Attempted Hockey Week in EPland Part 2: Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You didn't think a 2 hour train ride + getting home 12 last night + getting up and running around all day would keep me from going to see my Juniors, did you?


Something has happened to my team. They've gone from failing every single time I go to see them, to actually winning games when I go see them. It's a strange feeling.

The game kicked off with a.... fight..... yeah. A fight. Chouinard got into a fight right off the opening faceoff with Roussel. It turned out to be the only fight of the game but there was soooo much yapping during the game.  Anywhoo, Poudrier kicked off the game for real when he scored just two mins in. Cue cheering! The people behind me with lots of noise maker things were so happy! At least someone was. I was happy too but my ears were not pleased in the least. OUCH.  Parkes made it 2-0 near the end of the period. Any thoughts of a shutout went out the door 20 seconds later when the Juniors forgot that you need to clear the puck passed the blue line for it to be considered offside for the other team... a couple of nice passes later and it was 2-1. Oops.

Second period kicked off where the first one stopped ie. Cucumbers controlled the play. It's really annoying when the play is all down on the opposite side of the rink from you because you can't see very well and it's even more annoying when the Juniors photo guy comes over to my end of the rink and stands there and obstructs my ability to take pics. Oh well.... Nobody scored for what felt like forever (16:39 to be exact) until Parkes scored again! YAY!!! 3-1 is a nice score! And you know what's better than that score? 4-1! With the clock ticking down until everyone would jump up and head for the bathrooms or the snack places, Brenton got a breakaway of sorts and put the Juniors up 4-1! Berube got the first assist too! Hehe.

Berube likes getting assists on goals. Yes, he does. 

Third period saw zero in the way of scoring until the end. With 4 mins to go, I figured I was safe from a third period melt down by the Juniors. Of course that was when the Cucumbers scored. Four mins left and they were now down only by two goals.

Someone must have told the Juniors that blowing this game would make some people very, very angry. They responded immediately with a goal of their own from Poudrier (yes, him again). Annnnnnnnd before the PA guy could finish announcing the goal, Brenton scored! Yes him again!


And that was that. Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!


Couple of random things:

  • The BabyBenchWarmer has a new mask. Like, it's all painted and everything too!
  • The Cucumbers goalie is French. Like, France French. 
  • Maybe it's just because we have guys like Eli and Brenton, but the Juniors looked like shrimps next to the Cucumbers. That's okay. They're super fast shrimps. 
  • The itty bitty smaller-than-Marcoux goalie during the first intermission was hilarious. When his team scored he was sooo happy. When they were finished their thing, he left the ice waving his hands up and down because his team "won". 
  • Some other tiny kids did this shootout thingy. It was funny because a couple of them were showboating after their scored and they both ended up falling flat on their faces :D
Oh and.... Welcome back Chris DiDomenico! He's been out for the Voltigeurs all season because he broke his leg in the playoffs last year... Well, he's back now and he just scored a goal and had three assists as the Voltigeurs sunk the Tigres (IN Victoriaville) 4-2. 

I'd write more, but I'm super tired and I see JARO and Turtle-Pleky on my TV (yes, it's past 12). GO JARO. GO TURTLE-PLEKY. No to Chara. And no to Jagr!


Shan said...

I wanted Slovakia to win. Love Halak. But I do like Plekanec... nice to see our habbies on good teams!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I wanted Slovakia to win too...I love Turtle-Pleky very muchly, but poor Jaro! Oh well... at least Slovakia only lost 3-1. Sadly, they get to play Russia next.....

Dave said...

What's with putting the Russians on AT MIDNIGHT every time they play!! Some of us WORK!

Have you seen the Roenick-Milbury commentator sparring? Roenick looks like he seriously dislikes Milbury - as well he should, Milbury seems to have a serious anti-Caps bias. He called us the Crapitals on national television once and dissed Ovie the other night.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Seriously! I wanted to see Russia on Tuesday but I was too tired too and then I just barely made it through a period and a half of last night's Turtle-Pleky/Jaro match and tonight... it's Ovie vs my poor little chocolate milk drinking goalie D: Time zone differences are EVIL.

Yeah, I heard a bit about that. Bobbi sent me an email about it. Milbury is such an idiot in general and this just further proves it. I'm not a huge fan of Roenick, but I approve of his apparent dislike for Milbury :D

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