Hammies chew up Crunch

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This game was too cool not to give it its own post. I love the AHL and I love my Hammies.

Pre-game doom and gloom....

  • OMG HI FLANDERSDUDE! I missed listening to you call a Hammies game! Seriously. It''s been over a week D:
  • WHAT? DARCHE IS INJURED? YOU DID NOT SAY THAT. @#$%^&......... We. Need. Some. Players. Please. Bob, I'm totally glaring at you right now. 
  • ....or maybe David can get Glu to score again? Hmm? HMM?! No really, what's happened to Glu, David and Maxwell?! D: 
  • AND.... Sanford is STILL gone because his wife still hasn't had her baby yet.... Baby Sanford was supposed to come on Tuesday. So we're stuck with Teddy and Mayer. Guh. 
  • No wait... this team is 2nd in shots for but 22nd in GOALS for? No more fluffy shots.... D: 
  • Flandersdude said he's nearly electrocuted himself at the Crunch's building (they're playing in Hammie-town tonight but they were making remarks about the horrendous building in Syracuse because the Crunch and the Hammies used to be division rivals but not anymore, so now they only have to go to Syracuse once).
  • Flandersdude: So I guess Glumac scoring was a silver lining to the game against the Americans? [that's Rochester's name] Guy:....... yeah.................... Sure...........  [completely paraphrased by me, but it's pretty clear that Guy was really unhappy with that game, Glu scoring or not]
  • Guy doesn't like the Habs stealing his players D: That whole clip with Guy was also SUPER long at almost 20 mins... I missed something on Doug Harvey on the TV downstairs thanks to Guy. 
  • Guy says he likes to have his different lines have different distinct characters. Apparently this makes it more difficult for other teams to play against.
  • Dude.... this team is falling apart, Flandersdude is going to kill himself if he goes to call a game in Syracuse and Guy gets grumpy when his team loses.... *wails* 
THE GAME....!!
  • Teddy is worse than Jaro at puck handling. Think about that. 
  • UGH. PP goal for the Crunch. Hammies need to at least get the PK going again... PLEASE...... *curls up in a ball*
  • AIEEEEEE Teddy saves the Hammies from getting scored on short handed. So much for the power-AHKJDHKJAFSH! GLUUUUUUUU scooooooooooores! 1-1!
  • EEEEEEEE! GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AGAIN! 2-1! Guess who gets the first assist. GUESS. David! It's not even funny how much Glu missed David. Not. Even. Funny. May David never be injured again. 
  • Ummm Koharski......fail...... Hammies back on the PK for no reason.....? 
  • Teddy sounds like he's being less floppy-flambeish tonight. 
  • EEEEEE! Glu shoots and either Daviiiiid or Brrrrock Trotter puts it in! 3-1!!!!!!!!!
  • umm.. PAdude fail..... They gave the assists to Sergei and Subban. Um.... they weren't anywhere near the puck... Oh well. Daviiiiiiiid gets the goal! :D
  • Erm goal light fail... went off when the puck went into the back of the net after the whistle had already been blown ages ago when the Crunch were offside. 
  • Erm.... the doodad thingy keeping track of the shots seems to be broken. No way the Crunch have almost as many shots on goal as the Hammies....
  • Oops. Crunch is bleeding. Clean up the glass while you're yapping at the ref, please (yes, he's fine). 
  • Moron alert: someone threw something on the ice. Not cool. 
  • AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! Rrrrrrryan Rrrrrrrrrrrussel with a goal now!!
  • UM WHAT?! RRRRRYAAAAAAAAAN RUSSSSEEEEEEL AGAIN?! Flandersdude was talking and Russel scores off the faceoff! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!
  • That's two assists for Sergei now.  
  • So. Glu. Russel. Who wants a hat trick? C'mon!
  • Flandersdude: The Bulldogs now have a 5-1 lead. Me: Eh? When did that happen? *goes to count the goals* Oh yeah... it is 5-1. Bwhahahahahahaha......
  • Broken Hammies alert: Wyman is missing part of a tooth from getting whacked earlier in the game and Neilson just skated for the dressing room (no idea what happened to him). 
  • Game over! Hammies wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
  • C'mon Guy, you know you want to be happy with this game. Happy thoughts, Guy! Happy thoughts!
Post game stuffs (aka this is why we love Flandersdude and Co)
  • Flandersdude says Guy says that he thinks the Habs might actually send a player or two down before the Hammies go on their western roadtrip. I'm thinking IF the Habs are going to send anyone back.. it won't be Whitey or Pysie. I'll take anyone not named Marc-Andre Bergeron.
  • Replayfail. Flandersdude is having trouble remembering who scored what when. That's okay :D Awkward radio silences followed by confusion for the win! (no really. It was funny).  
  • Apparently Flandersdude has strep throat.... Can't be too bad right now because he was yelling away with as much energy as I've ever heard him. We can't have Flandersdude losing his voice. That would be awful D: 
  • So far we've got ourselves a normal post game show.... 
  • Duuuuuuude bookanalogyfail by Flandersdude now......!!!!!! We have this whole Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde analogy with the Hammies PP/PK. Only... he can't remember which one was the "bad" guy... Flandersdude says the bad guy is Dr. Jekyll, Al has no idea, Flandersdude's girlfriend says it's one guy and Operator Guy says it's the other. Okay..................

    Return to talking about the Hammies. Blah, blah, blah, Glumac and Russel find their inner Ovie, blah, blah, blah.....

    A few minutes later, Operator Guy googled it as says this whole Jekyll/Hyde thing is "mix". Which makes no sense whatsoever. Operator Guy semi-clarifies by attempting to say that Jekyll is the semi good guy.  Flandersdude says Operator Guy is wrong and he's right. I don't get to hear Operator Guy arguing with him but Flandersdude is insisting that he's right. And the main broadcasting dude (Flandersdude) is always right.

    More Hammies talk. Blah blah blah injuries... blah blah blah we really could use another player or two... blah blah blah....

    Oh Stats Guy calls in (he stayed home to watch the Leafs lose to the Flames) just to tell Flanderdude that he is wrong. All seem to agree that Stats Guy knows all, so he's right and Flandersdude is wrong. Stats Dude is now banned from Copps Coliseum (not literally of course).

    EP is DYING of laughter here. DYING. HILARIOUS.

  • In case you're wondering what they're trying to say here... they're trying to say that the previously dismal PP and the much better PK have switched places. Or something..... I actually have no idea where they were going with that analogy..... The least you need to know about the PP/PK is that the PK has been faltering a little bit while the PP has finally figured out how to score.
  • For the records: Dr. Jekyll is the good guy *g*
  • Oh! Sanford's wife had their baby! Barron... Baron... Baryn... wait.. no.... =/  Erm forgot how to spell it already. I think it's closer to the first spelling. ANYWAY. Sanford Jr. is finally born! Congrats to Sanford and Mrs. Sanford (I think her name is Melinda? Hey, I get all the great bits of info by listening to Flandersdude). Now we get our goalie back! 
  • NOW we're talking about lattes? Oh wait. Not just ANY lattes. No fat lattes! Although apparently Al's latte had a pile of cream in it.... I want one of these magical no-fat lattes that keep  you awake for really late western games. I WANT. 
  • errr now apparently we're talking about cigars....? Where did THAT come from? Something about new kids and cigars? How about Sanford just passes around baby Hammies jerseys? 
  • Times to call it a night now, I think :D
  • As Operator Guy is about to run the replays of the goals, Flandersdude reluctantly adds that he was right about the whole Jekyll/Hyde thing. This is pretty funny that they're STILL talking about this because this is the point where Flandersdude is supposed to go off the whole disclaimer stuffs (I'm not supposed to be re-transmitting this radio broadcast and all that stuffs. There was no mention of re-caps by insane bloggers not being allowed). 


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