Team Q vs the World

Monday, November 16, 2009

Or maybe just a tired looking Team Russia.

Tonight was the first of two games in the QMJHL part of the Super Series between Canada's top CHL players and what I'm assuming is some of Russia's top prospects. I almost bought tickets for the game in Drummondville but the schedule didn't work out. It was just as well because I'm pretty sick right now anyway. Still.... I would've liked to have been there live.

Team QMJHL was of course comprised of some of my least favorite players in the Q. But Jake got to start tonight and Dumont was playing so... I had to forgive the rest of the meanies who ruin the lives of my Juniors (more on that in a sec).

Russia came out really flat. Team Q really controlled the puck for most of the time although they forgot that you need to shoot the puck if you want to score throughout most of the first period. Still, Jake was only forced to bail out his team a couple of times when the defense imploded (yes, that's a nice break from the regular defensive implosions by the Juniors). Baby Habby tried to smacktalk with the Russians. It was kinda funny. It was a pretty physical and up-tempo game. I was kind of surprised.

The second period started off with Philippe Cornet (yes that meanie who scored two goals for the Huskies last week) scored about 11 seconds into the period. Gabriel Bourque added one a few mins after Team Q continued to press Zalivin after coming off the PP. About a minute after that, Kirkpatrick scored as well when the Russian goalie couldn't follow the puck (not strictly his fault considering half of Team Q was crowded in front of him). Now... I have no idea who let in Russia's goal near middle of the second period. I thought I saw Jake, but the stats say it was Roy (no, not that one. Olivier Roy) who was in nets. So.... I dunno.... Someone gave up the goal when Team Q had a defense fail (someone should ask the Voltigeurs to recount "The Tale of Complete Defensive Breakdowns That Was Sunday's Game Against the Remparts". It's not a pretty story).

The third period was pretty quiet in the goal scoring department. The Russians did spend more time in the other end though. Whether this was because Team Q took their foot off the gas pedal a bit or because the Russians really did want to at least put in the effort, I don't know. Probably both. Zalivin really did keep it relatively close. The score could have easily been 5-1 (okay, fine, 5-2. Kugryshev should have scored on that short handed breakaway in the second period but he missed the net entirely. I'm not getting along with him so nyah.... ) instead of 3-1.

Baby Habby almost had a last minute goal but Zalivin said no. Poop. Oh well. Team Q has decided that they're tired of being the faily of the three CHL teams versus Russian teams and they fully deserved this win. Good job guys! And thanks for making sure it was Roy who got smashed by the Russians and not Jake :D


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