Sunday, January 3, 2010

It would seem that everyone - including myself - left their brains somewhere else yesterday.

I nearly forgot the Hammies were playing at 4 and I completely forgot until two minutes ago that the Juniors and Voltigeurs were also losing playing today too.

I think I can be forgiven for not paying any attention to the Habs. I was busy trying to make arrangements for Anze the stray cat who's been living at my house for the past week. Doesn't really look like I missed a whole lot. Another snooze-fest in Habsland. I guess everyone exerted all their energy shoveling the snow out of their way just to get to the arena. In their defense, there was a lot of snow out there.

The Hammies seemed destined to blow this game. They trailed the Admirals four times throughout the game before the fear of the imaginary bagskate took over and they finally won. Stewie had two goals (thought he might have had a hat trick but they later credited his third goal to White), White had two goals and Maxwell had two goals. Pricey's backup in Tri-City didn't sound like his normal self. Last game he totally robbed the Hammies of a win. Not tonight. At the other end of the ice, Teddy was shakey too, which has me super worried because now we're stuck with a no longer hot Teddy and Mayer for at least two weeks while Sanford is rehabbing an injured shoulder (grrrrrrr Sanford! How can we stop you from being injured so much?!). hakjhadskjdh. Very pleased the Hammies didn't blow this one. A two game losing streak would not have been very pretty. Especially not when you keep giving up soft goals!

In other news
  • Canada downed the Swiss and blew them out in the last ten minutes of the game and won 6-1. Very anti-climatic. I was hoping the Swiss would make it a little harder. I'm not sure I have a lot of confidence in Team Canada and how they've been playing in the last two games. Oh well. Waiting to see who they'll play in the finals. Hoping it's Sweden and not the USA. 
  • I know why Tardif wasn't sitting on the Voltigeurs bench the other night. It's cause he was sitting on a bus bound for Quebec City. He was traded for a fourth round pick. Oh well. Bybye Tardif! Voltigeurs must have been missing him or something 'cause their lost to Baie-Comeau 3-2. Poop. 
  • Juniors lose to Rouyn-Noranda. Meh. 


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