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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apparently I can't easily actively follow four teams at once. Really.

It started off okay with the Petes and the Caps on the radio and TV at 7.

Then the Habs and the Voltigeurs came on at 7:30.

Then I lost my mind because I didn't just turn off the Caps and the Petes. I kept switching back in-between periods.


At one point someone walked in and asked me the score. My response? "Habs up 1-0, Caps up 4-1 on a goal by Pie (danm, now I want the pie you can eat), Voltigeurs failing epically (well, no, not epically. They know now to fail epically for real but this isn't pretty either), Petes only down a goal now as opposed to two, Niagara losing...... wait... one sec.... hang on.... damnit, load you stupid OHL site! Okay! They are losing... 1-0... no.. 2-0... no, 2-1".


All this is to say... Don't ask for any great insights into the games.

Let's deal with these teams in order of least faily-ness.

Caps win 5-2 

I think I hate the Sens almost as much as I hate the Leafs. Thus, seeing the Caps score 5 goals (and I did see most of them) was beautiful. Pie had two nice goals, Ovie finally scored on his third or whatever breakaway. Leclaire decided to put on a clinic on how to play your angles. Thanks Leclaire. I appreciate the demonstration actually.

Habs win 2-0

Of course right when I write up the generic writeup they switch it up a bit. They didn't get outshot, they didn't spend hours in the penalty box, they didn't blow the lead.... They weren't playing inspiring and exciting hockey either though. Whatever. Poo scored in the first period and the boys hung on to the lead until Gio put the puck into the empty net. Okay, Poo, so you're an upgrade over the French Marshmallow. So maybe... just maybe... we need to consider a new name for you. Maybe. Anyone got any ideas on what we should be dubbing Poo now?

IceDogs win 4-2


Petes lose 6-3 

Booooo. It wasn't pretty..... losing 6-3 at home makes it even uglier. D: I actually missed most of the third period because the radio died. The feed was fine but the radio died. Wonderful.

Voltigeurs lose 5-1 

Well... at least they weren't at home? By the end the Drummondville guys were like "Where's Jake Allen?". Ouch..................... at least Dumont scored? And was sitting in the box for the go ahead goal............. GUH.


Number31 said...

BennyPoo? Billy Guerin Jr? (He looks like Guerin a little, don't you think?). OH! My brother calls him "Manapult" 'cause he just catapults into things. (He was telling me how NHL10 lists him as a sniper when he's really just a power forward).

I was enjoying Leclaire's goaltending clinic on failtending. Actually Theo was lucky to be behind the better team 'cause he was putting a clinic on failtending in a wining combination. Eeks.

Grrrreg said...

The guys at Four Habs Fans call him Poule. I'm really bad at finding clever nicknames, so I have no better suggestion... :/

Anyway, he does deserve something more flattering than Poo. This looks more and more like a rare case of a win-win trade. I think both Montreal and Minny can be pretty happy with what they got, and with what they got rid of!

Eternal Pessimist said...

number31 - BennyPoo the Manapult! That way we can keep the Poo part and add the catapult part! YAY!

Yeah, Theo should be thanking his team for being awesome :D

Grrrreg - Well.. I dunno if BennyPoo the Manapult is anymore flattering but it's funnier :D So far I think both teams are pleased with the trade. Which is a minor pity because I was hoping the French Marshmallow would rot a bit in Minny before coming around to his senses. Oh well...

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