Oh Roger, how could you?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nadal just beat Federer. On hardcourts..... I'm incredibly disappointed but not entirely surprised....

I have no words right now for this right now....

Need more caffeine.....

At least it can't get any worse right? Oh... you mean the Habs still have to play the Bruins? Damn.



"God, it's killing me".

Those were Federer's words after the match when he got up and had to address the crowds.

What happened next was Federer actually broke down into tears.

I'm slightly surprised given that this is after all Roger Federer but then again.... What was he supposed to do? He had this Slam - this record - on the tip of his racquet and he let it go not just to some nobody guy, but to Rafael Nadal. The guy who has so far prevented the Fed from taking 6 majors - forgetting the French open for a sec, with those two wins at Wimbledon and at Melbourne, Federer would have already surpassed Sampras. Yes, Rafa was good. No, Rafa was definitely not unbeatable in this one. I think Federer's poor serves and weak returns on Rafa's serves killed it for him. Let's be honest, this was not a clean game from either of them by any stretch of the imagination. Rafa alone had more double faults today and he had Roger had combined at Wimbledon last year. Breakpoints and actual breaks abounded throughout the match. It was not clean but in the end Nadal played cleaner in the fifth set. Nadal was his usual gracious self and told Federer that he thinks tha the can beat Sampras' record. That's really sweet of you Rafa, but I don't think that that improved Federer's mood at all. But you know what? Rafa's right. Federer is going to beat Sampras' record. Let's not forget that Sampras was 31 when he had that record. Federer is still only 27 and he's still good enough to beat Nadal. It may not feel like that right now, but I know Federer will have that record.


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