Hammies vs Admirals: Whooohoooo!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

pre-game stuffs aka EP runs around checking the scores of her other teams

  • Voltigeurs score two early goals, including a nice shorty from Levesque (ooooo and Philippe just scored!!!)
  • Poop...Juniors are down 1-0 to the Huskies. BOO HUSKIES. 
  • Bah. Petes and IceDogs are down 1-0  and 2-1 to Belleville and Erie as well. Meh. 
  • Um no, Guy didn't say anything interesting tonight. What is he going to say after last night's game anyway? "Oh yeah, we totally just bagskated the team for those awful two on nothings"?  Bagskate! 
Hammies tiiiiiiime! 

First period:
  • Ouch... I think that woman in Rochester just got outdid in "how badly can we sing the national anthems?" category by this woman in Milwaukee. Yes, I feel the need to chronicle these awful singing jobs in the AHL. 
  • Sanford just bailed himself out after he misplayed the puck behind his net. Oh boy.... 
  • It's "blow the whistle for no reason" night, apparently. 
  • Hey, how come Sanford is doing all the work tonight?! This ain't a Habs game, guys.... 
  • Dagger wants a goal (that will count). Hammies are forechecking everywhere. No goal though. 
  • Flandersdude keeps trying to say something but the Hammies and Admirals keep trying to score while he's talking. Hehe. 
  • Boohooo Conboy hits the goal post... D: 
  • Dagger bear hugs Guite after the latter decks Trotter. Yay for Dagger standing up for his teammates! No yay for Trotter though........
  • And Guite gets 5 mins and a 10 min misconduct for decking Trotter (they're calling it a headshot). PP time!
  • Hammies still on the PP. 
  • WHOOOOHOOOO! Benoit! 2-0!
  • Poooo.... Dagger misses the half empty net (well, it went off someone's stick). 
  • That was a good PP. Thanks for sacrificing your head, Trots! ;D 
1st period intermission aka EP goes back to running around like an idiot!
  • Voltigeurs still up 3-1 but Piche's shutout just got ruined. Oh I'm sorry. It's 4-1. Sean just scored (everyone's favorite shit disturber in the Q got one of the assists, yes). 
  • Parkes ties it up for the Juniors on the PP against the Huskies! 1-1! 
  • .... Belleville is now up 2-1 on the Petes. Petes, seriously... I want a win after that crapfest in London! D: 
  • And the IceDogs are tied 3-3! one of the Hamiltons scored. I think it was Freddie, but it could have been Dougie... (sorry, I really have a lot of fun saying their names for some reason). 
Oh Flandersdude interviewed Patches earlier today: 

  • Ooo Patches just totally said "it's nice to be down here with a team that's winning".  
  • He doesn't seem to be too cut up about being sent down..... I think he realizes that it's the best thing for him right now. 
  • Hahaha... Flandersdude did his interview with Patches while the other guys were playing soccer behind them and Patches got decked at the end of the interview. 
Second period 
  • Oh c'mon... Flandersdude is actually trying to look at that penalty objectively?! If it was a hit to the head, then they should have dumped Guite from the game (which is what they did). 
  • dhakdhakjdhkasdh it's very windy outside my window. This matters because it's distracting me from listening to the Hammies game. Go away wind D: 
  • GUHHH 2-1 now........ 
  • Yikes! Now the Ads just rang it off the post! Ayeyeye....
  • This game has gone back to being a fast paced one... sloooooooooooow doooooooooooown. 
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! St. Denis!!!!!!! 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • "D'Agostini took a high stick from Rabbit, who will be hopping into the penalty box". Sorry but... HAHAHAHA. 
  • Wait.. I only realized now that there's two Santorellis in this game.. what's with all the brothers tonight?!
  • Oh Flandersdude, don't say that the Hammies have lost their last 5 games here in Milwaukee. That is just asking to tempt fate. 
  • Pffffffft Hammies get a penalty for... playing hockey. Think of it as a gift, Ads. 
Second period intermission aka... yeah, you guessed it! EP runs around checking the scores of her teams
  • Poop. Petes lose 3-1 to the Bulls. Boohoo. 
  • Philippe has remembered how to score again! Voltigeurs are up 5-2 now over the Cucumbers. 
  • Did I mention how much it saddens me that Levasseur plays for Chicoutimi? 
  • IceHogs are actually AHEAD 5-3. Freddie Hamilton has a hat trick!!! EDIT: erm that would be the IceDOGS....
annnnnd we get a Dagger interview too!
  • Dagger doesn't sound depressed either. 
  • Dagger also likes the guys on this team. He really seemed to be hinting that it's a lot more fun in Hammie-town. 
  • Apparently the Hammies can't afford to give their guys a knife and fork and instead give them two forks with their meal. At least that's what happened last night. Hahaha... 
Third period 
  • Oops... we're 8 mins in and I haven't had to say anything so far......
  • Here's something: All of the Hammies goals have been scored by defensemen. Also, Trots and David don't have any points yet. David needs a point because he's got an 8 game point streak going on right now. Or something. 
  • Sanford's been really solid tonight. I like this version of Sanford. As opposed to the injured and faily version. 
  • Flandersdude just insulted the Ad's mascot. He says it looks like a cross between Clifford, Youppi and an aardvark. Apparently it's super ugly. EDIT: okay, I found a pic of it. It is ugly. 
  • Hahaha.... there's still a over a minute left in the game, but the guys in Milwaukee have already given Flandersdude the 3 star for the game.
  • WHOOOOHOOO HAMMIES WIN. First win in Milwaukee in 5 years!
Post-game stuffs aka.... you know what........
  • PHILIPPE GOT A HAT TRICK. Voltigeurs win 7-2!!! EDIT: apparently this is his first hat trick?! WUT? Well, congrats, dude!
  • Juniors lost in OT =( Berube stopped 40 of 42 shots... 
  • IceDogs wiiiiiiiiiiiin 5-3!


Grrrreg said...

IceDogs, IceHogs, you're all confused now! ;)
And I feel like I'm saying this every day on your blog, but hurray for the Hammies!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Did I call the IceDogs the IceHogs.......? Oh damn, I knew I was going to do that... I kept calling the IceHOGS the IceDOGS the other night too.... doesn't help when the IceDOGS have two brothers named HAMILTON either....ICESOMETHINGS WON THE GAME LAST NIGHT :D

Aren't my Hammies awesome? We love them.

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