Holy hockey gods do they ever trade a lot in the Q

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I can't keep up with all the trades right now. Damn you trade freeze followed by the trade deadline which means all the trades only become official right around the deadline.

After they traded Jake, the Juniors also traded Dion to Cape-Breton (where yes, he did try to punch Gouchie last night), Wall to Moncton (Juniors get Dillon Donnelly) and Levasseur to the Cucumbers (for some draft pick).

A brief picspam of my baby Juniors who are off to potentially bigger and better things:



(apparently I don't have a better pic of Wall).

(I'm still amused by this pic of Levasseur. You might need to look at a bigger version to see how funny he looks with his mouth-guard sticking out of his mouth :D)

I'd picspam Tardif as well 'cause the guy was traded from Drummondville to Victoriaville to Mooski, but yeah, we're not friends so no picspam of him. Also, I should post a picture of me glaring at Team Roy because they look kind of scary right now. Booo Remparts. BOOO. Do. Not. Like.

I'm going to need to go see them when they get back from down east so I'll have a more updated version of their team (including a better picture of baby Marcoux).


Grrrreg said...

I had no idea they traded so much in junior hockey. Can they also trade with OHL and WHL teams, or is it restricted to the Q?

I have read something a few days ago about the Saguénéens trading for Matthew Bissonette, who then said he didn't feel like living in Chicoutimi, and apparently now they traded him away for some picks. It's really nuts! I can't imagine the mess it would be if the nhl was like that. The Internet would explode on the trade deadline day! :D

Eternal Pessimist said...

They can only trade within their league. I haven't heard of the OHL or the WHL going crazy like the Q just did but I might be missing things. I know Windsor and Barrie where involved in a big trade and apparently the IceDogs traded Pietrangelo, but it still doesn't seem like the madhouse that's going on in the Q.

I saw that the Cucumbers traded away Bissonette after getting him. Had no idea about the reason behind it. Pfft.

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