Quick note about last night

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've blocked it out of my mind. All I know is that Itty Bitty looks worse closeup on a big HD TV. UGH.

At least the cider I had was awesome... Like, SUPER awesome.

Also.. who told the Hammies that if they won last night and tonight they would tie a franchise record? EH? WHO TOLD THEM? Because they LOST last night in a shootout to the Monsters. Meh. Oh well. Can the Habs please send my Hammies back after tonight? Hammies don't get a break and I'd like to see my poor team actually have enough players to play the bloody game. Thanks in advance.

Oh and Dumont and Philippe KILLED the Drakkar last night. Dumont had two goals and Philippe had 2 and the Voltigeurs demolished the Drakkar 8-1. Bad Jake, not getting a shutout :D Apparently the Drakkar have allowed 21 goals in their last two games o.O


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