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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look. We don't do football around here. I really dislike the game with a passion. However, every year on Superbowl day my dad becomes an avid football fan (which is followed by forgetting that the sport ever existed). It's quite hilarious actually. Apparently he thought it was just as hilarious that I was completely ignorant of the game.

Instead of annoying you all with a post that would go something like "OMG OVIE. OMG CAPS. OMG YES"... here's an abridged and slightly edited version of our conversation throughout some of the game.

Dad: Was that a field goal attempt?
Me: You're asking me?? Dad, there's no fields in hockey...


Dad: isn't that a great play?
Me: what's great about watching a guy suffer potentially long lasting brain damage as he's being tackled to the fake grass?
Dad: *sighs*

Dad: So that's great, right? (referring to some conversion thingy or other).
Me: uh, yeah sure, a guy falling is great. Hey, did you see any of Ovie's goals?
Dad: *babbling about football* what?
Me: Ovie. Goals.
Dad: oh, were they nice?
Me: YES. Well, two of them were. The other was just exciting because it tied the game.
Dad: Nice *goes back to babbling about football*


Dad: C'MON. You're supposed to stay with the guy *swears in French*
Me: um dad?
Dad: *swearing away in French* yes?
Me: How about I show you Ovie's goals, yeah?
Dad: Sure. C'MON DAMNIT. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez.
Me: *sighs*


Dad: So if it's an incomplete play the clock stops?
Me: um if Milan Lucic clocks Komisarek over the head, the clock stops. But if Blake Wheeler falls over on his own in a "fight" with O'Byrne the clock should definitely keep going because it's a huge waste of time.....
Dad: what?
Me: never mind...


Dad: this game is over.
Me: but there's 44 seconds left?
Dad: It's over. Do the math.
Me: uh what am I adding?
Dad: Touch downs. The Colts needed two touch downs to tie the game.
Me: Uhuh.... okay...... now, how about you watch Ovie's game tying goal? Or I could find Eberle's game tying goal with 9 seconds left to tie it up with Russia two years ago.
Dad: *off babbling about football again*
Dad: *still babbling about football*


Me: *goes about checking Hammies stuff. Pauses. Looks up TV* oh wait, New Orleans won?! Oh that's good for them!!!

And that's how I spent my Superbowl Sunday. Fun, eh?



Shan said...

Hah. But seriously, that Caps-Pens game was awesome. So entertaining. Great show by Ovieraptor. I have Fehr and Knuble on my fantasy team, so they come back to win the goals category by 1. Habs game, gah. My opponent only had Sturm playing today and he scored TWICE and took the goals category away from me! Grrrr.

This was my facebook status an hour ago: "Shan doesn't get why so many people are interested in the "big game" when they show no interest in all the little games that make this one meaningful."

I didn't watch the Super Bowl, I napped.

Grrrreg said...

Ooooh, so you watched it after all? You couldn't resist the lure of football! ;)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Shan - Ovie is awesome :) that game was super fun to watch. Well, the Caps scoring was.... Not the Puffles.... The Habs game was aweful. It was boring and incredibly ugly. Martini wasted no time in corrupting my Hammies. :( I think the Superbowl for a lot of people is less about the game than it is about the partying xP

Grrreg - shut up :D it was the only thing on when I got home!!

Grrrreg said...

And here's the link to the movie about junior hockey:

Eternal Pessimist said...

Thank you. Now I can't use the "I lost the link" as an excuse to not watch it now :D

Dave said...

Good job with the Puffle voodoo doll yesterday!!! Man, what a wonderful game. We had tickets but couldn't go - I don't regret giving them up but I sure wish I had been there.

ESPN poll of NHL players (I'm not making this up) - Whiniest player in the league:
Crosby 52%
Pronger 8%
Avery 7%

A landslide! Player they would most like to trade lives with: Ovie finished first with 16%.

So, I have been watching the Caps since 1974 and it suddenly occured to me that they have won almost twice as many games (14) in the last 26 days as they did their entire first season (8 - that's not a misprint, their record was the worst in NHL history, 8-67-5.)

It is SO MUCH FUN being a Caps fan right now!!!

I hope the Habs play well tomorrow night - but lose. Sorry, that's the best I can do.

Eternal Pessimist said...

HAHAHA! Well, I think Avery is pretty whiny. I don't see Pronger very much so I don't know, but Avery is definitely whiny.

They only won 8 games in their first season? OUCH. That's brutal. Poor things. Oh well, they're making up for it now I guess! :D

Thanks for hoping that the Habs will play well tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. As long as it's more interesting than yesterday's snoozefest, I'll be happy (and I'd like it if Ovie didn't score too many highlight reel goals against my goalie :D).

Dave said...

Correction - Wednesday. I thought we were there tomorrow. That is of course, if the Caps can get out - we are supposed to get 10-20 inches MORE snow tomorrow! How do you Canadians put up with this sort of thing?

Yup - 8 wins the whole season. They lost their first 38 road games, won one and paraded a trash can around the dressing room like it was the Stanley Cup. I have the distinction of seeing three games their first year and NOT seeing them lose - they were 7-28-5 at home and I was 2-0-1.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I thought yesterday was today actually... Haha. Oopsies! =p

Wow, more snoooow? You should export it to Vancouver :D There's a distinct lack of snow there (although it's Vancouver so there's usually a distinct lack of snow. Which makes me wonder why someone would want to host the WINTER Olympics there). I don't know how we put up with it. I love it so I'm really sad that you're getting snowmaggedon while I can see some dead grass on my neighbors lawn =(

Hahaha, you were 2-0-1 when seeing them that year? Wow. That's kinda funny and super awesome at the same time :D

Dave said...

I remember the first game I went to (6-3 win over Detroit) but my most vivid memory of that year is when there was a delayed penalty coming up against the Caps - the puck came out in front of the Pens net, which the goalie had vacated, and one of the Caps shot it in - and the crowd went nuts, thinking the Caps had just scored. I remember thinking "Washingtonians have a lot to learn about hockey." They know better now!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Hahahha. They definitely do know better now. It's great to see hockey becoming so popular there. And now that you have all the snow, it must really feel like a more "traditional" location :D

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