Sometimes I love CBC: Enter "Goose the Puppy"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

No really.

They're a fantastic inspiration for new nicknames for players. They brought you Ketchup as a nickname for Sergei Shirokov. Tonight, they bring you "Goose the Puppy". I know it makes no sense, but if you recall, I've been calling GusGus "The Puppy" because this whole "The Monster" thing is stupid. ANYWAY,  I was catching some of the Leafs/Flames game and I promise you the CBC guys were calling GusGus "Goose-stuff-son". So now, I will have to call GusGus "Goose". Obviously I'm still going to call him "The Puppy" so officially he's "Goose the Puppy". I know that Gaustad of the Sabres is already called "Goose" but I didn't name him that so it doesn't count. 

No, I'm not drunk. I named the chocolate ├ęclair that my sister demolished on her plate "Komisarek after Looch has squashed him into the boards"! Really!


Hammies lost a snoozer to the Monsters. BAGSKATE. Even if you have to play tomorrow. BAGSKATE. BAGSKATE. GUH.

Flandersdude was calling out all the people who think that Hamilton should have an NHL team when they don't even show up to the Hammies games. Those poor Hammies. I feel so bad for them. They're one of the best teams in the AHL right now and they routinely only have about 2000 people in the building. Brutal. GO SEE THEIR GAMES, HAMILTON PEOPLE! GO! GO! GO! I would, but I live in the heart of Habsland and Hammie-town is too far away D:

Speaking of Hammies and nicknames.... I had no idea that Johansson's nickname was Jojo (pronounced: yoyo). Now I know!!! Jojo isn't terrible at interviews either! Whoo! I'm surprised that he said that he's never had major injury issues in Sweden. He's been routinely injured here. Poor guy.

Speaking of injuries... Sanford's gone for at least two weeks. Mayer better turn into the best goalie ever when he gets to play!

In CHL news:
  • Some Junior who I never knew existed before scored the shootout winner as they beat Scandella's team. NYAH. 
  • Voltigeurs had some guy I've never heard of as backup goalie to Piche. I don't like Toni Ritter as much as a Voltigeurs but there we have it. He is one and he had a goal. Dumont had a goal (again) but no penalty. Weird. Oh well. Someone give Philippe some decent line mates please.... D: 
  • Niagara wiiiiiiins! Poor Simila though. His country loooooooost to the Americans. He was wearing a cool toque with a huge fluffy pompom on it :D 
  • The Petes blew a two goal lead and imploded in the third period. Boohoo.... Bad Mishy! 


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