Hammies vs Monsters - We're sick and tired of this team already

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pre-game stuffs

  • Guy sounds like he's been shouting a lot. Oh wait. He has. 
  • I think I could've written this up before listening to this... Guy wasn't happy at all with the team, etc, etc, etc, etc.... 
  • Sad to say, but the Habs could use more of Guy's thinking that Martin's "oh yeah, everything is fine and dandy and if it isn't then I'm going to bagskate them all...." mentality. 
  • Flandersdude speaks for all when he says he's sick and tired of the Monsters. 
First period
  • Oh nooooooooo it's KOHARSKI reffing. We're already screwed. 
  • Sanford and Carle are back tonight. 
  • White already hits the post. This better not be the night of hitting the posts. On the bright side, at least they tried to score. 
  • Observation of the night: If you add a "t" at the end of Stoa's name you get Stoat. You know... stoats are related to weasels...or ferrets... I always thought ferrets were kinda cute. Unlike Stoa. 
  • Michael Busto was sent to the Elmira Jackals? Not the Cycs....? Oh and this is the first time I've heard anyone mention Busto's name all season....... 
  •  Uhoh... Guy is going to kill them...... Hammies standing around while some Monsters thingy rips it past Sanford.....*hides* 0-1... 
  • YAY! Maxwell doesn't want to die tonight. He scores on the PP! (Flandersdude was too busy talking about something else to yell..... )  1-1
Second period
  • Stupid observation of the night: Koharski sucks 
  • hdjkhasdjkashjkashjkdashdkjh 2-1
  • Guy is going to kill the Hammies...
  • Weber is trying to die. He takes a ridiculously stupid penalty. 
  • Hammies nearly score short handed. One of them gets clobbered. Koharski looks to call a penalty and then doesn't. 
  • Maybe Guy will kill Koharski with his death glare?
  • Guy is going to kill the Hammies. 3-1 MONSTERS.
  • I know the Hammies are stinking it up right now, but damnit, all these no-calls by Koharski are killing the game for the Hammies. 
  • Sad to say too... the Hammies have outshot the twerps too...
  • Ref you suck! Ref you suck! 
  • Guy is still going to kill the Hammies... 
  • Ref you suck! Ref you suck! Ref you suck!  
  • This period sucked. Guy is going to kill them. If I don't kill them first. These sucky second periods are very annoying. 
Third period
  • Apparently Koharski can count. Monsters get a penalty for too many men on the ice. 
  • Hoping the Hammies score so the parents can hear Flandersdude go crazy. 
  • (Bleeping) Weiman robs Darche... 
  • Ref you suck! 
  • Every time Flandersdude says Stoa's name say "FIE ON STOA". 
  • Some wallpaper thing is sponsoring the third periods? That could explain a lot........... 
  • Flandersdudeism of the night: Darche skates past that bouncing biscuit (really, "bouncing biscuit"?) 
  • Carle injured???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Okay. PP. Make it count, Hammies. 
  • ... okay don't. 
  • Damn, you know, this team needs Jordan Eberle if they have a hope in hell of tying this game up. WE NEED EBERLE. 
  • Hammies are outshooting the Monsters 40-19. Yup. Guy is going to kill them. 
  • Sure, give Trotter the penalty when you've missed like half a dozen infractions against the Hammies. Ref you suck. 
  • guh............ Look, I know Sanford needed to play a game sooner or later... but he's let in two bad goals tonight..... 4-2 Monsters. 
  • HOLY CRAP WHITE! 4-3! 
  • Sanford is out of the net. 
  • Guh. Empty netter. 5-3 Hammies say the Monsters were offside. They're giving the ref shit now. 
  • Guy is going to kill them. At least the Bears lost too. 
  • Oh and I hate the damn Monsters. 
  • Final thought of the net: Hey, look Flandersdude does swear. At least in his mind anyway: "We'll play the highlights of the end of the game. It was kind of a cluster......um......something." Riiiiighto. Clustersomething. Uhuh. Al says it was a cluster of peanuts (some peanut thing apparently "sponsors" the plays of the game). Now I want to know what he's saying right now. Bet some of it isn't family friendly :D


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