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Monday, February 1, 2010

Did you know that there are two teams called the Admirals in the AHL?? Norfolk Admirals and Milwaukee Admirals? YOU DID KNOW THIS? Well, aren't you smart..............

I really had no idea until I saw something at InGoal Mag about Jaroslav Janus (who I somehow didn't realize was also playing in the AHL this year?). I mean.. somehow I knew there was a Norfolk Admirals and a Milwaukee Admirals but somehow it's this super big revelation that there are TWO teams in the SAME LEAGUE with the SAME NAME.

Go figure.

IN OTHER NEWS. Have you seen Jake's (and a little while ago) Berube's new masks?

Jake's is here and Berube's is here.

I really like both of them (especially Jake's but it's nice that Berube finally got a painted one too. There seems to be something with the poor backups being stuck with blank masks).


Number31 said...

...the GSP art on Berube's makes me think of some creepy Japanese thing with a bunch of half nekkid musclemen...

Does BabyMarcoux have a mask or is his plain?

Grrrreg said...

Wow, I'm really not a fan of Berube's mask. I hate ultimate fighting or wathever it's called, so yeah, booo! (It's very well done, I admit, and I like the big M, the Montreal skyline and the J. Cartier Bridge.)

And about the Admirals and the Admirals, that's probably the only thing I knew about the AHL that you didn't already know then! ;D

Shan said...

Yeah, the MMA thing does not work as a mask. It looks horrendous actually.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Okay, so yeah, the MMA guy on it IS kinda weird.... The rest is kinda nice though :D I was just super pleased that he has SOMETHING... BabyMarcoux the BabyBenchWarmer doesn't have a painted mask... I guess he's kinda broke...? Those things aren't cheap! D:

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