Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, I'm actually  not all that entertained by this Hockey Day in Canada thing... Why? Well, because it's pretty much always Hockey Day in EPland around here. Last night I was following the IceDogs (they lost in a shootout), the Juniors (they lost in OT to those pesky Huskies AGAIN even though Berube was being awesome AGAIN) and the Petes (they lost 3-0 to the Bulls. Boohoo. Someone please send Richard Panik back to Windsor). I spared you all a lengthy post about it so be happy :D

However, I'm using today as an excuse to write up one huge post about hockey, hockey, hockey and Roger. Yeah. We're roughly 14 hours away from Frazzle O'Clock.

(and hey looky, they have these "Read more" jump breaky thingies in blogger! I had no idea until I looked it up!!)

1:30 okay, so maybe I'm watching a reply of the Aussie Open Women's final with Serena Williams and Justine Henin instead of random people looking frozen on some pond somewhere in Ontario. I think I really like Henin. Between her and Kim Clijsters, I may have to pay a little bit of attention to women's tennis.

2:00 : Habs Time. Coincidentally, I also have a headache right now. Hmmmm....

Habs vs Ottawa: Doooooooooooom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Dooooooom...........

First period.

  • Wow. We get the full orchestra version of our anthem today. 
  • Hey Harper's there. Can he prorogue the game if the Habs are doing badly? Please?
  • I love that the "Go Habs Go" is ALWAYS louder than the "Go Sens Go" in The Cave. 
  • Five mins in and I have nothing of note to say. Other than the Sens have had a few good chances to score so far. 
  • Oh that Tim Horton's commercial thingy about hockey that originally had Crysob doing the voice over but now has some other guy doing it, is soooooooooooo touching. Awwwwww!!!!! 
  • Side note of the day: #CheerUpEmoMG52 is the best hashtag I've seen on Twitter in the last two days. Poor Greener. 
  • Lots of booing for Kovy. Are we sure we're playing in Ottawa Kanata today?
  • Can we please do something interesting so I don't have to sit here trying to find random things to say to make this writeup interesting?
  • Well, of course Kovy scored the first goal. Of course. And what is it with Ottawa/Kanata and horrible goal horns?? It literally sounds like: BLAAAAAAAAAAAARGH BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH. 
  • Oh! Penalties coming up to O'Byrne and Michalek and Schmo is getting angry. YES. I really missed Hartsburgh blowing up at everyone when he got fired... so glad Schmo is getting angry now too. 
  • First period over. That was quick and relatively painless. 
Second period 
  • WE GOT A SHOT ON GOAL! Is this the first one of the game? No? Felt like it....
  • OMG. We got another shot on goal! 
  • .... of course this is then followed by what felt like five quality chances by the Stinky Sens. 
  • So THAT is what Bob Cole looks like. Now I know he's not just some disembodied voice that's come to haunt me. 
  • Blah, blah, blah, Sens get a shot away... and another... and another... and another.... blah, blah, blah, blah.... 
  • Depressing Thought of the Game: Habs are now past the 180-minute mark since last even strength goal. That's three games people (courtesy of @ArponBasu).
  • And there we go again... BLAAAAAAAAAAARGH BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH. 2-0 Sens. 
  • I really hope my Sens relative is off skiing or shoveling snow or watching the non-existent grass growing instead of watching this game...... Maybe I'll make a preemptive strike and tell them that I won't cheer for the Sens in the playoffs?  
  • CBC guy: the Canadiens' PP used to be ranked no. 1. Now it's no. 2. (he's saying it like it's now no. 30)..... I can't even come up with a sarcastic retort to this right now.... 
  • BENNYPOO. 2-1
  • And NOW the CBC guys say "well, the Canadians's PP is no. 1 on the road". Please try not to sound too disappointed. 
Third period 
  • Oh... we're back? 
  • ... and the Habs are taking a penalty. Cue the commercial break! 
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it's THAT Tim Horton's commercial thingy again *sobs again* 
  • I see Harper! You know he's a closet Leafs fan, right? RIGHT?  
  • That short handed attempt was probably our best chance a goal in this period.... 
  • Sergei just smacked Spezza! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SQUISHY BETTER NOT BE INJURED. That looked like a horrible hit into the boards. Well, not the hit, but the way he went into the board, foot first. Ankle probably went smush.............. EDIT: or... it's his knee apparently.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Habs get a PP with 3 and something mins left. DO SOMETHING. 
  • GIO!!!!!!!!! 2-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sens get the 2 on 1 with 40 seconds left..... Jaro stops the puck. 
  • Okay. Third period over. Habs will walk out with at least one point!
  • Apparently "go Habs go" + "go Sens go" sounds like "go Hens go" on my TV.......
  • Spezza should have gotten a penalty shot on that trip but we'll settle for a Sens PP instead. Kinda. Maybe. Why was Spezza getting a rush like that anyway? EH? EH? 
  • OH SPEZZA is going to the box now? So it's 3 on 3 now? I want a 2 on 2. That'd be hilariously stupid. 
  • Of course that means that  the SENS score. I swear I will dismember that goal horn. UGH. 3-2 Sens
5:00 okay so I have... two hours before the Petes take on Ottawa (speaking of teams with bad goal horns). Time to consider making dinner.

7:00 Petes time!

  • Petes are all broken.... No Spooner, no Walchessen, no Daley...no.... darn, I missed who else. But there's a lot of them D: Even Misshy is all injured too. And I think Watson is still gone.....D:
  • Petes guy just said that the 67s beat Montreal (instead of the Sens). Uhhhhhhh I really hope that the Habs didn't lose to an OHL team today!!! Yeeeeeeeesh. 
  • oooo Petes get some brassband thingy doing the national anthem. This immediately eliminates the potential for awful singing. Although, it doesn't eliminate out of tune brass playing apparently... ooof.... 
  • Petes guys are talking about the 67s having some type of shutout thingy going on... 
  • BINGO. No shutout for the 67s tonight! Puempel scores! 1-0
  • I missed what happened next because I was off eating cookie dough... 
  • WHOOOOOO! Petes score!!!! 2-0!! 
  • Aww the newbie Pete hits the crossbar! D: 
  • Oh major reffail in Peterborough... 
7:30 okay, Hammies time. Sorry Petes! 

Hammies vs Wolves: RAAAAAAAAAAAAR! 

Pre-game stuffs

  • Variations on a theme of the Wolves being a better team than we think they are. Or something like that. I was trying not to burn chocolate chip cookies so I wasn't listening particularly well. 
  • Guy says a pile of stuff that I wasn't listening to because I was off discussing linguistics and hockey with someone. Mainly how half my hockey is in French and half is in English. 
  • Yeah, that was a crappy writeup.... oh well.. ON TO THE GAME WHICH WON'T BE CRAPPY. 
First period 
  • Well, after hearing SO many awful singers in the AHL it was kinda nice to listen to a not-bad rendition.  
  • WHAT? Lehtonen is in nets?!! Booo. 
  • Whaaah, it's loud in there.... 
  • A(nother) sign that my brain still isn't working: I heardFlandersdude say "Falafel" instead of "Holzapfel".... 
  • Whaaaah, another fast paced game.... Slooooooooooow doooooooooown D: my tired brain can NOT keep up.... 
  • Aie aie aie...... nice to see Teddy isn't falling asleep here (unlike me). 
  • ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz..... so tired... and I still have to get up at 3:30 for Roger's match...... ZzZzZzZz....
  • So... Gluu gets a penalty for being pushed into Lehtonen.............? Is Chelios going to the box too? Or some other Chicago guy?
  • And now someone decked Dagger. My brain can't handle all of this right now.....
  • BENOIT SCOOOOOOOOOORES! 1-0! Really, I need to break a couple of rules and record a Hammie scoring and use it for my alarm clock one day.... You can't sleep through a Flandersdude goal call...  
  • Deh-HAIR-nay assisted on that goal apparently. Better than Mattoo Carlay, I guess.
  • Erm.... Benoit headed off to the box..... KILL KILL KILL ... the penalty I mean.
Second period 
  • Hammies kill the rest of the Wolve's PP left over from before. 
  • Oh, Hammies get a PP too. 
  • Did David just hit Lehtonen in the head with the puck? Hehe. 
  • Annnnnnnd Dagger gets a penalty for something........Okay........
  • Random Interjection: Canooks just tied the game after being down 3-0 to the LEAFS. Apparently Glenn Healy is heartbroken. Perfect!!!
  • Every time I hear Welch's name I think of Welch's grape juice.
  • Oops.... Wolves off to the box. Can we make this PP count? PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE?
  • I completely space out for a second and the next thing I hear is "Desjardins stops Chelios"....Yay Teddy?
  • Okay, Lehtonen needs to go back to Atlanta. Shoo! Shooo!!!
  • It's "Adopt a Dog Night" in Chicago? Can I adopt a few Hammies? No? Okay...
  • Why so many PPs? Wolves are on the PP now..........
  • Chelios needs to go somewhere else too. SHOO! SHOO!
  • This period has gone on FOREVER..... 
  • OUI! RYAN RUSSEL! 2-0! Sounds like it bounced off a pile of guys. Or at least off of Lehtonen. Okay, maybe you can stay put if you're going to do that. 
  • I really did shout "oui" when they scored too.. that's a new one for me o.O 
  • Eeeeeeeeeeek Go Teddy go!
9:44 PETES WIN! PETES WIN! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Third period 

  • Flandersdude wonders if the Bears will ever go into hibernation. I wish I could like the Hershey Bears. I'm a flipping Caps fan too for crying out loud, but I just haven't gotten around to actually liking them. Oh well......
  • Whoa... there's HOW many people at this game? Over 15k? o_O 
  • UGH. 2-1. adkahkdnskjhaioj...........
  • Okay, Wolves fans, all 15K of you, shush!!!
  • Hey, nice timing on the Crown Royal commercial... Hopefully I won't need to find something alcoholic to drink after this.... 
  • AYEYEYE. St. Denis saves the day. For now. Say thank you, Teddy, to Freddy for saving you and the Hammies!
  • Frazzling..... 
  • It's "hit Kari in the head with the puck" night. Hammies, you do know that you don't get points for that, right? Put the puck into the back of the net, please!!!!!
  • Someone hits the goal post...... Getting closer to putting it into the back of the net!
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph I really, really do not like the automatic puck over glass = delay of game penalty. Stupid penalty. 
  • Trotter...... off the goal post.... *wimpers* 
  • No, it's not fitting if we go to OT or a shootout!! *glares at the radio*  Unless the Hammies win of course. Then anything's fine. 
  • Poop. We're going to OT. Let's hope this goes better than the OT from earlier today....... 

  • Wrong side of the net, White!! 
  • Ayeyeye.....! I don't need any pre-Aussie Open final stress!!!! FINNISH THIS GAME, HAMMIES. 
  • I SAID HAMMIES. NOT WOLVES. ThankyouTeddyforstoppingthat!!!!!!!
  • dhakhdkjashdkasdh SHOOTOUT. I HATE SHOOTOUTS. 
  • Well, I was going to type out the whole thing but I was too busy frazzling so we'll just cut to the end: HAMMIES WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN YAY!!!!! THANK YOU SHAWN BELLE!!!!!!!! 
  • Hehe, the two defensemen score in the shootout (PK got the other one). 
11:00 PM Okay! I would like to stay up and watch the Flames beat the..... Oilers, but I've got a tennis final to frazzle over in four an a half hours so I'm off to sleep! 


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