Perpetuating the stereotype

Monday, January 4, 2010

Obviously never having been a hockey fan growing up, I never played the sport. I never had a rink in my backyard and I only set foot on my local outdoor rinks to skate around in circles and crash into the boards (it was the only way I knew how to stop). And even at that, I haven't been on an outdoor rink since I was 8...

So I was out shoveling paths in my backyard the other night (another long story. Don't ask). It was a really nice night. Not that cold, a bit cloudy but it wasn't snowing anymore. While I was busy lugging snow everywhere, I had this sudden desire to build a hockey rink in my backyard and play hockey. Or at least be one of those poor kids who begs to stay up later so they can shoot pucks for another hour or so.

I know, it sounds insane.

Maybe it was a lot colder than I thought and my brains froze and stopped working. But I really, really, really wanted a rink.

Actually, as of right now, I still want a rink. REALLY BADLY. I really feel like I'm the only kid who didn't have a rink in their backyard growing up now (which isn't true at all as all of my neighbors never had rinks either but still!). I really, really, really want a rink D:

I guess I could just go to my local outdoor rink..... and get laughed at by the real stereotypical people skating around playing hockey...... maybe not....

Edit: Wow. Just went to my rink. Because I'm that much of a dork. One of the hockey organizations had a team of little kids practicing there. Seriously, there is nothing more awesome or stereotypically Canadian than watching these kids playing a shinny game. So bloody awesome. And so bloody cold. I'm sooo happy right now though! =)


AngieOnTheNYIslesScene said...

I never played either. =\ thus why we are definitely creating the Team of Newbie Awesomeness with Kyle... as soon as we get more players. xP


Eternal Pessimist said...

There have to be other newbies out there. We will find them and bribe them with Jolly Ranchers and then we'll form the Team of Awesome Newbies Who Eat Jolly Ranchers! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Number31 said...

Take a hose and start flooding! I never had a rink either but my backyard was huge. The guy down the street made a rink though. We always asked our dad to make us one but he barked back "NO! It'll ruin the grass!" (which was already pretty dead and all clover anyway).

I'll join your newbie team! I can't skate backwards.

Grrrreg said...

Oooh, I remember when I was in Montreal, it was awesome to go to a rink and watch the tiny kids skate so well. I was so impressed. But I know how to skate!

Eternal Pessimist said...

number31 - Apparently the parents turned off the water for the winter D: I guess I'll have to live with our local outdoor rink. I'll just go when nobody else is there!!

Grrreg - I'm so jealous of these kids' skating abilities! I've seen more talented 5 year olds D:

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