One does not simply walk into the Bell Centre

Saturday, December 5, 2009

.... especially not on the Habs 100th birthday!

Thanks to Number31 for reminding me of that quote from Lord of the Rings. How does that tie in? Why because Viggo Mortensen was there tonight! You know... Aragorn? Doesn't anyone remember when I said he was a Habs fan last year?

Anyway.. pre-game stuff

  • Absolutely amazing pre-game stuff. Yeah, yeah, I watch the whole thing. Yeah, yeah, call me whatever you want after I complained last night that I wouldn't do it. It was way better than I thought it was going to be. It was really well done. Habs know how to throw a party. 
  • I really loved the bit where they had all the old players coming out for a pre-game skate. Really awesome. I'm forgetting the finer points of the all the ceremonies. Hey, did start... 6 hours ago!
  • No Koivu made me sad though.
  • It was really great to see Lach and Bouchard's numbers retired. Probably the most touching moment of the entire thing. How cool is it to be like 90 something and have your number retired? SO cool. 
  • O'Byrne is a super classy guy. he didn't need to change his number ahead of tonight's game but he did it anyway. 
  • I hope they're going to sell that group photo of all the guys on the ice. Like in HUGE poster form. I would buy that.

The Game 
  • I think the old guys should show up to every game because the Habs came out flying!
  • Pricey with a saaaaaveeee!
  • Head Pigeon! I thought it looked Patches got a stick on it, but I guess not. 1-0!
  • Hey.. why is there a 5 on 3 for the Booins? I don't get it?
  • OMG they killed it off! 
  • Pleky almost has a goal on the Marshmallow. Scrum in front. SQUISHY! 2-0. HELL YEAH. 
  • Marshmallow decides to give Squishy a birthday present by coughing up the puck right in front of the net. Squishy scores. 3-0! 
  • METRO! Gill gets the assist! Oh yes, that would be TWO ex-Booins who worked together on that goal. Karma, I tell you. No goals for Begin or Ryder. 
  • Seriously, didn't Marshmallow have a broken hand? What's wrong with his glove hand? It's all screwey. Oh well. 
  • Uhoh... Sergei injured?! Gomer lost his new best friend.... D: 
  • Aaaaaaaaandddddddd haaaaaat triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick for Squishy!!!!!!! 
  • We can forget about the rest of the game. The Czech Bulldozer ruined Pricey's shutout, but that was it from the Booins. Oh and the Milk Crate Thrower finished the game for the Booins. Marshmallow had to sit the rest out. 
  • Patches is working his butt off tonight. 
  • Oh noes! Habs fans at the BC are SINGING. And there's 8 mins left!!!! Shut up! 
  • PRICEY! 
  • Habs finish off the Booins. WHOOOOOO! 
Please note how I didn't stick it to the Booins fans on twitter. I was a (relatively) gracious winner.

Post game cake handouts! We'll just steal THIS cake from l'antichambre too! 

this is also from Number31. Yes, I'm stealing all of her stuff tonight

  • Pricey gets five pieces because we're giving him one for every goal the Habs scored on the other team
  • Sqiushy gets three pieces of cake for the hat trick!
  • Gorges gets one piece for his great work tonight
  • Patches gets one piece for working his butt off
  • Sergei gets one because he got hurt
  • Metro gets one piece for being Metro. And for scoring on the Booins 
  • Head Pigeon gets one piece because he scored
  • Marshmallow gets half a muffin because he made my team win. Thanks, Tim!
  • Booins get to have the crumbs. If there are any left.
To cap off this great night......

Juniors beat Mooski 2-1 in a shootout. HAH! Last week they lost to Dupod in a shootout and tonight they exacted some revenge. Good job boys =) Although... can someone tell Chouinard that he can't live in the penalty box? I swear he takes at least one penalty a game. It's crazy. But yeah... WHOOOO!

HAMMIES WIN! HAMMIES WIN! And not just win, win. They won via another shutout. This is the first time in franchise history that they've had three consecutive shutouts (c'mon, Guy, you know you want to smile!). Brrrrrock Trotter, PK and uh PK again a had the Hammies three goals. PK's second came short handed when it put it into the empty net. First shorty of the year for the Hammies too. YAAAAAAAAAY! Lots of brawling too. Like, lots of brawling and loads of penalties.

Fail of the game: the ref tried to call a penalty on the Marlies for too many men on the ice only to realize that they had pulled their goalie. He should have called them when they had nearly ten players on the ice.

Best part of the game: Flandersdude ripping the Marlies and the Leafs. In a super polite, super nice sort of way. It was funny. And great.

And the Cyclones won too. Great night for the franchise! :D

Seriously, this must be the first time ALL of my teams have won when playing in the same night.


Grrrreg said...

4 things:

- The cyclones won too?! Wow, the habs should have centennial games more often!

- We were totally gracious winners last night, we only laughed at the Bruins when their fans couldn't see us. :P

- I also cringed when I heard some habs fans starting to sing "Nanana hey hey" with 8 minutes left. They'll never learn I guess.

- Before you put the historic habs picture in a frame on your wall, we should photoshop Koivu's face to replace Gomez. Then it will be perfect.


Eternal Pessimist said...

- seriously, if all centennial games go like this, they should do it everyday! :D

- shhhhhhhh! =p

- Seriously... people... you can sing with 1 minute left and only if you're blowing out the other team by, oh, four or so goals *G*

- Yes! That would make it perfect! *nods* Sorry, Gomer, it's nothing personal.. just... you know... it's Koivu.

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