Hammies vs Monsters - are we done playing this team yet?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gawd, it feels like the Hammies have only been playing the Monsters and the Griffins lately. Oh wait.. four of the last six games have been against the Monsters or Griffins. And the Hammies are playing the Monsters again on Wednesday and the Griffins on Saturday (and those Amerks on Friday). Who did this stupid schedule?!!!! Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... D:

First period

  • Hi Sanford warming the bench! Mayer was getting bored of sitting on the bench, I guess. 
  • Someone scooooooores on the PP! Flanderdude says it's Darche. PA guy says it's Jojo. Darche appears to say it's Jojo. Al says it's Darche. Doesn't matter! Hammies up 1-0!
  • Oohhhh Monster down........ this could take a while to clean up..... 
  • Stewie just steamrollered over a Monster. HAHAH. Don't worry, this one lived. 
  • Oh looky. Another PP!
  • Brrrrrrrrrock Trotter!!!!!!!!! 2-0. Everyone agrees that it's Trotter :D 
  • So.... Darche gets hit in the face and David goes to the box? Uhuh.... that's some flawed logic, yo... 
  • "Lake Erie are shooting themselves in the foot again and again and again" - Flandersdude as the Monsters keep coughing up the puck to the Hammies in their own zone. 
  • It's smash a Hammie in the face night, apparently. Monsters going to the box for whacking Trotter in the face now. 
  • Stupid Weiman is keeping the Monsters in this game. GUH. 
  • Wes O'Neill needs to be punched. It's only fair after he keeps trying to decapitate my Hammies. 
  • Aie aie aie.... Teddy stops a breakaway. 
  • Monsters should thank their goalie it's not 6-0. 
Second period
  • oh wait... we're on the PK? How'd I miss that? 
  • and now Henry is going off............. HEY WAKE UP HAMMIES. 
  • hdakjsdhakjsdhaksjdhaksdh 2-1........
  • Hark! A penalty for the Monsters. 
  • This is not a pretty period
  • Random thought of the hour: I have a new appreciation for food photography. 
  • Flandersdude and Al would like to remind us how awful the jerseys are of the Monsters are. Apparently the numbers are screwey to the point where a 2 can look like an 8. 
  • Most exciting thing thus far: Monsters almost score on themselves. 
  • Posts have saved the Hammies TWICE now. 
  • Is this period over yet? Guy wants to glare at the team now. 
  • Teddy is giving the refs crap for not calling a goalie interference penalty. You tell them!
  • Darche with the Hammies first real attempt at a goal. Basically did all the work to almost get a goal and then got robbed. Boo. 
Intermission doodad thingy
  • Neilson is a chatter box :D 
  • I think he should totally get himself a career as a play by play guy when he retires. 
  • Oh, Neilson played in Mooski with the Crysob? 
  • ...and he's STILL talking.... I'm not used to hockey players talking 1) without saying "uh" every two seconds and 2) talking this much. 
Third period
  • guh... wrists are sore... making typing every amusing thing Flandersdude says very difficult D: 
  • wake up Hammies... wake up!!!!!!!!! 
  • no... not Monsters beat up Russel.... at least Benoit is standing up for Russel. 
  • Al says Hammies aren't getting to enough lose pucks. Al is right. 
  • I hate Stoa. 2-2. 
  • apparently they don't cut to commercials on an icing call. 
  • ummmm apparently this is going to OT.........
  • missed it because I was out walking the dogs............Monsters scored while on the PP. ICK. The Hammies probably deserve to lose it for falling asleep in the third period though. 
  • Revenge time on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!
Post-game thought
  • So apparently Abbotsford had their play by play booth thingy in the middle of nowhere. Then they moved it to a better location. Although apparently now Flandersdude will have to sit with a pile of other people. How'd you like to be the guy sitting beside Flandersdude when he yells "and they scoooooooooooore"? Hehehe. 
  • Hark! Flandersdude isn't being pessimistic tonight. Must be because Al feels like being optimistic and it's rubbing off on everyone. 


Number31 said...

I don't know...I feel bad for the guy that has to sit next to Derek Wills when the Bulldogs score.

Also, I hate you Stoa. Go away!

Grrrreg said...

That must be really awkward sitting next to him. Especially if you're not a Hammies fan.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I remember either listening to or watching a feed of a Hammies game with the opposing team's play by play. The Hammies scored and you could hear Flandersdude yelling "and they scoooooooooore" from the other press box :D It was funny.

Yeah, Stoa needs to go disappear for a long time.... =/

Number31 said...

HA! I remember that! Well, it's so quiet in most arenas that you can hear him a mile away. Though I didn't notice him in Ottawa hmm...

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah, I was waiting for them to score so I could see if we could hear him yelling. I think we were right underneath the press boxes too by the time they scored. Maybe he was lulled to sleep in The Cave? It was all dark and stuffy in there.

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