OMG JUNIORS! OMG HABS!!!! (and omg Hammies... but for a different reason)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Baby Juniors: 6
Number One Team in CANADA: 4.

YES. My Juniors beat the Sea Dogs today! YES! YES! YES! I love being wrong in this case. When I was debating which game to go to (last night's match or today's) I said that I'd prefer to watch the Foreurs because the Juniors were going to get demolished by the Sea Dogs.

I would do a whole write up but 1) I missed most of it because I was following the faily Voltigeurs play (and looooose) and 2) Flandersdude is talking now :D so here's the scoring summary of the third period which is the part I followed:

HOLY COW. What an end!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...............!


Pre-game thoughts:

  • Flandersdude wonders why people would come out to see the Marlies when the Leafs are on TV as well tonight. My guess would it be because the Marlies will be slightly more interesting to watch lose than the Leafs. 
  • Guy said a pile of stuff that I missed because I'm STILL squeaking about the Juniors winning. 
  • Dany Masse played his first game last night!! Good because we lost Jojo. He's been reassigned to a team in Sweden who's name escapes me. Farjestad? 
  • Gluu's wife is going to have a baby so Gluu isn't here. Apparently Gluu's baby is taking its sweet time to be born too D: 
First period 
  • Flandersdude says we're probably going to be in for a war tonight. Because it's ALWAYS war between the Hammeis and Marlies. 
  • oh DAMN Marlies score. 1-0. Here we go again with the Marlies making my life hell. Bloody Marlies. 
  • David might be injured now. Damn you, Andre Deveaux. White and Subban are trying to beat him up now. Guy is apparently going insane. 
  • Deveaux just got kicked out for a while. 
  • David isn't leaving so he should be okay for now. 
  • hdakjhsakjdhakdhakjs Hammie going to the box. this is a freaking mess and it's only 5 mins into the game!!!!!! 
  • dhakdshkdhkahdeiuqjdrfklqhfkjshfkahsdfkjahfskjashkashdl DAMN YOU MARLIES. 2-0. 
  • Flandersdude: if I was Guy Boucher I might consider calling a time out.
    Me: If I was Guy Boucher I would start whacking my players upside the head. .....................................or I could pull the goalie. Teddy is getting pulled for Sanford.
  • Flandersdude and Al are discussing why Guy would pull Teddy now. I still think Guy should start whacking his players to get their brains to work again. 
  • Stewart is going to get into big trouble if he doesn't stop playing like an idiot. 
  • Weber down and Henry and Simon go at it. I'm getting very sick of these truculent Marlies. And note that truculent means playing like bunch of $%^&ing morons. 
  • Marlies PP. PK gets angry and sounds like Guy is ready to strangle his team right now. 
  • What a freaking ugly period. 
Second period 
  • The Hammies respond to a shitty first period by........ taking a penalty. 
  • 3-0. 
  • Can we just quit this game?
  • Stewie would prefer to get beat up by Stokes instead.I'm sure Guy will prefer that Stewie sits in the box for a while anyway. 
  • BEN MAXWELL scores. 3-1
  • PK gets decked and there's no call? WTF?
  • Stevenson gets decked and no call? 
  • 4-1. 
  • And PK gets decked again. No call. 
  • I know I'm alone in this, but I'd prefer to swap scores with the Habs right now. Habs are up 4-0 and Hank is smashing stuff as he gets pulled for some guy called Zaba. 
  • I want to enjoy this Habs 5-0 smackdown of the Rags but I'm still mad at the Hammies right now. hkajshdakjhdkajshdkjasdsjdhkj.................... 
  • Hammies... you suck tonight. I'm sorry. But you do and you're not helping yourselves at all. 
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • DAVID! Hammies are only losing 4-2 now. 
  • 5 on 3 PP for the Hammies for once. 
  • Ooooo another Marlie going to the box. Can we score? PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE?????
  • Damn, second period over. 
Third period 
  • SOMEONE SCOOOOOOOOOORED! I don't know who! 4-3!
  • Hammies are alive again! 
  • Go Hammies! GO HAMMIES!
  • Okay... Hammies are dead.... Benoit off to the box....
  • C'mooooooooooooon HAMMIES! 
  • haksjdhakjdhakjsdh Trotter... that was a super stupid penalty.........
  • WHAT? Trotter got a DOUBLE minor? shakjdshaskjdhkajsdhkdquiruqwifhyfakjfsAHKauwioqwued!!!! 
  • dhakjdhqiorydqiwuyfiwshfsfhiewufhiquewfry Marlies win 4-3. BAAAAAH. 
  • Not a smart game for the Hammies. Bad Hammies. Fix your brains before you get back on the ice. 

Instead of collapsing in a heap of sobs and whatnot.. let's just move on to the Habs.... 

HABS WIN 6-0. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It was great. Habs demolished the Rags, Jaro got a shutout, Torts went Torts. WHOOHOOO! I think I might have to start liking BennyPoo soon. He's a RFA too at the end of the year, eh? =(  but anyway, WOW HABS. Nice win! 


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