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Saturday, January 9, 2010

1) It's not officially a brawl unless the goalies get involved.... not that the goalies got involved in this one...

I mean.....it's still amusing to watch. But you need Emery to beat the crap out of Biron for it to be a brawl... I'm still entertained by that brawl.... And yeah, the game in Russia got suspended because they didn't have enough players to continue playing :D

2) So I saw this thing that was talking about attendance in the Q this year. Apparently the Remparts average over 11,000 per game.

I know Quebec had an NHL and an AHL team before. I know they want an NHL team back. I know Quebec City is situated on a cliff in the middle of nowhere.... and yes, I know Patrick Roy probably helps with attendance for the sheer fact that he is well, Patrick Roy.

But WOW those are a lot of people going to a QMJHL game o.O Before you say it, I know, I know. Most buildings don't have 15,000 seats. Verdun Auditorium only seats just under 4,000 people. But that's still an insane number. The Hammies' building seats 17,000 or so people and they're happy if they get 7,000 people (which they almost never do). Poor things...

3) What is what less confusing? Have Pyatt on the ice at the same time as Pyett? Or having Wyman shoot the puck only to have Weiman making the save?

4) your daily puke: "I've coached for 30 yrs, there's no question that Halak is the quicker, faster more agile goalie. Price is an AHL goalie" - someone calling into the Team990.

5) apparently over 100 players were traded in the Q between Dec. 19 to the trade deadline on...January.....6th was it?


Number31 said...

The only time the Bulldogs sold out Copps Coliseum was when they won the Calder (from what I remember).

Eternal Pessimist said...

Really? Owwwwwwww D:

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