A regulation win! A regulation win!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pre-game stuffs

  • Laraque was at my favorite vegan restaurant today. The perks to being injured: You get to go eat awesome food and get stared at by everyone else in the building (well, I was facing the other wall, so I couldn't have stared even if I wanted to). 
  • For the records: I have PROOF that I was in the Bell Centre when Komisarek got injured. So don't send your goons after me, Burkie. I didn't injure the guy. 
  • I. Hate. Itty Bitty. 
The game!
  • We've decided that Pricey won't send Shane Doan a X-mas card if the latter scores on him. Scoring on your cousin isn't nice xP
  • There's a dude in a Hammies jersey there. Yuck. The Hammies want to stay in Hammie-town D: 
  • Wait... is that Pysie's brother on the other team? 
  • Who the hell is "Plektonic"? Apparently the announcers for the Coyotes were calling our Turtle-Pleky that. Plektonic..... okay.......
  • *yawns*
  • Oh hey MAB to the box. Can we leave him there all night and just send someone else in later?
  • OMG Martin is wearing a puke-green suit. PUKE green. Ewwwww........
  • No really, there isn't anything to say about this game. 
  • Maybe we should just put Price on forward  and Jaro in nets.....? Anything to get some energy here..
  • Oh hi Jaro.... man, you look awful in those hats...
  • Why is "Plektonic" the only guy playing with some energy tonight?
  • Fighty..... *yawns* 
  • Gorges tries to take out his own goalie.... Seriously, Josh? 
  • Oh wow.... it's one of those nights. Gomer is getting into a minor "fight" with Aucoin. Boring. 
  • OH HI! Squishy with a goal! Turtle-Pleky needs bonus points for the assist. 
  • um of course it was Lang who scored to tie up the game. Of course. Of course Mara had to whack Price in the face so he couldn't make the save..... oh and of course RDS is blaming PRICE for that. Seriously, what the flipping hell?
  • No really, why does the defense have it in for Price tonight?
  • *yawns* 
  • And NOW who crashed into Price? Jeez.... Is it "squash Price" night or something? 
  • Sorry. It's "trip up Doan and go to the PK" night actually. Second time a Hab goes to the box for tripping Doan. 
  • Yote in the box for "tripping" Gorges. 4 on 4
  • HOLY SHIT MAG! Habs up 2-1. Down side: "Operation: Fire MAB" just took a serious blow. 
  • PP time!
  • WHAA?! METRO WITH A GOAL?! Brygazlov was totally just sitting there going "where's the puck?  Help?"
  • Seriously, did Turtle-Pleky get assists on both those goals?! 
  • Awww, Bryzgalov is like "............omg..................." oh wait.... Bryzgalov and I don't get along after he helped beat Canada at the Worlds last year...... 
  • I love Turtle-Pleky =)
  • Two goal leads are made so the Habs can blow them. 3-2 now. Can pucks seriously stop going in off of people's skates? 
  • So.... who is working tonight? Price. And Turtle-Pleky. Anyone else? No? Okay. Just wanted to check.
  • And that's twice Upshall has interfered with Price and gotten away with it. 
  • Ahakjsdhakjsdhakjsdh defense! Defense!
  • Oh #$%^. Stubbs says Pigeon is injured. 
  • Gio with the empty netter. We can breath now.
  • Game over. 
  • Price says "wut, I won? FINALLY."
  • EP says "wut, a regulation win? FINALLY"
  • Wait... WHAT? The media gave Bissonnette the first star? 
  • Hey Bob: Please resign Metro and Turtle-Pleky. Oh and fire MAB. Please! PLEASE!


Grrrreg said...

*whispering* Hum, it's MAB, not MAG! (unless I missed something)

Wooo for the regulation win! I haven't seen anything, bacause the game started way too late, so thanks for the recap... I know it's a touchy subject, but how are Pyatt and White doing? I'm still surprised White is playing instead of Chips, who seemed to play better and better. White is stealing his job!

Yves said...

I'm a bit surprised that Chipchura hasn't played in a few... I thought he had been getting better.

I thought White played fairly well last night. Blocked shot, penalty kill... shows work ethic and will throw his body around.

Has anyone heard anything about D'Agostini yet??

Eternal Pessimist said...

Huh...... Bizarre... I have no idea why I was writing his name wrong.... Well, I was drinking last night and I really was half asleep through the game... Myeh. FIRE HIM ANYWAY. 1 goal and 2 assists or not, the man can not play defense.

I haven't heard anything on Dagger yet... D:

I think White's been good. I feel bad for Chipper. He's been looking better. *refrains from going off on a rant about waivers and Hammies*

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