Habs vs Blues - we've got a new enforcer of sorts

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So I took my mom to her first live game since.... whenever the last time she was in the old Forum was.... which was years ago..... After the first five minutes, I'm sure the whole Habs team and I were all going "FML".  I was certainly hoping I wasn't about to witness a massacre... Thankfully that didn't end up happening and I still think my mom had a good time so it was all good.

We did have a great view of our new little enforcer though:

You tell him, Carey!! SMASHY SMASHY SMASHY! What? I was denied my imaginary goalie fight on Sunday! I wanted a goalie fight! SMASHY!

Personally, I think if the goalie goes out like that (and Carey had no choice because the D was nowhere to be seen) then he should be considered relatively fair game (ie I don't think Janssen should have ran him over like that but I think he should have been allowed to bump into him). That being said, I think if someone is going to ram the goalie in any capacity (including bowling him over), they should be punched out by the goalie's teammates (and the goalie himself). In other words, my only problem with what happened last night was that Carey wasn't allowed to punch out someone (not that I think Carey should have been allowed to fight Janssen. Conklin would have been a suitable punching bag, no?)... oh and the fact that the whole thing could have been averted if the defense wasn't on another planet

And Pierre McGuire is like "Why isn't Laraque in the lineup?!" Well, I'll tell you why he's not in the lineup, Pierre. He's not in the lineup because he does NOTHING when he's on the ice. NOTHING. Our goalie is willing to get into more fights than him. EDIT: apparently he's also not in the lineup because the Habs will buy him out.

Apart from Carey sticking up for himself (or trying to anyway) the other good thing was.... damn, I can't believe I'm saying this... BennyPoo. Yes, BennyPoo had a good night. At least I only remember the good parts about his night so if he did give the puck away during one of those blecky Blues goals, I don't remember it. Yeah. Sorry I ever said mean things about you, BennyPoo....

Also... I think I was the only one who cheered super loud when they showed Darche. Poor Darche.... D:

Anyway, no more Habs games for me this year. My lovely stash of hockey tickets is slowly diminishing..... Boohoo D:

I think I used the words "anyway" and "also" way too much in this post. 


Grrrreg said...

I said the exact same thing about Price and Janssen!

Sorry you had to watch another loss. At least it must have been entertaining... I hope you still had a good time.

How did you find the Blues? I know you were probably not watching them too closely, but I like them. Are they any good? I can't see any of their games...

Eternal Pessimist said...

I saw that you said the same thing about Pricey :D

I still had a good time! It was nice to take my mom.

It's hard to tell if the Blues were good or the Habs were just that bad. I know the Blues are a good road team - or so I've heard anyway - so I'll give them some of the credit for controlling a lot of the play and keeping the Habs to the outside for the most part. They seemed to control the puck a lot better than the Habs but again, I think some of this is just plain ineptitude on the Habs part. I don't remember Conklin being this good so either his glove hand had a great night or the Habs weren't peppering him with enough shots.

Grrrreg said...

Thanks for the report!

Eternal Pessimist said...

It wasn't beautiful but you're welcome :D

Number31 said...

TJ OhShit! That is all.

Carey "Punchy" Price is the man.

Eternal Pessimist said...

LOL nice :D

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