Jake's going to Drummondville!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sorry, I'm just dying of laughter at this.

Drummondville gave up two first round picks for Jake.

Oh Voltigeurs. Oh Juniors. Excuse me while I continue laughing.......


My two teams actually traded with each other. Why do I find this so hilarious? SERIOUSLY?! Must be the sleep deprivation setting in now.

Okay. I'm done.

Obviously, the Voltigeurs listened to me telling them what epic fails they had for goalies. OBVIOUSLY. They traded Tardif to the Remparts already, which left me wondering if they were really going to keep Piche as their main goalie (and the Sea Dogs thing obviously fell through because they already picked up Cousineau from the Rocket a few days ago).

HAHAHAHA. Oh Jake. You'll probably enjoy being a Voltigeurs. They WIN games (sorry, Juniors. I love you too but you know... you don't win games). Say "hi" to my Baby Habs there! (and kick Philippe for me. He needs to wake up).

As a Juniors fan, I'm pretty unhappy though. Two first round picks are nice and all, but does mean we've already thrown in the towel for this year? Berube and Baby Marcoux can't carry this team. I know this is most likely Jake's last year in the Q anyway so the two picks are nice to have and all that stuff, but yeah... throwing in the towel for this year... meh.... mind you... the team still sucked with Jake in nets.... they just sucked slightly less...Poor Juniors!

Oh well...

This makes my trip to Drummondville in February for the Juniors/Voltigeurs game all the better. Pretty excited now!


Grrrreg said...

That's nice of your teams to listen to you, and to trade between them! You're lucky!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Eeeee! I know :D

So very pleased with this!

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