Hammies vs Amerks: Shhh don't wake the sleeping Amerks

Friday, February 5, 2010

19 wonderfully awesome Hammies - 3 awesome Hammies + 1 Cyc and 1 Hammie enforcer =  someone better spike the Amerk's water bottles or else we could be in trouble.

Pre-game stuffs 
  • ummm I missed it all actually..... I KNOW. I KNOW. I forgot which time the game was on.....I know, I know................
  • I did hear Guy saying that they were a little off in their 4-0 win over the Rampage..... can't we please just enjoy the win? Even if the Rampage sounded like they were dead as a doornail? PWEASE....?

First Period. Let's not get demolished, okay?
  • We missed the national anthems! YES! YES! YES!
  • Okay, let's not die against the Amerks, okay? At least we can be happy with the fact that Salak isn't in nets..... right? RIGHT? RIGHT?
  • Hey, we're not dying yet! 
  • Hey... no Al? Is he still sick? D: Wasn't he supposed to be here?
  • I see that attempt at a goal, Lacroix. It's nice to see you back here actually. 
  • Patches down! He's apparently bleeding too..... Lengthy 5 on 3 PP coming up. Make it count! 
  • Yikes..... Amerks with a short handed attempt. Note the word "attempt". No goal. 
  • I don't like Jeff Taffe. Just saying. 
  • I'm trying to find a stupid excuse not to like Benoit Groulx too.... hmmm.... let's see... he used to coach the Gatineau Olympiques. I'm sure the Olympiques have beat my Juniors and/or my Voltigeurs. Do the Voltigeurs count though? 'cause technically I hated them last year.... Anyway, I'm sure my Juniors at least have lost to the Olympiques so I'm going to use this as a bad excuse to not like him. Bwahahaha...
  • Eeeeeeeeeeee! WYMAN! 2-0!!!!! That's two PPG tonight. 
  • Booohooo... Stevenson off to the box now..
  • Okay, Teddy says "no" and the clock says "this period is over". 
Period Numero Dos: Let's not give up the lead, okay?
  • Aside from one Hammies chance at a goal, all I've been hearing is "(insert Amerk's name here) gets a shot away on Teddy". Can we remedy this please, Hammies?
  • No, Benoit, going to the box isn't what I meant..... 
  • Another Hammie to the box? Why am I picturing Guy getting mad right now? Why? Maybe because he is getting mad? Don't tell me he's happy with this.............
  • Yes, I know Taffe is a Hammie killer. Somehow the Hammies don't notice him standing in front of their goalies. 
  • WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Pyatt again!!!!!! 3-0!!!!!!!!!!
  • WOW. 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO IS THIS TEAM?!!!!! Oh right. It's Guy "I'll bagskate you guys for not playing  amazingly awesomely in your 4-0 win over the Rampage" Boucher's team. Hehehe. 
  • Flandersdude said it was Gluu's goal (if so, Gluu is further proving that he's not BFFs with David anymore) and annoying PA guy in Rochester says it's Henry's goal. We accept either scoring. 
  • Booo! Bagskate those horrid slackers for not scoring on a 3 on 1 rush! BAGSKATE. I mean... nice chance there, Patches. We still love you. 
  • Shhhhhhhhh Flandersdude, we didn't want Salak in nets tonight. We're pleased that it's the backup dude in nets. We're happy that Salak is warming the bench right now. Also, shhhh don't say that the Amerks are sleeping. That is a sure fire way to wake them up. SHHHHHH.... don't wake them up. 
In-between period random bit which was supposed to feature an interview with David or Trots
  • HEY. Flandersude... you can't just say "I have a great stat for you but just to be dramatic, I'm going to make you wait." That's not fair. 
  • ..........waiting............
  • ....................waiting......................
  • ...............................waiting.......................
  • Oh snap. I completely missed what Flandersdude was saying. Hahaha... something about five games in a row.... Also....... Hammies are trying to win more than 5 games in a row for the first time since that season in which they went to Calder Cup finals against the Aeros. Forgot what year that was and I'm not in the mood to go look it up. I think it was 03?
THIRD PERIOD. Let's go for the wiiiiiiiiiiin pwease
  • ................ dhakjhdskjayrioqahfskjsncakjls................ Why were the Hammies in the penalty box and why did the Amerks score?! BAGSKATE. 4-1. 
  • Guhhhhhhhhhhh...... I'd like the Hammies to spend less time in their own zone, please!
  • Numbers I like: 21 point turnaround from the Hammies who were 10 points behind the Amerks back in December. They're now 11 points ahead of them. Bwahahahahahaha. Hope this doesn't mean that the Amerks are due to win some games soon though..... =/ 
  • Why is there a kid screaming very close to the mic? Ick. 
  • GUHHHHHHH............... 4-2.  WE ARE NOT AMUSED. NOT AMUSED. You have 5 mins to not get scored on again. 5 mins. 
  • 2:09 left. Amerks get called offside. Why am I so relieved by this? Why am I afraid that the Hammies will pull a Leafs and allow three goals in the final three mins? (yes, the Leafs just did that and they lost in regulation time to the Devils). 
  • Plante off to the bench. Empty netter, pwease?
  • No. You have to put it IN the net. Now it's icing........ 
  • Longest winning streak for the Hammies since 02-03 when they won 9 in a row (this is what Flandersdude was trying to say before!!! Got it!). 


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