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Friday, January 8, 2010

Niagara traded Alex Pietrangelo, some other guy and SIMILA to the Barrie Colts today.

This is a huge pity because I was starting to like Niagara. They have some good play by play guys and their PA is a lot less annoying than the Pete's PA guy. Oh well. Simila going to Barrie means that we'll just have to follow the Colts instead of the IceDogs. I feel kinda bad (particularly because unlike everyone else, the Colts are actually a good team and I always feel guilty abandoning a bad team for a good team) but hey, the OHL comes second third fourth in my heart so I maybe I shouldn't feel too bad......? It's not like I'm cheering for Windsor or anything..... I mean... the Colts are only second in the OHL.... with... only 27 games above .500..... I mean... I know Niagara hasn't even won 27 games but..... yeah..... poor Niagara!!! I wuvs you little faily IceDogs!!! D:

Also... I just realized that we have a huge problem.

The Colts don't really wear red.

I mean.. they have a tiny bit of red.... like SUPER tiny......

So. Do I do I really have to dump the IceDogs for the Colts? D: D: D: I'll add a poll and you can vote. Depending on the results, I may or may not listen to you *G*


Grrrreg said...

Hmm, this is really tricky!

I really understand your issue there (except for the part about having red on the jerseys. I don't care about a particular color, as long as the uni looks good) I have a thing for faily teams too, and it just doesn't feel right to ditch the IceDogs so quickly.

But I really shouldn't tell you to follow yet another team, because you are already getting crazy with your insane hockey schedule (see your last post)... And I'm thinking, if you keep following all the former junior teams of the baby habs, you will very soon follow all the teams in the OHL, the WHL and the Q since they seem to trade half their players every month!

But at the same time, at this point, is another team really going to make such a big difference? You're already crazy anyway!

So after all this reasoning, I vote "follow both teams!" After all, that's one more chance to have a champion team at the end of the season! :P

Eternal Pessimist said...

One more team like that couldn't hurt....right? Like you said, I'm already crazy!

Maybe I don't need to really seriously follow all these teams? Maybe I could just follow the scores instead of trying to follow the guys on the radio all the time? Yeah! Maybe I'll do that :D

And not that my teams HAVE to win or anything but... it would be nice if SOMEONE won XP

And I have a thing with teams who wear red. ALL my teams wear red *G*

Grrrreg said...

That red fetish is weird!

Eternal Pessimist said...

LOL! It was a coincidence at first and then it kinda turned into a "must" for my teams *G*

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