Thursday, February 25, 2010


SLOVAKIA BEAT SWEDEN! THAT MEANS JARO (and I guess Chara....and Gaborik....and Hossa....) WINS! EEEEEEE! JARO. 


I hate you Canada though.... You smack down my second favorite player in a seriously embarrassing fashion and now you're going to try to smack my favorite goalie - my favorite player too - around?!?! BAH. 

I don't approve. I don't approve at all. Not. One. Bit. 


Shan said...

Maybe you ought to try to find a Canadian to support?

I know Halak rules, but Luongo is pretty awesome too. I found myself shoutin Luuuuuu at the screen. He's a good goalie, cap'n canuck, from Quebec. Plus he's way out in the other conference not interfering with the Habs or Caps. What else d'ya need?

Dave said...

Or you could root for the US... (okay, okay, I know that's not going to happen)

I was actually kind of relieved - Russia getting knocked out means I have no hesitation in rooting for the US - although I think if it comes down to a US-Canada final, Canada is going to clean their clock.

Looks like Ovie is okay so we came out pretty much injury free - that was my main hope for this tournament.

Current and former Caps still in it yesterday morning - 5 current Caps, 7 players who used to be Caps, 1 ex-coach, 1 ex-player/now GM, 1 ex-player/now coach.

Still standing - 0 current players, 3 former players and 2 in management. Kind of a brutal day for Caps fans (we only hold a grudge against one of our former players in the Olympics... let's just say that while I feel bad for Flash, I'm glad the Czech Republic is out.)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Shan - Meh, Luu's okay too, I guess. He's not Jaro though :D

Dave - Sorry..... it's nothing personal.... I love my USA friends butbutbutbut your team..... it's coached by RON WILSON and has PHIL KESSEL on it. AND MILLER. I really started hating Miller when he single-handedly beat the Caps earlier this year :D

Glad Ovie seems okay. He's going to come back to the NHL and pound everyone like he pounded Jagr :D

Yeah, we only have one very awesome Hab and one very awesome ex-Hab left =(

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