Saturday, January 23, 2010


HUGPILE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I headed off to Verdun tonight in the hopes that my Juniors would finally win a game while I was there. I wanted to hope that they would beat Val-d'Or considering how stinky Val-d'Or is supposed to be (while not forgetting what happened the last time I went to Verdun which also was a Juniors/Foreurs game).


The losing streak is OVER baby! WHOOOOOOO! Juniors stomped on the Foreurs by a beautiful score of 5-1. Oh yes. Sadly, my expensive camera with the decent lens decided not to work so I was forced to rely on the backup camera. Which is like relying on your backup goalie. It's nice and it does the job, but it's not as pretty as your starting camera. Did I just compare my cameras to goalies? Yeah, the meds are kicking in now (I'm still sick. Boohoo). But really... it's kinda true....

Butbutbutbutbutbutbut MY JUNIORS WON. It was horrendously loud at the Verdun Auditorium even for me who's ears were unbelievably blocked. They had guys whacking drums all night. never seen those guys there before and hoping I never will again. GUH.

Anyway!!!! There were all kinds of guys who I didn't know or hadn't seen before. Baby Marcoux got to be a Baby BenchWarmer tonight as Berube got to start (I miss Jaaaaake). David Rose was newish. Dillon Donnelly was new too (he was part of the Wall trade). Lapostelle was new to me too. I didn't even know this guy existed before tonight. Xavi was back with the team finally! Oh and I found out the mystery of the Hugo Roux/Desharnais. Hugo has two last names and they only put on on his jersey. His name is Hugo Roux-Desharnais. MYSTERY SOLVED. ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was my first time seeing the Juniors in that red/maroon colour. The Q followed the OHL when they switched their home colours to the darker colours. This matters because red/maroon looks a lot better than white.

Moving on........... Scandella who I'm now back to hating now that he's not playing for Team Canada, got into a fight with Gouchie. I thought the Juniors ended up with a PP in there and then they scored immediately or maybe they didn't get a PP. Bottom line is that they got a faceoff near the goalie with the Turco goalie pads and Chouinard scored. Some not as interesting stuff happened and then David Rose added one late in the period. WHOOOHOO!

The Foreurs imploded in the second period. They got into loads of penalty issues mainly because the Juniors were pressing. They spent most of the first half of the period in the box. Brenton scored. He's linemates with GOOOcheee and Genest. At least at that point he was :D And AUUUUUUUBRRRRRRRRRRY back from the CHL Top Prospects thingy scored on the PP. YAY AUBRY. After Aubry scored the Turco looking goalie smashed his stick while his coach was yelling (couldn't hear him through all the noise) and slamming the door to the bench and all that. Bwahahahah.

The third period was a huge mess. The Foreurs changed goalies and put in another guy with a hyphenated last name. Not that it did any good. GOOOOOOcheeee scored which was followed by a pretty quick goal by the Foreurs. Don't know who scored, don't care. Got a good view of the goal. It was only a matter of time before the Foreurs scored. They were pressing pretty hard at that point. And yeah... the rest of the game was marked by everyone getting upset. I'm sure the Juniors were upset that they ruined JF's shutout and were now going to the box for all kinds of dumb things. On the other side, I'm sure the Foreurs were upset that their goalie turned into a sieve and they were playing like crap (I guess the drums disoriented them too).

Observe all the evil penalties:

Lots and lots of fighting. Made for a rather anti-climatic win in the end but it was a good win.

Good for me because my boys finally won a game for me. Good for my boys because it shows that they 1) they weren't dwelling on the massacre that Victoriaville inflicted on them on Sunday 2) they can indeed defeat a division rival.. Even if that rival is a lot crappier than they are (which is saying something).

Speaking of GOOD WINS............HAMMIES BEAT AMERKS 6-1!!!!!!!! And they chased Salak out too. HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! Hammies knew that Guy would kill them if they didn't at least try tonight. Beating those Amerks in their own building is great. Chasing out Salak in the process is even better (still holding a grudge against him, yes). This was a big win and I can only imagine what Flandersdude was doing. He probably lost his voice at the end of the game :D Goals came from Trotter, Pyatt and Wyman in the first period... Trotter and White in the second... and Taffe (who somehow is always alone in front of Teddy or Sandford and scores) and WYMAN. Whoooooooo! Hammies even scored on the PP while not giving the Amerks anything on theirs. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Habs won 3-1 over the Devils. I'm told that Darche may have gotten a goal. WHOOOOOOOO!

Aaaaannnnnnnnnnd IceDogs win 4-1. Visentin is back from the CHL thingy too. WHOOOOOOOOOO!


And tired... stupid cold medication..............

Pictures are HERE.


Grrrreg said...

That Habs win was a beauty! I just watched the game this morning. Darche got not only a goal, but also a pretty assist on the third goal. And BennyPoo is never going to stop scoring goals! Yay!

Now I WANT to see the habs crush the rangers tonight to make them pay for last week's horrendous game. And when I say crush, mean that literally.

StorageCraft said...

The enthusiasm with which the players are playing is great and this is required in order to master any game. Without it it is difficult to win any game.

Number31 said...

So they wear dark at home now? I still wished the NHL had the home white/away dark...

...WAIT, WALL WAS TRADED? :( :( :( That's the problem with Junior hockey. It's hard to keep track of all the bloody trades.

LOL about the backup camera goalie analogy XD That's genius.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Grrreg - WHOO DARCHE =) I want to see the Rangers get crushed too. Metaphorically and literally ;D

Number31 - Yeah, they traded Wall, Levasseur, Dion and Jake around the deadline D: trying to keep track of all these guys is ridiculous!

I still can't believe I compared my cameras to goalies lol =p

Grrrreg said...

I agree with Number 31 about the home white/away dark jerseys. I've always liked the habs white jerseys better.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I like the dark colours better... if only because they make for better pictures :D Really, white jerseys on white ice are a PAIN to take good pictures of D:

Number31 said...

White home jerseys were part of the "home ice advantage". Remember how hard it was to see the Blackhawks when they visited? now by reversing it, it's harder to see the visiting team :/

Eternal Pessimist said...

That is a good point! I forgot how hard it was to see the Hawks when they were here last year.

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