Leasfail reaches new levels of hilarity

Friday, December 4, 2009

So this interview with Filatov went up on Puck Daddy. I wouldn't be mentioning it at all if it wasn't for the really bizarre and hilarious bit at the end.

He's talking about some pre-draft interviews he did with various NHL clubs.

What question surprised you the most?

"I had interviews with many NHL clubs. But I was surprised when I came into Toronto's office. Their general manager was sitting there. I thought that some regular questions [would be asked]. But he tossed a candy on the table and said ‘If you take it you will be a millionaire, the best hockey player in the world, would win five Stanley Cups and two Olympics. But when you're 30 you will most likely have an accident. If you don't take it, you will live until you're 100, but would be an average player.'"

And what did you do?

"I took the candy..."

And went to that Phoenix interview from this odd one in Toronto?

"I liked Gretzky's questions better."

Uhh seriously? What is this? The Matrix? Hahahahahaha.............

Oh and the Flyers just fired Bub (John Stevens). Oops. And I was SO looking forward to beating the Flyers next week with him  behind the bench. Damnit. What? There's some serious hard feelings from the 08 playoffs....


Number31 said...

If you take the Blue Pill, you will remain a Columbus Blue Jacket and stuck in Jabba the Coach's doghouse for playing real hockey. If you take the Red Pill, we'll welcome you to the Montreal Canadiens where people love exciting hockey even if you suck defenseively and look like a little girl. I mean look at Bergeron, he kills us every night! *Ahem* Seriously Filatov, find a new club.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Oh. My. God. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Someone needs to stuff that red pill down his throat :D

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