Hammies vs Griffins: A win! A win! YAY!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pre-game stuffs

  • To sum it up:  1) That game on Tuesday stunk. Let's forget about it and move on. 2) PK probably hasn't been too corrupted by Martin's "System" 3) we're not going to underestimate the Griffins and we're hoping we've recovered from being ZombieHammies. 4) we're not thinking about the game in Habsland on Sunday (well, I am thinking about that game!). 
Period Numero Uno 
  • ..... hello why isn't this game starting? Is it starting? I hear Flandersdude talking, but I'm eating dinner and the computer is on the other side of the room and I can't hear.... Hello? Anyone? What's going on here? Anybody home? Oh, I hear national anthems! Okay. Game on! I still can't hear what's going -
  • WHOOOOOO I HEARD THAT! David!!! 1-0!! Okay, so maybe - just maybe - David is not a ZombieHammie anymore!
  • Okay guys... it's too early for Sanford to have to imitate Hiller in the Canada/Switzerland game...
  • Lesson of the night: headphones are necessary to listen to a Hammies game if you're sitting in the living room with your entire family babbling on about other random stuff (for example we are now having a heated discussion on whether these things are called headphones or earphones). 
  • Nooooo stupid Griffins are playing one of my favorite songs (The Pretender by the Foo Fighters). Boohoo.. Now they're following it up by some crap version of "Ole"..... Ick. 
  • Yay! Hammies now have as many SOG in this period as they did  in That Fail Game. 
  • Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2-1. Why do we have some random guy yelling "Whoo! Whoo!"? And why is this PA guy in Grand Rapids so annoying? =/
  • Um no, you can't score if you shoot the puck off of Trotter's head.......I mean, you could in theory, I guess... but not in this case :D 
Second period 
  • Is it just me or is Flandersdude losing his voice a bit here.....? 
  • Um yeah, you can't just whack Gluuu like that.... Off to the box with you, Mr. Random Grand Rapids Guy. PP time. Let's see if this one is any more successful than the last one (apparently they're 0 for their last 9 PPs).
  • Flandersdude just said he's kinda sick - hence the lack of a voice.... Told you it wasn't just my imagination here. 
  • Yeah.... that was a futile PP..... and now it's off to the PK...... 
  • Futile PP for the Griffs too. Yay! 
  • ...........hey, what is this "too many Hammies on the ice" penalty? Don't tell me the ZombieHammies are coming back.....
  • more futile Griffs PPs. I accept this. 
  • I wonder if those Ricola throat lozenge things would help Flandersdude? Quick. Someone go get him some. He's going to die before the end of the third period D:
Third period
  • YAAAAAAAY! STEVENSON!!!!!!!! 4-1! And Flandersdude's voice is completely gone now....
  • Umm............ Hammies? What the hell was that? They just totally scored on themselves there. Specifically: Henry just scored on Sanford. Ick. 4-2
  • ............4-3. Do not tell me that we're not about see a come back from the Griffins...........do not.......
  • Can we either 1) score another goal or 2) score another goal? Because I don't trust you guys to hang on for 6 more mins. 
  • What is this? "Let's see how many times we can hit PK from behind" night? Jeez....
  • Empty net now. COME ON HAMMIES. 
  • Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......... Hammies WIN 4-3!!!! *falls over*
  • Flandersdude needs to not talk for the next day so he can have a voice for Sunday (not that I'll hear him, but yeah.... someone will hear him!). 
  • See ya'll at the Bell Centre!!!! Eeeeee!!!! (really, really excited to see my Hammies again. Like, I just realized that Sunday is the day after tomorrow. HAMMIES. HAMMIES. HAMMIES.). 
Waiting on the scores from my other games but so far it's....
  • Dumont has a hat trick and the Voltigeurs are up 5-1 over Roy's Icky Remparts. Mwahahahahahaha!
  • Tigres are predictably beating up the Juniors.. it's 3-0. Oh no, wait... Asselin scored. It's 3-1. Yay! 
  • And Sudbury is up 2-0 over the IceDogs with 20 mins left... Poop. 
  • And Turtle-Pleky and Co are beating up Latvia 4-2. 


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