Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 4: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Okay so maybe all that excitement I was feeling after my Voltigeurs downed the Tigres was really because I knew that today was HAMMIES DAY!! HAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEES! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

Okay.... Um yeah.... Hammies got to play the Yucky Phantoms. I actually passed through Glenn Falls when I went to DC. Forgot to waive to the Phantoms at the time because I didn't even know that they played in Glenn Falls. Anyway....

HAMMIES. I went totally squealy. I admit it. I think I love my Hammies more than I did back in November even. THEY WERE RIGHT THERE. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*calms down*

Okay. The game. It got off to a tentative start. The poor Hammies seem to get spoked when they have more than 2,000 people cheering for them. Poor things. The poor Hammies weren't shooting the puck and they just seemed to get stuck in their own zone throughout most of the first period (St. Denis tried to hide out in the penalty box early on in the first period). The SOG seemed to be perpetually stuck at 2 for the poor Hammies. I tried to see if I could hear Guy yelling at them but it was too noisy to hear. He was pretty animated though ;D If we were fearing a repeat of November's game against the Bingy Sens, we really feared for not. PYATT scored with a couple of mins left in the period. WHOOOO! (Pyatt doesn't want to get yelled at during the first break).

Second period was a kinda ugly. Trotter did score within seconds of the second period opening up which was SUPER great. But then it was a party to the penalty box. Maxwell, PK and Stewie all headed off to the box within a four minute span. It was very frustrating after seeing my Voltigeurs spend a lot of the night in the penalty box last night to see the Hammies hiding away in the penalty box too. Poop. Thankfully Teddy was super focused and the PK (THE PK not PK) was either on fire or the Phantoms' PP stunk big time because there were no goals from the Baby Yucky Flyers. The Phantoms made it nice though at the end of the second period though when they coughed up the puck to Trotter who really had no choice but to score (well, okay, so really, Mr. Flyer Goalie Guy should probably have stopped that one, but whatever. We take all the goals that we can get). There were a few posts in there. Really, the Bell Centre posts are fat. We like fat posts when it's the opposing team hitting them, but not so much when it's the Hammies ringing them off the iron.

Moving right along.... Apparently Gluuu went to the penalty box so Pyatt and Stevenson could look SUPER awesome on a short handed breakaway. Yup. Yup. Yup. I like short handed goals. well, when MY teams are scoring them. Not when the stupid Tigres are scoring them (AHEM). But yeah. It was a very pretty goal. Bwahaha... And really... when was the last time Stevenson scored? Oh... in their last game? Okay, but before that? And with five mins left, the Hammies got a PP and..... THEY SCOOOOOOOOOORE! Pyatt again! WHOOHOOOO! That's 5-0 in case you're wondering.

Ole ole ole! Ole! Ole! Hammies say "suck it losing streak at the Bell Centre!!! We win!!!!!"

Hugpile of EPIC win!

EP is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that her Hockey Week got to end in total WIN. Actually, it was all WIN (except for the stupid 67s but meh on them). Picspam of epic win coming up soon!


  • Okay so I actually had to walk around the stupid huge scoreboard thingy to see where the media guys were sitting and after squinting a whole lot, I did see where Flandersdude was :D 
  • I never realized how funny it was to watch the opposing team's coaches walking across the ice trying not to slip and die. Don't worry... nobody died.... 
  • I could watch Guy yell at the Hammies all day :D He's almost as entertaining to watch as the Hammies.
  • Pics are here.  


Shan said...

YAYYYY Hammies!

and now you're in time for Canada-US.

Though you missed Ovieraptor wrecking Jagr. If that doesn't make a Caps fan happy, nothing will.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I SAW OVIE WRECKING JAGR. OMG. That was such a gorgeous hit *nods*

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