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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I can't say I loved that game. It was ugly. I'm not thrilled that we've potentially lost Metro and O'Byrne for.. .who know how long. Price was solid though which is good sign. The guys still don't play quite like a team yet but it's coming. And I mean, hey, it's only been two full games so I'm giving them time.

90% - time that the Sabres controlled the puck. Or at least it felt that way anyway.
35 - shots Pricey faced
26:18 - Spacek's total time on ice (most of anyone on both teams)
19 - penalties taken by the Habs and Sabres
17 - shots that Miller faced
3:24 - ice time for Stewie (the least of anyone)
2:42 - time of Gio's awesome OT goal
5 - SOG by Rivet and Hecht
2 - players lost to injury for the Habs
2- goals Moen now has
2 - days since we lost Markov
1 - the loan goal allowed by Price
1 - SOG by the Habs in the 3rd period
1.00 - Gio's batting average (yes, Gio batted the puck into the back of the net in OT)
.6 - the time it took for the Sabres to score on their first PP of the night

And the only numbers that matter in the end: 2-1 - the final score for the Habs.

Quote of the night: "Montreal Canadiens: Ruining home openers everywhere" - Number31

And the Caps...

Ovie scored with the first shot of the night and the Caps finished off the Leafs 6-4. A2, Laich and Morrison also had goals for the Caps. Pie feels all left out. The Caps made Komisarek and Beauchemin look pretty silly for most of the night. So awesome. And Ovie DUMPED Komisaurus on the ice. Smashysmashy

Around the league in 20 seconds (or more considering EVERYONE is playing):
  • Peachhawks atoned for their S/O loss to the Panthers the other day and blanked aforementioned Panthers in Helsinki
  • Wings almost atoned for their lost stupid loss to the Blues but then they... blew it again and lost. Way to go.
  • Luu and the Canucks failed and got blanked by the AVS.
  • Boston smashed the Canes. Apparently there was Whalercane blood everywhere.
  • Flyers pretty much dumped the Devils
  • Crysob ruined the Islanders home opener as the Stanley Cup champs won in.... shootouts... versus last year's dead last team. Oh and yes, Tavares had a goal.
  • Clouston joins Wilson in trying to explain what happened to his team as the Sens lost 5-2 to the Rags.
  • In games we don't care about: Thrashers, Columbus and Nashville beat the Bolts, Wild and Stars respectively
  • Games still going on: Flames lead Oilers 2-1. Oilers had some crazy bagpipe stuff happening in their big opening thingy. Sharks decided to wake up and are beating the Dumb Ducks 4-0 so far. And that team in the desert is beating the Kings


Number31 said...

I'm really tired of hearing about the "Monster". He looked like a scared puppy out there. And Varlamov is lucky he's got a team with 100% offense.

Grrrreg said...

Nice summary. I was about to make a remark about ruining home openers everywhere too, but Number31 beat me to it!

Chipchura might get a last chance to become a true nhl player if Metro misses some games. I really like Metro so I hope he recovers quickly, but I'd like to see Chips finally have some success...

Number31 said...

Chips should be a winger on Metro's line (when he's healthy)! Actually watching Moen play...that's how Chips plays... He may be rusty though, but his life is built on the PK, shorthanded goals, and empty netters. And grit.

Eternal Pessimist said...

The "Monster" did look like a scared puppy out there. Can't blame him really, the Caps made total mince meat out of the Leafs for the first 2 periods. So much for truculence.....

I'd like to see Chipper get some of that good mojo going again. He hasn't been too wonderful the last couple of times he was up here. I want to see him up here and doing some great stuff with Metro (or anyone really but Metro and Chipper would be great on a line together).

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