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Thursday, January 21, 2010

1. From what I've heard, Laraque isn't a bad person. I kinda liked Laraque the human being. Laraque the hockey player infuriated me to no end. I am not sorry to see him go. Not. At. All. When the goalie gets into more spontaneous fights than the supposed enforcer, you've got a problem. I know he's been injured for a good portion of the time (another issue entirely) but even when he was in the lineup he wasn't doing anything useful.

2. My boys did well at the CHL Top Prospects thing. Visentin (baby IceDog) didn't allow a goal in the first half of the game (Domingue got to be the faily other goalie). Spoooooner (the Pete who won the shootout last Friday) and Aubry (Juniors guy) both had goals and apparently Watson (former Spit turned Pete) had a really solid PK when Team Orr was on a 5 on 3 PP. WHOO =)

3. Ovie vs Puffy tonight. That is all.


Dave said...

Ovie WHUPS Puffy (on the scoreboard). He made an eye popping move that resulted in a goal for Knuble, then scored two of his own.

And of course, Crysob whined during the game. "(American Hero) Carlson touched me, call a penalty on him! Wah wah wah."

It was beautiful.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I saw it all on the compy! Whooohooo!

Peter G said...

A friend sent this link to me.


Eternal Pessimist said...


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