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Sunday, February 14, 2010

1) Thank you Habs for giving me back my Hammies! Now pwease let's get back to crushing the opposition.

2) Sven Kramer (the Dutch speed skater guy in the 5000 m) does NOT look like Puffy. Not. At. All.

3) Congrats to Jen Heil for winning silver. Hell with everyone who's complaining she didn't win gold. She gave what looked to this total non-expert a great performance. Unfortunately for her, Hannah Kearney gave the performance of her life last night (and we can be nice to Kearney because she has family in Vancouver). Seriously, the next person to grab and complain should grab a pair of skis and go down the hill themselves.

4) Ski jumping is the freakiest thing I've ever seen. Other than that luge/skeleton/bobsledding stuff. 

5) I really want chocolate milk right now..... and I don't even really like it. Huh. Thanks Jaro... =/ 

6) I'm actually in the process of seeing how many hockey games I can go to this week :D I've got two for sure scheduled and I'm trying to schedule at least one more (hoping for two though). Hockey Week In EPland for the win!


Shan said...

She has a gold medal from a previous Olympics, so it's not as though she didn't realize her dream. And she certainly doesn't owe us anything, so I don't see how anyone can be dissatisfied. Good for her. Silver is just as good. The difference between first and second usually comes down to a bit of luck.

Which hockey games are you going to?

Eternal Pessimist said...

It's ridiculous. All the media crap surrounding the athletes is ridiculous....

I'll be at a Frontenacs game tomorrow, hoping for a Juniors game on Wednesday, will most likely be in Drummondville for the Voltigeurs game on Saturday and my Hammies are coming here on Sunday =)

Shan said...

Cool. I didn't realize you followed OHL, too. How far a drive is it to Kingston for you? 2.5 hours?

Shan said...

P.S. You really are obsessed. That is a lot of hockey.

Eternal Pessimist said...

LOL. I follow 7ish teams. 2 NHL teams, 1 AHL team, 2 in the Q and 2 in the OHL =) I sporadically check up on the Cyclones too.

I was in Ottawa a few weeks ago for a 67s/Petes game. Great game, great atmosphere, lovely arena, really nice. Idiotic cheer though.... I don't follow either team playing tomorrow (coincidentally, the 67s will be in Kingston) but they're in the same division as my Petes so I have a vested interest :D

I'll be taking the train and it's about 2.5 hours from what I remember =)

Shan said...

I'm just thinking that I'd have to save up to go to one game at the Bell, or when the Habs are in town, at the ACC. But then that plus travelling for other games would probably be unaffordable. But then I have other expenses and don't work full time through the school year, so it's not really the same.

But that being said, if you ever make a trek to Peterborough or the Shwa, give me some notice, that's not too far. I was thinking about checking out the st. mike's soon actually.

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