Here we go again...Hammies are losing players left, right and center

Friday, January 22, 2010

No more Darche obviously.

No more Carle for the rest of the season. He will need surgery on his shoulder.

No more Jojo either for... well, Guy wouldn't say. Jojo went back to Sweden to do with family issues and apparently Guy wouldn't say when or even if he would come back.

Quick, someone spike the water in Salak's waterbottle!!


Number31 said...

Consider it spiked with FAIL JUICE! Haha take that, jerk.

Carle just can't catch a break eh? Now all he has left to injure are his toes and then he'll have the whole "head and shoulders, knees and toes" song complete. Sheesh!

Eternal Pessimist said...


Poor Carle. I feel so bad for him. He wasn't exactly NHL material when he came up here but he was really improving in Hammmie-land. Poor guy.

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