Battle of Who Can Fail More

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Preee-gaaaame stufffs
  • RYAN WHITE is back. I guess this means Poo is going to be back soon? 
  • And as Flandersdude said the Hammies are "dreaming of a Ryan White Christmas". Um, actually, he kinda sang it. I say "kinda" because I actually didn't recognize the melody. Hahaha. Poor Flandersdude. He can't sing..... 
  • Trrrrotter was sick last night. Guy said he wasn't going to play but then he marched in before the game and said he was playing. So he played. Bwahahaha. 
  • Teddy also has a franchise record for the longest shutout streak by a goalie (as opposed to the team). 
  • Jeez, Guy, can't you just enjoy the three shutouts? No? I keep forgetting this is the same guy who hates losing. To the point where he hates losing at cards to his little kids. Ah dear..... 
The game 
  • well.. it started off bad. The Marlies finished the first period up 2-0. Flandersdude says "we'll replay the  Marlies goals, but it will sound like nails on a chalkboard for the Bulldogs fans". 
  • Fighty fighty fighty
  • I think the Marlies are way more truculent than the Leafs. If truculent means "cheap hitting everyone". 
  • fighty fighty fighty
  • White wants to demolish a Marlie! Welcome back to the AHL!
  • GLUU! 2-1!
  • UGH. Marlie goal. 3-1 
  • DAVID! 3-2!
  • PA fail in Toronto. They can't run the PA system through the radio hence we can't hear the Marlies guy announcing the Baby Habs goal. 
  • WYMAN! 3-3!! 
  • Fighty fighty fighty! 
  • UUUUUUUUUUUGH. Marlie goal........... 4-3.............*headdesk*
  • Ref you suck!
  • Omg, NEILSON with a goal? 4-4! HAHAHA. Wow!
  • Fighty fighty fighty 
  • I'm sure Guy is standing there going "guhhh". 
  • Flandersdude wonders if it's a battle to see who can lose this game 
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrryaaaaaaan Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrusssssel! TIED AGAIN. 
  • They keep changing the assists for all the goals..... 
  • Fighty fighty fighty
  • OT
  • I hate Stalberg
  • fighty fighty fighty
  • Hammies PP fail 
  • Trotter hits the crossbar.... 
  • @#$%^ Stalberg wins it for the Marlies. I hate this guy. SOMEONE SMASH HIM. BAD GIVEAWAY, HAMMIES. *smashes the Marlies*
  • And the stats guys in Toronto fail. BIG TIME. 
The Sean Couturier Show aka the Voltigeurs/Mooski game 
  • he had a five point game as the Voltigeurs FINALLY won a game. They should be thanking the Juniors for tiring out Mooksi first. 
  • Larabie, Brunelle and Randazzo had the three others for the Voltigeurs. Emond had the lone Mooski goal. 
  • Baby Hab Dumont had his requisite penalty of the game (he thinks his home is in the penalty boxes, I swear) and he added a goal and two assists too. 
  • Philippe doesn't know how to score anymore D: 
In other news...It's Scrum Night in Canada 
  • Leafs got blown out by the Booins. If this trend of getting blown out by a division rival one night only to blow out another division rival the next keeps up, then the Leafs are due to blow out the Sens, who will then blow out the Sabres (who won't be blowing out the Habs again). Highlight of the game: The Czech Bulldozer smashed Komisarek. And here I was fretting over who would take over Looch's job.... Ah.... 
  • Welcome back to the NHL, Laviolette. Caps blow out the Flyers 8-2 despite actually being outshot by the Flyers. What. The. Hell?! Anyway, who said the Caps need Ovie to score? Oh and Pie = awesome. 
  • Puffles vs Peachhawks was boring as hell from the bit that I saw. I was hoping for a lot more from these two teams. Way too many scrums and either it was the crapp FSN feed coming in via RDS or something but the crowd was SUPER quiet. Boring. 
  • Sharks and Flames are fighting already and the game just started... myeh.... 


Number31 said...

I love that one of the first things White does upon being sent down is punch a Marlie.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Disappointed about being sent back to the AHL? We have a cure for you. It's called "Marlie Smashing". Works wonders.

I love White :D

Grrrreg said...

Pie is awesome for the Caps. He's my favorite player from Washington. (Say hello to him next week!)

This must've been an exciting game against the Marlies. Too bad they lost, but it's pretty cool they tied the game so often. I like Hamilton more and more!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Pie is awesome *nods* I think he might be slowly becoming my new favorite Caps player actually (that's what Ovie gets for missing a pile of games).

It was a really exciting game. The second period was just crazy. Next time, the Hammies will demolish the Marlies again *nods*

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