Now something we can all agree on.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

.... Flyers hate!

I know the Habs don't play the Flyers until tomorrow, but I want to move on from last night's game and the best way to do that is to move onto something else and the best way to do that is to beat up on the Flyers! Bwahahahaha......

(apologies if there are any Flyers fans reading this. It's nothing against YOU personally. Just your team).


Dave said...

I'm all for that!! Go Habs!

You can tell the difference between long time Caps fans and more recent Caps fans - the older ones hate, hate, HATE the Flyers and the other teams from the old Patrick Division.

We hate the Pens too, they have now ascended to the top of the list, but in my house the Flyers are referred to as "Scum 1", the Isles (this is going waaaay back) as "Scum 2" and the Rangers as "Scum 3". This is how far back this goes - we got shifted out of that division before the Devils got really good so they never quite ascended to Scum status. (Besides, we could never hate a team with Scott Stevens.)

Oddly enough, we have never developed real hatred for the teams in our current division (a sure sign we need to be reunited with the Scums)

Grrrreg said...

Yeah, you don't really need to be in their division to hate the Flyers! ;)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I think most people who saw the Flyers in the 70s agree that they're a horrid team!

I remember when I saw the Flyers for the first time during the 08 playoffs, my parents - and even my Sens relatives who have decided not to cheer for the Habs - were all like "Flyers have to lose. I hate the Flyers." I blame the Flyers for the fact that I ended up cheering for the Penguins in the 08 playoffs (I hated the Flyers SO much that I just latched on to whatever team they were playing next).

They were the first time I really learned how to hate with a passion. We briefly made up during the 09 Puffles/Flyers series but we're back to hating each other now. Which is a minor pity because I think I could have liked Richards if he wasn't wearing that puke orange colour.

Dave said...

(corrected version)

I was in Phoenix when the Caps played game 7 against the Flyers in the 2008 playoffs - I'd planned the trip when we were the worst team in the NHL, who knew we'd make the playoffs?

I found a sports bar that had about 25 TVs tuned to basketball and one, right behind the bar, tuned to the Caps - Flyers game.

So I found myself in a bar, a couple of thousand miles from home, in the middle of the desert, with 90+ degree heat outside, at 4:30 in the afternoon watching Game 7 of an NHL playoff series... sitting next to a Flyers fan.

He was, as Philly sports fans go, not TOO obnoxious. When the Flyers won in the second OT (how excrutiating!) he hugged me, said "Great series - root for us in the next round."

I think I was a gracious loser, I know I shook his hand (I was kind of in shock) but I clearly remember thinking "Yeah, right. No way THAT is gonna happen" and found myself rooting for - oh, how it pains me to say this - the Pens. Or more precisely, rooting against the Flyers.

By the way, in Game 7 of that Flyers-Caps series, there was a play where a Flyer ran over a Cap, knocking him into our goalie, and the puck was deposited in the open net. The goal counted. Hmmmm.

Grrrreg said...

That precise goal still makes me angry. And I was not even a Caps fan (I was just rooting for Huet)... The habs would have played the Rangers instead of the Flyers in the second round if the Caps had won that series. Sigh.

Eternal Pessimist said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's hilarious :D

And I remember that goal. I remember them stating later on or something that it would count as a goal for sure. They couldn't review it because Huet was interfered by his own defenseman.

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