I'm baaaaaaaaack

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh yes, your (relatively) free EP week is OVER. I'm back and I've just read up on a pile of scores so now you get to suffer while I squeee and RAR over what is now kinda old news.

  1. So that imaginary bagskate must have worked because the Hammies shutout the Heat today! David had super awesome short handed goal to kick things off for the Hammies. Cue the teddy bear tossing! And unlike in Mooski, everyone was expecting these teddies. Well.... not David apparently. David was probably all like "um dude, I know it was nice to get the goal but I don't need stuffed animals..." Stevenson and Trrrrrrrrotter also had goals on the PP and a EN. Whooo!

  2. BRING OUT THE BANNERS! Philippe has remembered how to score again! Just when I said that he's been stone cold... he goes off and scores a goal. Oddly enough, I also mentioned that if he played on the same line as the league leading goal scorer (Sean) and/or Gabriel and/or Vachon, he'd stand a better chance of scoring. It just so happens that Mr. "I'm the Ovie of the Q" and Mr. "I live in the penalty box" did have the two assists on Philippe's goal. Oh and Philippe also had an assist on Comtois's goal which kicked off the scoring in the game. That was a good night for the Baby Habs!

  3. UGH Ilya. We're not getting along anymore.... Poor Habbies need to stop living in the penalty box.....

  4. Baby Juniors lost 8-6 against Gatineau. Obviously it was a scoring fest and the goalies were pretty useless. That would be Berube and Clermont in nets if you're wondering. Not necessarily surprised that Berube let in 8 goals - more on that in a sec - but I am surprised that Gatineau allowed 6 goals... against the Juniors. Oh well. Good job anyway, baby Juniors!

  5. Speaking of Berube and Jake.... I'm absolutely totally confused as to whether Jake's been traded or not. I heard one thing that said he was traded to the Sea Dogs (BOOOO) and that he was going to join the team after the WJC. A note was added later that nobody from the Juniors or the Sea Dogs wanted to confirm that the trade had taken place afterall. Whatever. The point is, the Juniors can't expect to go anywhere with Berube letting in 8 goals and baby Marcoux filling in as backup. So either smack Berube until he learns not to let in more than say... 3 goals in a game and if that fails,  better hope baby Marcoux has been practicing. A lot. COME BACK JAKE! D:

  6. I love the security guys at the Canadian/US border. No really, I do. On the way down the guy was like "so what are you doing in DC?" And I'm like "Seeing hockey? And uhh the Smithsonian, I guess...." And then we started talking about how great the Bell Centre is for a game and I explained how amazingly awesome Ovie was and all that. It was great *G* On the way back explained what we did there. Saw a Caps game... and a broadway show, etc, etc, etc. And then guy is like "so I guess she liked the hockey game more than the broadway show, eh?" I think he was being slightly sarcastic because he looked totally surprised when I was like "OF COURSE". I guess I don't look like a typical hockey fan... Oh well xP


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