Hammies: they understand the term "puck possession"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

......Which is more than I can say for Martin. Once again, he says it's "pretty obvious that we're trying to play a puck possession game". Obviously his idea of puck possession means the opposing team controls the puck in the Habs zone and get half a gazillion shots off.

The Hammies on the other hand, understand that "puck possession" means THEY have to control the puck. We have such a smart bunch of Hammies, I tell you. The completely dominated the first period - and had nothing to show for it on the scoreboard. They then looked like crap in the second period (which means yes, they gave up a goal. Oh the shame and horror!) before PK tied it up. I was almost sleep when Flandersdude started yelling. White or David scored a super ugly goal after that and then White put one into the empty net.

YAY! As nice as I'm sure it sort of was to see Don and Ron back, it's nicer to have the Hammies win! =)

And.... Flandersdude is getting grumpy. He managed to dis two teams while also taking a(nother) swipe at the lack of people at the game. And I accused the Screaming Eagles guys of being grouchy. Boo. Stop crabbing about the attendance. I know it sucks but stop crabbing about it.


Hello Juniors! I've missed you D: Finally got to catch a bit of their game tonight. First time in a long time I've actually been able to catch one of their games.

By the time I remembered that they were playing, they were midway through the second period. Surprisingly enough, they were up 3-1 and GOOOcheeeee added another one. I was stuck with the Screaming Eagles guys. They're very negative and very grumpy. They also amused me by asking if Eli was one of the import players. They wondered if he was Russian. Having been there and done that, I can laugh at them. Dear people, Eli's name may sound Russian, but he's very muchly Israeli/Canadian. Thanks for thinking he's one of those awesome Russians though.

Oh and Xavi's back. Yay!


Grrrreg said...

The other day, I was looking for a good Hammies blog to put in my blogroll, and I found none. I think that makes you the leading Hamilton Bulldogs blogger! Yay!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I couldn't find any either... There's people who blog about various OHL/WHL teams and there's a few AHL bloggers but apparently nobody else blogs about MY teams... maybe they're all in hiding?

I'll have to do a better job then of writing about the Hammies if I'm one of the only ones D:

Grrrreg said...

You're doing a fine job! You ARE the Bulldogosphere.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Aww thank you! If I am the Bulldogsphere can I name myself Supreme Ruler Of the Bulldogsophere?! :D

Grrrreg said...

You are EP the First, Holy Empress of the Bulldogosphere.

I haven't checked, but I think you are also Queen of the Juniorsphere, and Tsarin of the Voltigosphere (and I'm not even talking about the Petes and the IceDogs).

That's pretty impressive.

Eternal Pessimist said...


I know there's a Ottawa 67s blog out there. Must go look to see if anyone else blogs about the Petes and IceDogs. If there is anyone else out they can be second in command :D

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