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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The setting: the dressing room in the HSBC arena

The Habs are looking glumly around the room.

Dagger: I can't believe Markov is injured...

Stewie: I know, right? Jeez, that building is like, cursed or something.

Pleky: We're totally doomed....

Everyone: *sighs*

Martin walks in with a TV.

Martin: Okay, listen up, everyone. Instead of me trying to say something all inspirational and whatever, we're going to watch part of a movie to get you guys all fired up and ready for the game tonight

Martin: Who's ready to face the Sabres?!

Everyone: ........

Gio: um, I don't get it....

Gomer: I'm not English!

Gorges: Seriously, what was that all about anyway?

Patches: I thought that guy was in Harry Potter....?

Jaro: can I have that in English please?

Martin: *buries head in his hands* Seriously, guys, it means: get out there and fight to the death. We may be without our All-Star defenseman -

Price: And our MVP....

Martin: - and our MVP - but we can still win tonight. And the next game. And the one after that and the one after that! As long as Hal Gill stays in front of the net and doesn't move around too much or handle the puck and Gionta doesn't get his head taken off, we'll be okay!

Price: YAY!

Martin: We can win!

Everyone: YAY!


Grrrreg said...

Yeeeah! They can do it!
And besides, Markov wasn't the only All Star defenseman from Montreal. Komisarek was an All Star too! Uh... wait a minute... oops, sorry. :/

Seriously, I think they can beat the Sabres tonight. It's a big blow, but the habs are not done yet.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Fie on Komisaurus!

I think if it's not turnover city and the D behaves, we could have a chance. I'd give the edge to the Sabres not because we don't have Markov but because they're not filled with new guys all trying to figure each other out...Their forwards are better than Toronto's and I think they can finish better. We'll see though.

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