What the dog err tired EP hears

Friday, January 8, 2010

People like to joke around by saying if their dogs here when they talk is "blah blah blah food blah blah blah walk blah blah blah cookie blah blah blah walk blah blah blah..." Well, I promise you my dogs know more than that but getting to the point, this is how an exhausted EP heard tonight's Hammies game:

Blah blah blah Desjardins makes a save.. blah blah blah Desjardins makes another save... blah blah blah Hammies with a shot on goal... blah blah blah powerplay for the Monsters... blah blah blah Stoa to the box (sleepy EP note: what the heck is a Stoa? Sounds like a Moa.Only less scary).... blah blah blah first period over.... blah blah blah AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!! (not-so-sleepy-EP note: Dude, I should totally record Flandersdude yelling after the Hammies score and use it for an alarm. WOW). blah blah blah.... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz...... blah blah blah penalty for the Monsters... Hammies hang on for about a minute to the puck without anyone blowing the whistle... blah blah blah... AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not-so-sleepy EP note: whaaaaa? YAY!!!!!!! *goes back to sleep*). blah blah blah EP note: did you know that Chad Anderson's nickname is Andy? Isn't that super creative? About as creative as Frederic St. Denis' being "Freddy". I like Anderson though. blah blah blah and they score...... (EP note: ooof..... you suck Monsters.... ).  blah blah blah Desjardins is down (EP note: Who ran into my goalie?! WHO?! And who is the ref in charge of this game who sent the HAMMIES off for a penalty? Idiot).  blah blah blah Flandersude: the end of this game is going to be great! Al: *yawns* (EP note: erm.... yeah... you and me both, Al.... *yawns*)  blah blah blah  Weiman gets pulled.... blah blah blah AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!! (EP note: yay Darche! I think it was you Darche. I don't know. I just heard "and they scooooooooooore"). blah blah blah Game over! (EP note: YAY! *falls asleep*)

Oh and....
  • the Colts want everyone to know that they lost 5-1 to Kingston tonight.
  •  Niagara had a third period implosion and lost to the Knights 6-3
  • Petes lost 4-3 to the Generals in OT. 
  • Juniors demolished the Mooseheads 4-1. Yay! 
  • Dumont had his requisite goal and a penalty and actually had another goal afterwards. Randazzo scored the OT winner. Voltigeurs win 3-2 over Scandella's team (and no, Scandella wasn't there). 


Grrrreg said...

What do you mean the Colts lost? I thought they were unbeatable! That's a shitty way to welcome you as a fan.

I saw the Devils game never ended. I hope they won't be too pissed against the habs tonight!

Eternal Pessimist said...

The irony of the Colt losing is hilarious. They want me to know that they can suck too lol and the Devils thing was weeeeird. The lights broke! O.<

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