Revenge of the Stuffed Animals

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So.... the Juniors were in Mooski today. And well...... I`ll just leave you with my (slightly edited) twitter updates for the first period *G* I'm kinda liking these really long useless posts. Enjoy :D

first period

3:00 Juniors time! If they fail epically then I'll go yell at the Voltigeurs instead... but seriously... Juniors... Beat Mooski!

3:10 err "Delpoo"? I think I need to go look up the name of the Mooski goalie...Ohhh it's Dopud..... *cackles anyway*

3:12 man this game is slow.... stupid whistles.... *yawns*

3:14 Argh..... Émond scores and now it's raining stuffed animals. The hell, Mooski?

3:16 [announcers dude wondering if this should be a delay of game penalty] Damn right this should be a delay of game penalty. What the hell are those stuffed animals doing on the ice?

3:18 Haha. Everyone BUT the Juniors are cleaning up the stuffed animals. The MOOSKI players are even cleaning up the stuffed animals. Juniors want nothing to do with the freaky things. Good for you guys.

3:20 Stuffed animals apparently are mostly of the Mooski mascot. Although there are also "fake mascots" as well....

3:23 Dude on the radio is ticked off because he's going to miss the Als game because the cleanup of the stuffed animals is taking forever (doesn't help that people keep throwing them back on the ice).

3:24 The dude on the radio is like "Now that we know that they were going to throw the stuffed animals, it's too bad the Juniors couldn't have had a shutout to prevent the fans from tossing these things".

3:27 game back on. Damn stuffed animals.

3:32 Agh...... Mooski scores doesn't appear to be raining stuffed animals this time. Phew!!!!

3:36 AAAAAARH The stupid Voltigeurs are failing too. ARGH *kicks them* GET IT TOGETHER YOU FREAKS.

3:37 w00t! Juniors scooore! So let me get this straight. I yell at the Voltigeurs and the Juniors score? Okay then.

3:39 Juniors get a PP. Second worst PP against the second worst PK. Okay. Who will be more faily?

3:40 WHAT? Idiots.... Too many faily Juniors on the ice.... FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

3:42 WHOO! Asselin comes out of the penalty box and scooooores! Please note that I'm the only one yelling "and scooooooooooores" a la Flandersdude. Mr. Announcer was less enthusiastic. Boo.

3:44 ........... *kicks Cormier* or maybe I should be kicking Bérubé for being all sleepy on that goal? *kicks them both* 3-2 Mooski. Let's never say that the Juniors have the momentum again, okay, Mr. Announcer?

3:55 Announcer guys are still complaining about the stuffed animals in-between periods. Also, apparently there's a weird blimp thing flying around in the arena. Mooski is weird. Mr. Announcer guy says that it`s been a busy game for him with five goals and he`s not sure if he`ll have any voice left for later. I note that when  you just say `and they score` regardless of who scores.... you should have a ton of voice left. You`re not Flandersdude here. And Flandersdude STILL had a pile of energy even when he was sick. So there *gets all huffy*

Second period 

4:09 And they scoooooooooore! Aubry with a goal! 3-3! Why am I the only one getting animated here?!

4:12 Bérubé sounds like he`s more awake now. Good!

4:17 I`m having problems with Dopud`s name... it`s making me laugh. A lot.

4:20 And of course the refs have decided to send the Juniors to the PK again (second time already). Mooski has the 3rd best PP. Juniors are.... I dunno..... their PK is pretty good though.

4:22 What the hell is wrong with the Voltigeurs?! FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. Losing 4-1. You're going to blow this roadtrip aren't you? FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. I can't believe how faily this team is being. Fail. fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. UGH. Should I send Guy back to glower at you? Actually you know what? I think I will.

4:24 Apparently the Mooski fans are not impressed with the Mooski mascot. It's trying to get them to clap but no such luck. HAHA. Fail mascot! FAIL.

4:27 DuPOO is coming up with a good save for the Mooski things. Oh and the Voltigeurs are failing even more.....Fail.... Fail....... GET IT TOGETHER.

4:29 PP for the Juniors! Oh and the Voltigeurs are now losing 6-1. Maybe we shouldn't be telling Guy about this...We'll just let him enjoy the Hammies' to back to back shutouts......... Stupid Voltigeurs. I HATE YOU.

4:30 DuPOO can't stick handle the puck. The Juniors need to capitalize on this!

4:33 "Little Brenton"....? If Brenton is short... what is Eli? Eli is shorter. I think. He has to be. He's totally shorter. He's shorter than David.

4:35 I go to get something eat (chocolate chip cookies for the win!) and come back to hear the announcers saying that the Juniors should have had a goal. Mooski guys are already off to the dressing room. *waits* NO GOAL? GUHHHH.............. Stupid major junior hockey league...............

Third Period 

4:57 Icefail in Mooski. What is this, Hammie-town?

5:00 Gouchie just fell and started rolling around on the ice for no reason. He's fine. Probably really embarrassed. Sounds like he looked ridiculous. You know how bugs fall over and get stuck on their back? I don't know think Gouchie looked like that but I have visions of him looking like that.

5:01 ELI WITH A GOAL! Sounds like a very pretty one too. 4-3! Someone ask him how to say his first name please. Nobody knows how.

5:03 Mr. Announcer is still upset with the refs for the no-goal from before. He points out that he's allowed to be a homer. Well, yes, but....

5:05 icing's abound in Mooski. they wouldn't be icing if this was the NHL. CHL has a no-touch icing rule (which is a good idea but right now it's annoying).

5:07 why is Chouinard always going to the penalty box when I follow the Juniors? Sounds like Eli is trying to smacktalk with the Mooski. The mental image is funny.

5:08 "Oh no! DuPOO!". DYING laughing at this.......

5:10 BLOODY HELL VOLTIGEURS. BLOODY HELL. It's NINE to TWO. AND the twerps are outshooting their opponents. BLOODY HELL. AAAAARGHHHHHH!!!!!!! If you give us Gabriel and Philippe, I'll give you Jake. Maybe. Maybe not. But you guys need to get rid of Tardif. He's faily. BLEH.

5:11 Oh I'm sorry. The Voltigeurs are losing ten to two. Uhuh. Could you imagine what Guy would be doing if he was behind the bench right now? I'd like to think that they wouldn't be losing 10-2 if Guy was behind the bench but that's just my random crush on Guy Boucher speaking. But seriously... he would be dying right now......................

5:16 "Oh another interesting experience in puck-handling by DuPOO". I take this to mean that DuPOO is worse than Jaro and Teddy at handling the puck. Is that even possible?

5:19 GUHHHHH! Mooski scores....... =/ 4-4. Umm, the refs reviewed the goal? It was a clear goal. So they go review two goals. One that was clearly not a goal because it went off the post and one that was clearly a goal (this last one) but they don't go to review the one that SHOULD have been a goal (yes that one from the second period). Idiots.

5:27 Announcers aren't happy to be going to OT. They've decided to give updates on the kid clearing the ice on the rink instead.

Over Tiiiiiiime 

5:33 Juniors getting run around.... C'MON! DON'T DIE!

Shoooooout ouuuuuuuuut tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime GUH 

5:38 zamboni fail. They're running the thing but there's no water coming out - thus the ice is still going to be crap. "usually I find watching the zamboni to be a kind of peaceful thing but this is just frustrating". Uhuh. This guy is amusing (he's not the normal guy). Other guy says "does this zamboni have a purpose right now? It's just going around and around for no reason".

5:41 to 5:47

Straka fails. Asselin fails.
Lefrancois doesn't fail. Eli makes DuPOO look silly.
Caron doesn't even get a shot away. Gouchie can win it... and DuPOO saves it. Ugh.
Cormier scores. UGH. Parkes scores!
Mooski thing gets stopped. Chouinard doesn't get a shot away either. ARGH.
Fournier scores. Aubry.... is stopped by DuPOO.

Mooski wins. #@$%^&......... Juniors deserved better than this. Damn you stupid stuffed animals. Damn you stupid refs for not checking that goal. And damn you stupid zamboni that did nothing.


5:57 apparently DuPOO's name is pronounced DEHpod. Myeh?


Number31 said...

Rimouski's goalie is an iPod?

Eternal Pessimist said...

DEHpod. Or DUHpod. Or.. I dunno...

I don't think anyone know hows to say his name *G*

I quit trying to figure it out *G*

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