I hereby designate Saturday "Hockey Day"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

...hey not my fault that the NHL insists on scheduling NHL games in the middle of the afternoon and that CBC insists on having triple headers.... I originally had the Hammies game in here, but it deserves it's own post so just scroll up instead for the very awesome Hammies game.

Rags/Sens yawnfest

Yeah, I totally watched the Rags beat down the Sens in shootouts. I wasn't particularly impressed with the game but hey, it's the Rags and the Sens. There is a bright side to this though. I get to make snarky remarks about the Sens. Because I can. (hey, the Sens fans hate me too so it's all good).

So they had this Bond-esque commercial for the Sens. It was kinda cool actually. Until.....

Annoying computer-like female voice: Locating Scotiabank Place *cue fancy graphics trying to locate the building*
Me: *imitating the voice* Scotiabank Place located in the middle of a field. Shall we airlift them to the building?

Also... I love how they keep showing footage of Ottawa in-between games when in reality the Sens play in Kanata (yes, I am STILL harping on that).

Ron: We're here in the nation's capital.
Me: Erm... Ron? Kanata is not the capital of Canada. You know that, right?


What? I wasn't in a good mood and the Sens were just asking to have me make snarky remarks.



Starting with last night because I was too lazy to talk about my poor Juniors..... In short, they don't seem to like these back-to-back games against Rouyn-Noranda and Val-D'or. They lost a pretty close one to the Huskies last night. Taking a fair number of penalties against a team that has the third best PP in the league is not a good idea. After holding the Huskies off on a 5 on 3, the poor Juniors allowed a PP goal with just two seconds left on the 5 on 4. They did catch Audette sleeping in about a two minute period though. It was kinda pretty actually. But then the Juniors (damn do they ever need a good nickname. This name is horrible) went to sleep and Cornet scored two goals - one in the second and one in the third (when the Juniors didn't control the play after their only PP) put the Huskies on top. And that was pretty much that. The score probably would have been higher for the Huskies if Jake wasn't on top of his game for the most part.

Missed the entire Val-D'or game but the Juniors dropped this one as well. Juniors took a very early lead but then they allowed three goals over the rest of the game. The Juniors were probably dead on their feet *weeps*

Random info Part I: Oh hey, Guillaume Asselin got named one of the student players of the month.

Random info Part II: Er how can baby Xavi get named to Quebec's U17 team if he's still injured? Unless he's not injured anymore and I missed it? o.<

Baby Habs watch: Blah, blah, blah, Dumont had an assist as the Voltigeurs beat some other team. They're all about attack, attack, attack.... blah, blah, blah.... Waiting for some of this mentality to set in with the Hammies *coughs*  But duuuude, they're going to take on Roy and Co. tomorrow. I wanna follow that game!


There was a game? All I saw was Price making 53 saves en route to a 2-0 loss. Seriously, I'm not going to talk about it because I'm in such a great mood from the Hammies game.


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