Hammies vs IceHogs (what's an IceHog anyway?): Flandersdude is back!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hammies first!

Pre-game stuffs
  • FLANDERSDUDE IS BACK. Not that he was really gone, but yeah... You can't have him you horrible Sabres!!!!! 
  • Guy says the Hammies have never been blown out this year. I think he forgot that 5-1 loss to the Amerks earlier this year........ I mean, it's not a 7-1 blowout like the Habs experienced, but still.... 
  • Dagger and Patches are back tonight. Hope it goes well!!!
  • They call the arena where the IceHogs play "the pigpen"? Okay then...... 
Period Numero Uno 
  • Flandersdude is talking on and on in what I assume is a bid to stall for time while we wait on and on and on for the puck to drop. 
  • Why do they insist on having squeaky kids who can't sing sing the national anthems? Brutal. Next time I want the band with the over zealous cymbals player doing my national anthem instead of the squeaky kids. 
  • Awww, I forgot that Gluu's a daddy! Congrats to Gluuu and his wife.. I think her name is Melissa! (I'm going to know the names of everyone's wife's if they keep having kids). 
  • Hammies sound like they're awake tonight. More than I can say for the Habs right now (more on them later). 
  • Erm.... Rockford guys gave the goal to Stewie......? Flandersdude before the commercial: "Despite what they announced, the Bulldogs are up 1-0 by a goal from Matt D'Agostini, unless I've completely lost it". Heehee... 
  • What is a Klinkhammer......? And a Bickell....? 
  • Dagger sounds like he's having a good night. At the very least, he's shooting the damn puck!
  • Flandersdude is insisting that Dagger had the goal. 
  • Is it possible that the Hammies are actually catching a break on penalties that should be called against them but aren't, tonight?
  • I have a super craving for this super awesome Indian food wrap thingy I had in DC in DECEMBER. OMG it was so bloody awesome.......... D: 
Second period intermission:
  • Flandersdude is STILL insisting that Dagger scored. Apparently everyone agrees that it was Dagger. Everyone but the ref. Poop. 
  • Heeehee there was something super funny about the way that Flandersdude just said "Acadie" (he's talking to Danny Masse about the teams he played for in the Q). 
  • Masse grew up a Habs fan. Whoohoo! That's what you get for moving from some place near QC to some place near Montreal. HAHAH. 
Second period
  • Hey, Hammies, please don't go to sleep. 
  • HOLY CRAP. Rockford on a 2 on 0 (YES ZERO) and they miss the net........... WAKE UP HAMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • There's a rugby match going on behind the Hammies net apparently. 
  • Boo.. penalty coming up. 
  • We're lucky that the IceHogs keep missing the net. 
  • And the IceHogs miss the net again. 
  • ...........And again.........
  • ........and again.......
  • Weber's turn to miss the net now. 
  • Boy oh boy, a goal by the Hammies would be nice right about now....
  • STEVENSON SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES! 2-0!  WHOOHOO! That would be a month long scoring drought he just snapped. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Wow, Subban just got mauled and yet he still kept hold of the puck.
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrotter 3-0!!!!!!!!!! (Flandersdude says the goal was godawful for Crawford, but we'll take it anyway). 
  • Flandersdude is recounting the three gazillion time zones he had to cross through to get from Hammie-town to Vancouver and then from Vancouver to Rockford. Sounds confusing!
  • And he still thinks that Dagger should have had that goal. 
  • Ayeyeye! That sounded like waaaaaaaaaaay too many IceHogs getting shots away on Sanford.... 
  • Nice to know that Sanford is on top of his game so far! Sheeshhhh!
Intermission number 2
  • I do believe Flandersdude is talking to Ryan Flinn right now. Hi Ryan!
  • I'd like to know how many teeth he's missing because he sounds like he's missing a few of them (that or he's been punched in the face). 
  • Flandersdude: You should go into broadcasting when you're done playing hockey.
    Flinn: there's not too many opportunities for that in Phoenix (I guess he moved to Phoenix?).
    Flandersdude: Do they still have a team there? I know they're not in Hamilton!
    Flinn: *mentions something about the current guys in Phoneix doing the broadcasting*
    Flandersdude: maybe you should be like Tanya Harding while the other guy can be Nancy Kerrigan? (nice....)
Third period 
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrotttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Missed a few things whilst discussing Serena Williams and how I think that while she's an amazing athlete, I can't stand her personality. 
  • IceHogs have missed the net once and rang the puck off the goal post in this PP. 
  • Flandersdude is still dwelling on Dagger's goal which turned into Stewie's goal.  HAHAHAHA. I find this funny... for no reason.
  • Skille got SUBBANed. SMOOSH. 
    Didn't I say that the Hammies would score 5 goals for Flandersdude when he came back from Vancouver? DIDN'T I?!!!!!!!!!!!! Flashback to Monday night during the Sabres/Canucks game: "...........hmmm maybe the Sabres can have one more goal? Just one more? For Flandersdude? *smacks self* nononono Hammies will show their appreciation for Flandersdude by scoring at least five goals in Rockford on Wednesday and he can yell "and they scoooooooooooore" all night. Yes. Yes. Yes." SEEEEE?!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AYEYEYE. Rockford with their second two on ZERO rush............... Sanford stops them. BAD defensive lapses, Hammies. BAD. BAD. BAD. 
  • GAME OVER. Shutout!!!!! WHOOHOOO! Sanford's first shutout since....... October? His second shutout over the Rockford IceHogs!
Post game stuffs
  • I bet you can guess what Flandersdude is saying regarding that first goal. Yup. Still insisting that Dagger got it. Really, I want to see the replay of this now. 
  • Righto, so the Hammies had no PPs but Flandersdude still has to do his whole sponsorship add thingy. Hahahahaha. 
  • Whooo! Hammies just set a franchise record for most shutout wins away! 
Righto.. do I have to talk about the other shutout tonight? Like the one in which the Habs got SHUTOUT by the BOLTS......? Yeah, I don't like that shutout. I like the Hammies one better. GO HAMMIES GO!


Number31 said...

An IceHog is a very crappy version of the BabyHawks. Well, very crappy when they meet the Bulldogs anyway...or so it seems.

When Conboy score, the world explodes!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I kept writing 'IceDogs' the whole night xP apparently the IceHogs were really struggling for a while, but then they picked it up and then last night they imploded big time. Oh well....... Yay Conboy!

Grrrreg said...

I <3 Bulldogs. What would we do without them this season?

Eternal Pessimist said...

We'd all be dying right now.... or we'd be celebrating the Caps 8th win in a row.... D:

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