Notes from Hammie-town

Friday, December 11, 2009

No. I'm not in Hammie-town. I'm still in Capsland. I'm just trying to kill time before it's "Caps o'Clock". Yes, my idea of killing time is reading the Spec (Hammie-town's paper?).

I find this bite super entertaining for no reason. This was from after the Hammies beat the Heat 5-1.

A goal by Riley Armstrong at 14:46 of the third period ended Desjardins' franchise-record shutout streak at 212 minutes and 37 seconds.

It meant Desjardins fell 37 minutes and 14 seconds short of tying the AHL record of 249.51 set by Johnny Bower with the Cleveland Barons in 1957.

"Since 1957! Now I'm really ticked," said Bulldogs coach Guy Boucher when he was told how close his goaltender was to a record that had stood for more than 50 years.

"It was a breakdown in our end and the guys just got a little greedy. I want to be mad at the guys for that but I can't be because they played really well."

That's right, Guy. Bagskate those slackers for ruining Teddy's record attempt! BAGSKATE! BAGSKATE! BAGSKATE! RAR! HAHAHA...... yeah, I'm having a lot of fun laughing at the thought that he'd really bagskate them for that..... err....

Anyway... Poor Darche!

Mathieu Darche is not particularly fond of pastel blue hockey sweaters.

"It might as well be pink," the Hamilton Bulldogs forward was saying yesterday after practice as he stared at the sweater that he's hoping he won't have to wear for too much longer.

Hockey players are known for wearing their scars, cuts, and bruises as badges of honour. A pastel blue sweater, which injured players are forced to wear in practice, basically screams out "I'm hurt and I'm very fragile right now so please don't hit me."
Also...puffy blue sweaters basically scream out "Please don't hit me"? Funny... I thought it was the opposite. You know, smash a Puffle that dares to wear those horrendous puffy blue jerseys?

Okay Habs, what is going on? First you call White up. He gets to play all of 4 minutes before he's told "oops, sorry, your club didn't tell the NHL that you're playing today so you're not on the roster and thus, you have to get the hell off the ice". After that, you send him back to Hammie-town the next day. Eh? To top things off, Weber gets called up for one game and is promptly sent back the next day. EH? What is with this?

Annnnnnnnnd finally............

Poo is coming to Hammie-town for a conditioning stint. Behave yourself, Poo. Or else Guy will get mad. And nobody wants Guy to get mad.


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