There. Is. No. Canada/Russia. Quarterfinal.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If you keep saying that over and over and over again then it won't happen.

There is no Canada/Russia quarterfinal. There is no Canada/Russia quarterfinal..... there is no...

BAH. Stupid Olympics. Stupid Hiller for sending the Canada/Switzerland game to a shootout. Stupid Brodeur and Co for eating all the pies and cupcakes in Vancouver before the Canada/USA game. Stupid Jaro for beating the Russians in a shootout.

RAR. There is no Canada/Russia quarterfinal...There will be no picking between Puffy and Ovie. There will be no worries about having to hope that Chris "I'm going to elbow you to death" Pronger will have a better game than Andrei "he's the Habs freaking MVP" Markov. We are not going to cheer for Dany Heatley or Jumbo Joe over Alexander Semin.

RAR. At least I still hate Eggplant. And Nabby's mean to Pickles so maybe Twerpy Perry should just go ahead kick him again.

UGH. Crysob the Puffy Blue Penguin vs Ovie. This wasn't supposed to happen in the quarterfreakingfinals! UGH.



Hammies vs Marlies at 7:30. Should be another bloodbath. Can we borrow Pricey so he can whack JoeyMac upside the head?


Dave said...

I started work at 4:15 AM so I could get home by the start of the US game. (OK, the dog woke me up - but I decided to STAY up and work so I could get home early!)

But you say there's no Canada-Russia game? What am I going to do at 7:30? Does this mean Bobbi wasted her time learning to yell "Come on Ovie, wipe the ice with Crysob, just like you did with Jagr!!!" in Russian?

Grrrreg said...

Come ooooon EP! Watch it! I know the hype is annoying, and I now you're stuck rooting for your country over your favorite player, but it could still be a great hockey game. One game people will remember in 10 years. You don't want to miss all those great players in their prime facing each other for their country in an elimination game, in the Olympics, in Canada.

Hum. Can you tell I'm excited for this game?

Eternal Pessimist said...

Dave - There will be plenty of opportunities to use that phrase! :D (so glad my dogs didn't wake me up at 4:15. Yikes.. that's a little early for me).

Grrreg - Why isn't my favorite player Canadian?!!!! Actually, my favorite player isn't even Russian.... let me try that again... Why isn't my second favorite player Canadian?! POOOOOOO. =(

I want Hammies.... no more Olympics =(

Shan said...

Ovie's not your favourite player? Who is?

That US-Swiss game was amazing, so close to the upset.

Anyway, Ovechkin doesn't need to win a medal. Stanley Cup, yes.

Eternal Pessimist said...

A certain goalie who may or may not have a certain liking for a certain beverage containing milk and chocolate..... :D

But really.... I do love Ovie very much and this game is going to suck either way..... =/

Although maybe you have a point... Ovie can wait to have a gold medal (because really, Bettman is going to have no choice but to let them go to the Olympics in Russia). In the mean time, he can win a Stanley Cup :D

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