters were offside. They're giving the ref shit now. 
  • Guy is going to kill them. At least the Bears lost too. 
  • Oh and I hate the damn Monsters. 
  • Final thought of the net: Hey, look Flandersdude does swear. At least in his mind anyway: "We'll play the highlights of the end of the game. It was kind of a cluster......um......something." Riiiiighto. Clustersomething. Uhuh. Al says it was a cluster of peanuts (some peanut thing apparently "sponsors" the plays of the game). Now I want to know what he's saying right now. Bet some of it isn't family friendly :D

5 things

  1. Well, it wasn't quite a bagskate... actually, it was probably a lot more productive than those stupid bagskates. Anyway, Guy gave the Hammies hell for being crappy the other night. He even kicked PK out of the practice at one point (lesson learned: never a break a stick and then to proceed to accidently almost hit your coach with the broken pieces of said stick. Particularly when your coach is in a very bad mood to begin with). For their sake, they better win tonight.............

  2. Speaking of the Hammies... they're working on a new lease with Copps Coliseum. Boo. I actually think Copps Coliseum is probably waaaaay too big for them. I mean really, it seats 17,000 people or something and they only get 2 or 3 thousand people on  most nights? If Copps Coliseum is anything like The Cave, then the atmosphere is probably deader than the Whalercanes playoff chances. Also, I don't like the NHL clause in the lease. The last lease said that if Hamilton was to get an NHL team, they could kick the Hammies out without any real notice. I really don't like that.....obviously.

  3. I'm already getting tired of hearing about Taylor Hall and the Draft.....if my team doesn't have a chance of drafting him then forget it. I don't want to know.

  4. You know that CHL top prospects thing that nobody is going to watch (including sadly, me because I will be watching the Habs lose in person)? Well, two of my guys will be there. IceDogs goalie Mark Visentin will be there as will Aubry! No idea why Aubry will be there, but he will be there so nyah!

  5. Potatoes are the most awesome food in the world, okay? 

Oh and... what the hell Bradley?!

Jeez..... I don't understand why Ovie can't fight (and the general thoughts from both the Caps and the Caps fan is that Ovie shouldn't be fighting). Hey, if The Crysob can "fight" then Ovie can too. Okay that was a bad example... hang on... okay, if Ilya can fight so can Ovie! Hey, I just noticed that in both examples it's a Panther getting beat up. 

Hammies vs Monsters - are we done playing this team yet?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gawd, it feels like the Hammies have only been playing the Monsters and the Griffins lately. Oh wait.. four of the last six games have been against the Monsters or Griffins. And the Hammies are playing the Monsters again on Wednesday and the Griffins on Saturday (and those Amerks on Friday). Who did this stupid schedule?!!!! Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... D:

First period

  • Hi Sanford warming the bench! Mayer was getting bored of sitting on the bench, I guess. 
  • Someone scooooooores on the PP! Flanderdude says it's Darche. PA guy says it's Jojo. Darche appears to say it's Jojo. Al says it's Darche. Doesn't matter! Hammies up 1-0!
  • Oohhhh Monster down........ this could take a while to clean up..... 
  • Stewie just steamrollered over a Monster. HAHAH. Don't worry, this one lived. 
  • Oh looky. Another PP!
  • Brrrrrrrrrock Trotter!!!!!!!!! 2-0. Everyone agrees that it's Trotter :D 
  • So.... Darche gets hit in the face and David goes to the box? Uhuh.... that's some flawed logic, yo... 
  • "Lake Erie are shooting themselves in the foot again and again and again" - Flandersdude as the Monsters keep coughing up the puck to the Hammies in their own zone. 
  • It's smash a Hammie in the face night, apparently. Monsters going to the box for whacking Trotter in the face now. 
  • Stupid Weiman is keeping the Monsters in this game. GUH. 
  • Wes O'Neill needs to be punched. It's only fair after he keeps trying to decapitate my Hammies. 
  • Aie aie aie.... Teddy stops a breakaway. 
  • Monsters should thank their goalie it's not 6-0. 
Second period
  • oh wait... we're on the PK? How'd I miss that? 
  • and now Henry is going off............. HEY WAKE UP HAMMIES. 
  • hdakjsdhakjsdhaksjdhaksdh 2-1........
  • Hark! A penalty for the Monsters. 
  • This is not a pretty period
  • Random thought of the hour: I have a new appreciation for food photography. 
  • Flandersdude and Al would like to remind us how awful the jerseys are of the Monsters are. Apparently the numbers are screwey to the point where a 2 can look like an 8. 
  • Most exciting thing thus far: Monsters almost score on themselves. 
  • Posts have saved the Hammies TWICE now. 
  • Is this period over yet? Guy wants to glare at the team now. 
  • Teddy is giving the refs crap for not calling a goalie interference penalty. You tell them!
  • Darche with the Hammies first real attempt at a goal. Basically did all the work to almost get a goal and then got robbed. Boo. 
Intermission doodad thingy
  • Neilson is a chatter box :D 
  • I think he should totally get himself a career as a play by play guy when he retires. 
  • Oh, Neilson played in Mooski with the Crysob? 
  • ...and he's STILL talking.... I'm not used to hockey players talking 1) without saying "uh" every two seconds and 2) talking this much. 
Third period
  • guh... wrists are sore... making typing every amusing thing Flandersdude says very difficult D: 
  • wake up Hammies... wake up!!!!!!!!! 
  • no... not Monsters beat up Russel.... at least Benoit is standing up for Russel. 
  • Al says Hammies aren't getting to enough lose pucks. Al is right. 
  • I hate Stoa. 2-2. 
  • apparently they don't cut to commercials on an icing call. 
  • ummmm apparently this is going to OT.........
  • missed it because I was out walking the dogs............Monsters scored while on the PP. ICK. The Hammies probably deserve to lose it for falling asleep in the third period though. 
  • Revenge time on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!
Post-game thought
  • So apparently Abbotsford had their play by play booth thingy in the middle of nowhere. Then they moved it to a better location. Although apparently now Flandersdude will have to sit with a pile of other people. How'd you like to be the guy sitting beside Flandersdude when he yells "and they scoooooooooooore"? Hehehe. 
  • Hark! Flandersdude isn't being pessimistic tonight. Must be because Al feels like being optimistic and it's rubbing off on everyone. 

Voltigeurs on tv!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Voltigeurs made a super rare appearance on TV! Somehow their game against the Rocket got broadcasted on all the Sportnet channels and RDS tonight. Only thing is.. the Sportsnet AND RDS had the game on tape delay. Sportsnet because they were playing the stupid Sens game and RDS because they had some faily football game on. BAH. But I did get to watch the game!

Philippe: Hey looky! We're on TV!!
Dumont: I can't see.. your head is in my way...

  • Wow. Jake in a Voltigeurs jersey is weeeeeeeeeeeird. He still has his Juniors mask though, which made him look even weirder. 
  • I see you Dumont playing on a line with Sean and.... hey, you're not Mr. Captain Vachon. Who are you? Brunelle is that you?
  • Drummondville now has two ex-Juniors. Jake and Toni Ritter (who is arrived in  Drummondville from Shawinigan). 
  • Well, that would have been a goal for Sean but Dumont knocked the puck out of Mosher's hands or something... no goal... pooh
  • Oooooooooof that could have been a brutal give away by Jake. Way too similar to that giveaway at the Worlds... 
  • Ayeyeye... he's lucky the puck just skidded across the crease there. Poor Jake. 
  • Is it just me or does Sean tower over most of the other players? He certainly seems to tower over Dumont. 
  • PHILIPPE WITH A GOAL (that counts!). Seeeeeeeee? Jake did listen to me and he must have kicked Philipe when he arrived in Drummondville. YAY Philippe! Also... When did Mr. Captain Vachon get re-demoted to the second line? I like him playing on the same line as Philippe. Philippe manages to score goals when he plays on the same line as Mr. Captain Vachon. 
  • This Mosher guy is annoying me. Let in another goal already.... 
  • Jake looks better now. Mind you.. he's bored out of his mind. Welcome to Drummondville, Jake. Home of the team that will outshoot opposition 40-10. 
  • Still... the Voltigeurs are totally controlling the play for the most part. Almost enough to make you almost feel bad for PEI. Almost. 
  • Very nice PK by Dumont and Mr. Captain Vachon. They spent the entire time in the Rocket's zone! 
  • So I walked away for a bit towards the end of the second period and apparently I missed.. Dumont scoring!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO! BABY HABS FOR THE WIN TONIGHT! 
  • Um... I also missed the Rocket dude scoring. I think this is the guy who got his face smashed up by Hotte earlier in the game (and this is despite the fact that he was wearing a full cage on his helmet). 
  • Comtois scooooooooooooores! 3-1 Voltigeurs now!
  • SCRUM! What the hell is Lacroix (PEI guy) doing though? He keeps whacking the face protector thingy of Landry's helmet. He's not punching it. He's whacking it with the palm of his hands. Kinda how people slam on a door or a window, you know? It's almost like he's going "hello?! Anyone in there?" Landry's is probably wondering if Lacroix took fighting lessons from Semin.... It's really hilariously stupid. 
  • Oh dear...... Someone named Dylan C. Capstick (yes, that's his name) wants to fight Dumont now. Refs say no, but kick them both out anyway. Dumont's like "whatever". 
  • Game over! Group hug for Jake. Whoo!
  • That sound you heard is Piche sobbing because he's now officially out of a starting job. Again. 

In other news....

  • Juniors smash up The Acadie-Bathurst Titan(s) 6-1. Baby Marcoux gets the win. Apparently this is his second win of the season. I thought it was his first for some reason. I guess he must have won back when Jake was away for training camp? Good for him though! He finally got to stop being an itty bitty little bench warmer and got to be an itty bitty little goalie instead tonight. YAY! 
  • Tardif is now failing in Quebec. Shawinigan beat Quebec 4-0. Domingue actually had to finish the game for Tardif. Heheheheh..... 
  • Niagara (still following them, yes) lost a close one to the Kitchener Rangers. I would have listened to some of the game but both radio feeds decided not to work so I couldn't listen to the game. BOOO on faily Ontario radio feeds. BOO. 

Enough with the Price vs Halak stuff

If there is one thing that has been driving me absolutely up the wall these days, it's this Price vs Halak "arguments". I often see people blindly complaining or bashing one goalie while holding up the other as kind of saint. Quite honestly, it's stupid and I'm getting very tired of it. 

I don't know when or why the fans divided themselves into Team Price and Team Halak. You don't have to like both goalies (personally, I like both of them a lot), but I dont' see any reason for people to mindlessly bash the other one. It's one thing to say that Halak is playing great. That's perfectly fine and true. But to call Price an AHL goalie in the same sentence is ridiculous. Price may not be playing up to the incredibly high standards that everyone has set for him, but he is not an AHL goalie. 

Montreal is blessed to have two goalies who have been playing pretty solid hockey on most nights. Heck, on most nights the goalies have been the only ones to show up to a game and gave their team every chance to win. There's a lot of teams that can't say the same about their goalies. Ask the Flyers or the Leafs (particularly when Toskala is in nets). We should be happy to have two solid guys between the pipes instead of sitting here ripping one or the other on a nightly basis. 

Hammies drop Griffins

Saturday, January 9, 2010

There is nothing nicer than beating the team that beat you in the playoffs. After that 7-3 pasting of the Griffins, the Hammies came back and pasted them 5-2. It was nice.

Gluuu FINALLY snapped his second? third? fourth? Fifth? goaless streak and scored two goals and ended the two with four points! And no, David didn't get one assist on Gluu's goals. I'm both shocked and totally happy for Gluu. Yay! Here's hoping his BFF isn't too upset about it.

Gluu came THIS close to getting a hat trick but he couldn't put it into the empty net so... Brrrrock Trotter who already had two goals put it in the empty net instead. Hat trick for Trotter! YAY!

Actually, the only ugly thing was Teddy coughing up the puck when he showed everyone that he can't really stick handle the puck. The gaffe resulted in the Griffins second goal... Someone please teach the goalies in the system how to stick handle the puck. PLEASE. Everyone in the system needs to have lessons. Except for Price.

On a whole it was nice. I just need the Hershey Bears to lose in regulation time so the Hammies can have a chance at catching up to them. Flandersdude and I agree that it would be nice if the Hammies finished the year on top of the league.

A few other things....

  • Juniors lose 4-2 to the Sea Dogs. We should be thankful that the score was this close. Thank you Berube. No thanks to the Sea Dogs play by play guys who annoyed the crap out of me. 
  • Lake Erie totally own the Amerks right now. 

5 things

1) It's not officially a brawl unless the goalies get involved.... not that the goalies got involved in this one...

I mean.....it's still amusing to watch. But you need Emery to beat the crap out of Biron for it to be a brawl... I'm still entertained by that brawl.... And yeah, the game in Russia got suspended because they didn't have enough players to continue playing :D

2) So I saw this thing that was talking about attendance in the Q this year. Apparently the Remparts average over 11,000 per game.

I know Quebec had an NHL and an AHL team before. I know they want an NHL team back. I know Quebec City is situated on a cliff in the middle of nowhere.... and yes, I know Patrick Roy probably helps with attendance for the sheer fact that he is well, Patrick Roy.

But WOW those are a lot of people going to a QMJHL game o.O Before you say it, I know, I know. Most buildings don't have 15,000 seats. Verdun Auditorium only seats just under 4,000 people. But that's still an insane number. The Hammies' building seats 17,000 or so people and they're happy if they get 7,000 people (which they almost never do). Poor things...

3) What is what less confusing? Have Pyatt on the ice at the same time as Pyett? Or having Wyman shoot the puck only to have Weiman making the save?

4) your daily puke: "I've coached for 30 yrs, there's no question that Halak is the quicker, faster more agile goalie. Price is an AHL goalie" - someone calling into the Team990.

5) apparently over 100 players were traded in the Q between Dec. 19 to the trade deadline on...January.....6th was it?

What the dog err tired EP hears

Friday, January 8, 2010

People like to joke around by saying if their dogs here when they talk is "blah blah blah food blah blah blah walk blah blah blah cookie blah blah blah walk blah blah blah..." Well, I promise you my dogs know more than that but getting to the point, this is how an exhausted EP heard tonight's Hammies game:

Blah blah blah Desjardins makes a save.. blah blah blah Desjardins makes another save... blah blah blah Hammies with a shot on goal... blah blah blah powerplay for the Monsters... blah blah blah Stoa to the box (sleepy EP note: what the heck is a Stoa? Sounds like a Moa.Only less scary).... blah blah blah first period over.... blah blah blah AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!! (not-so-sleepy-EP note: Dude, I should totally record Flandersdude yelling after the Hammies score and use it for an alarm. WOW). blah blah blah.... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz...... blah blah blah penalty for the Monsters... Hammies hang on for about a minute to the puck without anyone blowing the whistle... blah blah blah... AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not-so-sleepy EP note: whaaaaa? YAY!!!!!!! *goes back to sleep*). blah blah blah EP note: did you know that Chad Anderson's nickname is Andy? Isn't that super creative? About as creative as Frederic St. Denis' being "Freddy". I like Anderson though. blah blah blah and they score...... (EP note: ooof..... you suck Monsters.... ).  blah blah blah Desjardins is down (EP note: Who ran into my goalie?! WHO?! And who is the ref in charge of this game who sent the HAMMIES off for a penalty? Idiot).  blah blah blah Flandersude: the end of this game is going to be great! Al: *yawns* (EP note: erm.... yeah... you and me both, Al.... *yawns*)  blah blah blah  Weiman gets pulled.... blah blah blah AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!! (EP note: yay Darche! I think it was you Darche. I don't know. I just heard "and they scooooooooooore"). blah blah blah Game over! (EP note: YAY! *falls asleep*)

Oh and....
  • the Colts want everyone to know that they lost 5-1 to Kingston tonight.
  •  Niagara had a third period implosion and lost to the Knights 6-3
  • Petes lost 4-3 to the Generals in OT. 
  • Juniors demolished the Mooseheads 4-1. Yay! 
  • Dumont had his requisite goal and a penalty and actually had another goal afterwards. Randazzo scored the OT winner. Voltigeurs win 3-2 over Scandella's team (and no, Scandella wasn't there). 

Well, that didn't last long....

Niagara traded Alex Pietrangelo, some other guy and SIMILA to the Barrie Colts today.

This is a huge pity because I was starting to like Niagara. They have some good play by play guys and their PA is a lot less annoying than the Pete's PA guy. Oh well. Simila going to Barrie means that we'll just have to follow the Colts instead of the IceDogs. I feel kinda bad (particularly because unlike everyone else, the Colts are actually a good team and I always feel guilty abandoning a bad team for a good team) but hey, the OHL comes second third fourth in my heart so I maybe I shouldn't feel too bad......? It's not like I'm cheering for Windsor or anything..... I mean... the Colts are only second in the OHL.... with... only 27 games above .500..... I mean... I know Niagara hasn't even won 27 games but..... yeah..... poor Niagara!!! I wuvs you little faily IceDogs!!! D:

Also... I just realized that we have a huge problem.

The Colts don't really wear red.

I mean.. they have a tiny bit of red.... like SUPER tiny......

So. Do I do I really have to dump the IceDogs for the Colts? D: D: D: I'll add a poll and you can vote. Depending on the results, I may or may not listen to you *G*

In which EP makes an important discovery

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apparently I can't easily actively follow four teams at once. Really.

It started off okay with the Petes and the Caps on the radio and TV at 7.

Then the Habs and the Voltigeurs came on at 7:30.

Then I lost my mind because I didn't just turn off the Caps and the Petes. I kept switching back in-between periods.


At one point someone walked in and asked me the score. My response? "Habs up 1-0, Caps up 4-1 on a goal by Pie (danm, now I want the pie you can eat), Voltigeurs failing epically (well, no, not epically. They know now to fail epically for real but this isn't pretty either), Petes only down a goal now as opposed to two, Niagara losing...... wait... one sec.... hang on.... damnit, load you stupid OHL site! Okay! They are losing... 1-0... no.. 2-0... no, 2-1".


All this is to say... Don't ask for any great insights into the games.

Let's deal with these teams in order of least faily-ness.

Caps win 5-2 

I think I hate the Sens almost as much as I hate the Leafs. Thus, seeing the Caps score 5 goals (and I did see most of them) was beautiful. Pie had two nice goals, Ovie finally scored on his third or whatever breakaway. Leclaire decided to put on a clinic on how to play your angles. Thanks Leclaire. I appreciate the demonstration actually.

Habs win 2-0

Of course right when I write up the generic writeup they switch it up a bit. They didn't get outshot, they didn't spend hours in the penalty box, they didn't blow the lead.... They weren't playing inspiring and exciting hockey either though. Whatever. Poo scored in the first period and the boys hung on to the lead until Gio put the puck into the empty net. Okay, Poo, so you're an upgrade over the French Marshmallow. So maybe... just maybe... we need to consider a new name for you. Maybe. Anyone got any ideas on what we should be dubbing Poo now?

IceDogs win 4-2


Petes lose 6-3 

Booooo. It wasn't pretty..... losing 6-3 at home makes it even uglier. D: I actually missed most of the third period because the radio died. The feed was fine but the radio died. Wonderful.

Voltigeurs lose 5-1 

Well... at least they weren't at home? By the end the Drummondville guys were like "Where's Jake Allen?". Ouch..................... at least Dumont scored? And was sitting in the box for the go ahead goal............. GUH.

Holy hockey gods do they ever trade a lot in the Q

I can't keep up with all the trades right now. Damn you trade freeze followed by the trade deadline which means all the trades only become official right around the deadline.

After they traded Jake, the Juniors also traded Dion to Cape-Breton (where yes, he did try to punch Gouchie last night), Wall to Moncton (Juniors get Dillon Donnelly) and Levasseur to the Cucumbers (for some draft pick).

A brief picspam of my baby Juniors who are off to potentially bigger and better things:



(apparently I don't have a better pic of Wall).

(I'm still amused by this pic of Levasseur. You might need to look at a bigger version to see how funny he looks with his mouth-guard sticking out of his mouth :D)

I'd picspam Tardif as well 'cause the guy was traded from Drummondville to Victoriaville to Mooski, but yeah, we're not friends so no picspam of him. Also, I should post a picture of me glaring at Team Roy because they look kind of scary right now. Booo Remparts. BOOO. Do. Not. Like.

I'm going to need to go see them when they get back from down east so I'll have a more updated version of their team (including a better picture of baby Marcoux).

Hammies: they understand the term "puck possession"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

......Which is more than I can say for Martin. Once again, he says it's "pretty obvious that we're trying to play a puck possession game". Obviously his idea of puck possession means the opposing team controls the puck in the Habs zone and get half a gazillion shots off.

The Hammies on the other hand, understand that "puck possession" means THEY have to control the puck. We have such a smart bunch of Hammies, I tell you. The completely dominated the first period - and had nothing to show for it on the scoreboard. They then looked like crap in the second period (which means yes, they gave up a goal. Oh the shame and horror!) before PK tied it up. I was almost sleep when Flandersdude started yelling. White or David scored a super ugly goal after that and then White put one into the empty net.

YAY! As nice as I'm sure it sort of was to see Don and Ron back, it's nicer to have the Hammies win! =)

And.... Flandersdude is getting grumpy. He managed to dis two teams while also taking a(nother) swipe at the lack of people at the game. And I accused the Screaming Eagles guys of being grouchy. Boo. Stop crabbing about the attendance. I know it sucks but stop crabbing about it.


Hello Juniors! I've missed you D: Finally got to catch a bit of their game tonight. First time in a long time I've actually been able to catch one of their games.

By the time I remembered that they were playing, they were midway through the second period. Surprisingly enough, they were up 3-1 and GOOOcheeeee added another one. I was stuck with the Screaming Eagles guys. They're very negative and very grumpy. They also amused me by asking if Eli was one of the import players. They wondered if he was Russian. Having been there and done that, I can laugh at them. Dear people, Eli's name may sound Russian, but he's very muchly Israeli/Canadian. Thanks for thinking he's one of those awesome Russians though.

Oh and Xavi's back. Yay!